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This editor is sorry that readers have had to be chomping at the bite for this article but it was originally written for some in a political position to bring this to the people of America and the floors of congress, and this editor wanted to wait to see if any implementation was forthcoming.  I would congratulate our President for praising the Wind Power utility in Pennsylvania and so forth, however we need energy independence within the next 5 years rather then waiting until some time so far in the future, that no one could predict if such a far off program would ever be implemented.  We need our elected officials to act now since we have the means and now the road map to energy independence detailed so that anyone could understand what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what the outcome would be even before we begin.  So, without further ado, below please find the Road Map for Energy Independence in 5 years (3-7 to be safe).

1.  It is time to develop Oil Shale.  If low-cost shale oil production methods can be achieved, direct economic profits in the $20 billion per year range are possible for an oil shale industry producing 3 million barrels per day.  A manifestation of the economic benefits of shale oil production is an increase in employment in regions where shale oil production occurs or in regions that contain industries that provide inputs to the production process. A few hundred thousand jobs will likely be associated, directly and indirectly, with a 3 million barrel per day industry. Production of 3 million barrels of oil per day from oil shale in the United States would likely cause oil prices to fall by 3 to 5 percent.  But don't forget natural gas is usually found with Oil Shale and the new natural gas found could help the system outlined today at 988 trillion cubic feet!  With almost 1/2 of US homes using natural gas for home heating, and in consideration of the fact that GM now has almost 30  cars and trucks that could run on Natural gas, it would seem prudent and mandatory rather then permissive that we mine the worlds cleanest fossil fuel.

The Green River Formation is high-grade western oil shale resources which lie in the Colorado River drainage basin.  Or Intah County in Utah.  Yet the richest and most abundant deposits of oil shale are found on federal lands in the great state of Wyoming.  Oil shale should be part of the Department of Energy’s research and development portfolio.

In summary Green River Basin = 1.5-1.8 trillion barrels and Washag Basin Wyoming-50 billion to 300 billion but a less favorable development target then the rest, Unta Basin Utah between 56 billions-321 Billion barrels, Piceance Greek Basin-1 trillion barrels which equates to more oil then is available in the entire world.  It would definitely bring oil prices down and create the beginning of foreign oil independence and a massive increase of revenue for local, state, and our federal governments.  This would increase jobs by approximately 300,000, and these folks would by tools, new homes, and so forth and help end the decline of housing prices.  Finally the Deutsche Bank estimates that production of Natural gas from the eight largest shale fields could hit 6.6 billion cubic feet a day and then rise to14.5 billion cubic feet a day, in the next three years.  The Shale and natural gas production combined with the entire program would end the recession, bring our nation to new heights in prosperity proving we could be oil independent within five years if we started sometime this year with my total program.

2. Begin to offer farmers subsidies initially to develop Sugar cane or Sugar Beets albeit Sugar cane has made Brazil energy Independent.  The problem is that today in the US Corn is needed for food for folks, and food for livestock when it is taken away to attempt to make alternative fuels.  This is pandering to an industry which is unrealistic.  For example in Brazil, Sugar cane yields 662 gallons per acre where Corn is a bit over half the utility at 354 gallons per acre.  This is very inefficient, must be changed, and would bring food prices down in the US.  I would opine Sugar cane would be best for our nation.  An alternative which yields even more is Sugar beets which yield 714 gallons per acre.  France uses sugar beets.  Again, this would generate jobs and income for local, state, and the federal government, and further bring down the price of world oil.  That's now 6-12%.  Further these folks would buy tools and hardware which puts money in flow within the nation.

 3.  Crude oil 188.3 billion barrels From Texas to California, from New Mexico to Oklahoma, North Dakota to Colorado, from Alaska to Louisiana, Gulf Oil and Prudo Bay.  It is doubtful that offshore California Drilling would be allowed by the people of California or off the Eastern Seaboard.  Especially interesting is the Bakken Fields in North Dakota as the drilling is the least deep in the Nation.  Today we only have token drilling.  Although this has not been favored by our President, a U-turn on Prudo Bay, Bakken Fields and Gulf oil drilling alone would make our President the most popular since Clinton who today's popularity is soaring because folks long for a balanced budget.  Drill while implementing strategies for Oil Shale, and to plant Sugar Cane.  This would increase jobs minimally 340 thousand folks who then buy tools, new homes to reside in the areas, and would end up bringing  back the price of housing as well as yield energy independence.  Think what these first three implementations would do to the price of oil if done concomitantly!

4.  Hydrogen Fuel Cell research must be a priority.  These are scientific references for the pros and cons and more research into nanowires and catalysts for fuel cells must be forthcoming.  This would increase jobs, create options in the auto industry, and bring additional power production options for our energy companies making them more money but charging less for energy as energy could be brought to the remote regions of our nation with greater ease.  This would create jobs in many industries such as aerospace, space travel, power for projects on the moon or mars, as well as automobile, trucking and so forth creating oil independence. 

5.  Increase Wind and Solar.  This would need a commitment for continuing battery research which would create jobs, and help our nation become further energy independent.

6.  Although Nuclear and coal have a tremendous downside, if all of the above were initiated not only would we be oil independent in 5 years, we could phase out nuclear energy and the fear of some disaster setting off a chain of events which would be cataclysmic for the area in which such plants are running.  However, existing plants should remain open until points 1-3 were in full operation.  Coal is an abundant energy source and should be continued until steps 1-3 are fully implemented or we tool for "Clean Coal" which would again be a great benefit for our nation especially selling to China and India who want coal!  In fact once this entire program is in full gear, we would again be able to cut back oil drilling extending our years of sales growth as we would clearly overshoot the mark, and be a seller of oil to the world rather then a buyer; we become the largest energy seller to the world rather then the largest energy buyer.   Of course with full implementation, each of the states that had such programs in effect would be able to cut a check to their residents for living there which would eliminate our national debt, again make us the wealthiest country on earth, and could actually fund the philanthropic programs such as Medicare, Social Security etc with much money left over.

With these suggestions our President could balance the Budget by the end of his term, cause him to be reelected easily and make us energy independent within 5 years, bringing in well over a million jobs which would put money into the economy which would create new jobs, bring the price of homes owned back, create a boom for the housing builders, lower the costs of food and most goods and services, make us not only energy independent in 5 years but also end the need for the foreign call centers and would bring manufacturing home for the cheap energy as well as foreign manufacturers (Again for the cheap energy!) Thus the return of manufacturing to this great Republic would mean real jobs and not government jobs which decrease dollars coming into the treasury and drain the treasury.  Yes new manufacturing would increase revenues for our treasury once again.  This program would be such a win win situation, that our nation would experience the greatest economic turnaround in our history which would bring this Republic to heights never experienced before.  I would opine strongly that my plan would create full employment and again as we became sellers of energy rather then buyers.  Thus the entire process could be completed in 5 years which we opine would be the time to begin to "END PURCHASES OF MIDDLE EASTERN AND SOUTH AMERICAN OIL", and a time of jubilation could be in the reach of all of us.  A time we could as a nation celebrate together that common sense applied to our energy situation concomitant with our own natural resources bridging the gap until green technology is perfected.  However this would also again make us the center of the energy world, so we could become the pre-eminent superpower on earth based on our energy strength.  The world would be our customers, and it wouldn't matter what happens in the middle east.  We would be free not only from dependence on foreign oil, but also making us politically independent.  And that independence is immeasurable strength.

Even if our president does not jump on this band wagon of success, who ever champions the plan, will find the backing of all parties once folks see how wealth builds our nation and our citizens with their little monthly checks from their own states would increase their personal bank accounts, the flow of capital and the flow of credit.

Join with this editor wont you, and together we will make the American Dream a reality once again, with greater prosperity then any time in the Untied States experiential existence.  And may the eternal bless this plan and America. little guy - 04-19-2010

Have a great week folks and please check back to the InfoJustice Journal where for no charge, this soul and associates will always try to bring you entertainment, political satire, the true situations in the news if a wrong goes unredressed, a historical review for future generations and education the old fashioned American WayHave a great week and G-d bless.

“The Health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a State depend.”  Benjamin Disraeli


© & TM 1998

American Academy for Justice Through Science.

All rights reserved.

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