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LibertyYou will find in this section Nostalgic Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Shen, the Light of Human Spirit and a review for students when away from their books to study on the Cell Phone internet connections etc.


     Life’s vitality and human thought is the Sprit or Shen.  In Judaism this is the light of the eternal mind.  In Traditional Oriental Medicine, Shen is the light of the mind shared with the spirit of man.  Oriental Medicine has denoted Shen as that which is unique to human life.   

     The great scientist Magoun in 1954 stated, “It is not easy for the physiologist to put his finger upon consciousness, though it is present abundantly and for long periods of time.”  In 1948 Cobb gave the working definitions of consciousness are, “an awareness of environment and of self”.   

     Ones personality, ability to contemplate, discerns appropriate choices are associated with Shen.  Just as Jing was the source of life, and Qi the ability to activate and move, Shen is the moving force or vitality motivating Jing and Qi within the Human body.            

     Just as with Jing, each parent is thought to contribute Shen.  Again, this is likened to aspects associated with human genes yet the Shen must be nourished through life with Qi transformed from food and fresh air.            

     Jing, Shen and Qi are known as the “three treasures” of Oriental Medicine.              


        by Dr. Scott Neff, DC DABCO MSOM MPS FFABS


© & TM 1998 American Academy for Justice Through Science. All rights reserved.

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