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LibertyYou will find in this section hot News articles which we feel are of national importance to all folks. Jing Essence of LIfe is brought to you as a free service from the American Academy For Justice Through Science. 


Reproduction and development are based on essence.  Jing is this essence in which all organic life possess.  Nutritive, supportive, nurturing to organic life from birth through all changes as one matures until death.  Jing is divided into Prenatal and Postnatal.  Prenatal growth is likened to development from Genes, RNA, DNA, notochord development and so forth.  Post Natal Jing is likened to proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals as well as essential Qi from food and clean air.   Prenatal Jing is thus inherited from the parents.  Growth patterns and uniqueness is derived.  Prenatal Jing is set at birth relative to quality and quantity and together with Qi makes the individualís basic personality and constitution.  Finally the Postnatal Jing is constantly sustaining organic lifeís vitality and duration.  Kidney Jing is equated with all phases of human development such as spinal curves for the upright posture and infant crawling and standing, when teeth come in, adolescence changes through puberty, teenage, young adulthood through death.  I will refer you to the Jing for the original quantification relation to kidney Jing and male and female development.  The intent of this book is to sift through the two thousand years of acupuncture, five thousand years of Herbology, and limit our study of Oriental Medicine to that which has a consistent relationship with a known science correlated later in this book.  Hopefully if the medical community accepts acupuncture, Herbology and manual medicine and the intended audience grows, it would not be insulting to this author to only demonstrate the scientific facts.   This future situation just described, is my hope (the Just the facts for Review is currently under publication).         

     Qi is Yang and Jing is Yin.  Just as Qi was associated with movement Jing is associated with slow movement and organic change.  Everywhere in O.M. is division of Yin and Yang.  Qi flows throughout the external aspects of movement where the quiescent Jing is dark, most, warm inner essence of growth and aging.  Prenatal Jing is the root of life.  Thus Qi emerges from Jing.  Yet remember it was Qi which transforms.  Qi aids transformation of food into Postnatal Jing.  

     A further subdivision of thought relative to Jing is it aspects relative to the blood.  Remember everything is Yin and Yang.  Thus as Yin increases Yang should accept.  If Yang increases Yin will accept.  Thus relative to blood Jing is more active or has movement, which is considered a Yang phenomenon.  Blood nourishes the body, maintains and repairs the body.   It is described as in relation to blood as Jing is more like Yang, in relation to Jing and then Blood is Yin (Too many subsets names Yin and Yang). 




1.         Jing is stored where?

a.         Lung

b.         Liver

c.          Heart

d.         Kidney

e.          Spleen 

2.         The acquired essence is produced and

     transformed by?

a.         Spleen and Stomach

b.         Liver and Gall Bladder

c.          Liver and Lung

d.         Kidney and Uterus

e.          Heart and Small Intestine


3.         Development and Reproduction is dominated by which organ?

a.         Kidney

b.         Heart

c.          Small Intestine

d.         Urinary Bladder

e.          San Jiao 

4.         Water metabolism, the urethra and genitals are dominated by?

a.         Liver

b.         Kidney

c.          Heart

d.         Small Intestine

e.          Large Intestine

 5.         The ear relates to:

a.         Small Intestine

b.         Large Intestine

c.          Heart

d.         Pericardium

e.          Kidney



Brought to you as a service of the American Academy For Justice Through Science; InfoJustice



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