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Liberty You will find in this section hot News articles which we feel are of national importance to all folks. Beat the Press is brought to you as a free service from AAJTS.  If you wish to receive weekly Justice Courses or News Articles, join now!


     It is written in Plain Questions, Chapter 21 “After food enters the stomach, the Qi food essence and water is transmitted to the spleen, which spreads it to the lung.  The lung regulates water passages and transmits the Qi of water to the bladder below.  The Qi of water then spreads… and travels along the meridians of the five Zang organs”

     Further it is written in Plain Questions Chapter 8, “The Sanjio is the irrigation officer who builds waterways”.  One test question, which is of little importance but always asked, is “What is the official Aqueduct of the body?”  The answer is the Lower Jiao. 

    Body fluids are formed from food and liquid digestion and absorption by the spleen and stomach and precedes as water.  Fluids also are sent downward from the stomach to be absorbed by the Small and Large Intestines.  It is then sent to the bladder via the San Jiao and excreted. 

      Interstitial fluids, gastric secretions, saliva, sweat and urine are considered fluids as opposed to blood.  Fluids serve to moisten and partly nourish the tissues, cells, membranes, hair, skin, flesh, muscles, joints, marrow, bones, organs and the brain.  Fluids are considered Fundamental Substances unlike Shen.  However the fluids are held as less refined or essential as Qi, Blood, Jing and Shen.   

      When one ingests foodstuffs, fluids are derived and regulated again by the Qi of various Organs particularly the Kidneys.   Every one of these subsets that we have discussed in this first section have interrelationship.   Fluids depend on Qi, and the Qi depends on the Fluids to moisten and nourish the Qi Organs.    

     Fluids and blood are interconnected.  They differ in their degree to nourish, as blood is considered more potent.   Fluids enter and unite with the purified food as blood is made.  An example is when a severe hemorrhage causes insufficient Fluids or, conversely, when damage to the Yin Fluids causes Deficient Blood.   Dry Heat is Yang.    



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