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LibertyYou will find in this section hot News articles which we feel are of national importance to all folks. Friendly Fire Politics is brought to you as a free service from American Academy for Justice Through Science


ARE HOUSE REPUBLICANS MODELS FOR FUTURE AMERICAN POLITICIANS Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

For some brief period of time, subsequent to US analysis reported below, House Republicans have refused to endorse any more expenditures absent a mechanism to offset such a massive debt against our future in one fell swoop.  In other words, have equal or greater reductions elsewhere because its time to balance the budget and demonstrate to Paulson and his leaders, that solving our economic problems are quite rudimentary.  You see the folks in power are today's republicans, but never a conservative moment in the last eight years.  No appreciation for conservative fiscal restraint.  I would opine that by merit and deed, President Clinton was vastly more of a fiscally conservative and responsible leader than what we have experienced.   No matter what idea was afoot, even multination Wars absent any mechanism to balance the expenditures (reductions elsewhere), we were told to march on.  We marched on as if there was no such thing as a personal budget, a family budget, a small business budget, or even a national budget.  We were given the elusion that we could make such expenditures as if there was no such subject as economics.  Relative to the war, we did not even establish a world alliance.  Evidence from our own greatest generations first and foremost ensured we had allies prior to fighting a foreign war!  They were called World Wars because the World supported such efforts.  So it was never conservative to go it alone.  But "go it alone" seemed tough and macho but never fiscally responsible.  It was these many actions which drove our debt too high, that the ground work or underpinnings of the economy could not support the types of business shenanigans which followed and brought us to the present state we are in. 

If these republicans can stop this whitewash handout, then I would bet dollars for donuts that even the Gipper would consider alignment with such representatives.  But today it would take more than a great leader from the past.  It would take a conservative or a fiscally responsible set of events to reverse the misfortunes that follow doctrines who abandon economic common sense.  If someone at any level of life, housewife, business owner or our government exists, than one must have a source of revenue.  If a housewife, a business owner or our government were to borrow money, no matter how good the interest rate were, then they would have mechanisms pre-established which could repay such borrowing, at a known scheduled rate.  We have not seen any fiscal responsibility in years. 

Thus the question is will the House Republicans be able to stand the test of time?  Will they be able to find others to say enough is enough?  No further giant expenditures approved absent mechanisms to balance the budget.  And it must be realized that absent such mechanisms the probabilities are enormous that the next Presidents experience could be quite difficult.  Think about it.  An inheritance of a nation whose balance sheets are the worst in its own history (Wamu Bank-Washington Mutual Bank gone in the largest bank closure in world history...!).

So, will the House republicans crumble in the same old rhetoric we have come to expect?  Or will it be a blessing to see the House Republicans say no to this administration and the over spenders in the senate.  It would be wonderful to see them find allies to defend conservative and responsible fiscal policy for our nation once again.  In fact which candidate will defend fiscal responsibility?lg

BUSH, MCCAIN, OUR CONGRESS AND PERHAPS OBAMA DOOM THE US TO FAIL TO LEARN FROM HISTORY AND REPEAT PAST MISTAKES Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Who among you remember the Bail out of Chrysler Corp?  Let me quote James J. Hickman of the Heritage Foundation..."If it all seems too good to be true, it is because it isn't true. The popular version of the Chrysler bail-out is simply a fairy tale. The bail-out is a bust. Closer scrutiny of it reveals that the "great success" rests on a bedrock of myths and half truths. These myths cloud and distort important issues involved in the larger question of industrial policy and a closer business-government relationship."  Today in our nation, those very same issues arise again, and our politicians are scrambling to receive favor by powerbrokers who failed and were a disservice to our nation, but will repay those who support the bailout, some time down the road in some hidden or chameleon way such as campaign contributions, or just outright pork barrel projects which do little or nothing for the average American citizen.  Its not about "we the people" any more.

What does that mean?  The very businesses who are to be bailed out, should not be, and we should allow the natural course of business to purchase, or take the positions of those that failed; with new mechanisms to restart folks who have a mortgage in question, or a debt created by illusion.  Corrected by the new business purchaser!  And if there were a reward in funding it would be funding aimed to help for the start up business in the near term who again, saves the citizen borrower and creates the new entity which bought the corrupt businesses now in discussion relative to rescue.  This was the American way prior to today's "business-government relationship".  It is as if our government must rip off "we the people" just one more time during the present administrations existence, because our people may be catching on and demand, "rational and responsible actions on the part of elected officials" once again, as was the tradition of our nation back in the day.  Today its simply a joke, to mock the American free system which is dependant on business promises kept which were advertised, advised, or written and read.  Today, our ideas only drive the national debt higher, with no vision or prophylactic mechanisms employed to preclude all that we have seen go wrong, in business, stocks, bonds, commodity brokers, real estate, credit markets, no funds for our infrastructure or children's educational system with too little wages for teachers, declining funds for our hospitals, often physicians and surgeons working feverishly for free to save the life or the limb of some poor sole here illegally, or the uninsured!  Every sector of American life has felt the pinch this last decade and it all begins with a failed credit system due to our nations humongous appetite to increase the national debt absent mechanisms to balance out such expenditures.  Nincompoop politics to be sure, evidenced by a series of sad events experienced by the American people.  There is no vision and no new ideas...only ideas which by the end of the day, are a recreation of failed thoughts and avenues from history.

Mc Cain has heralded the Bush policies relative to our economy for eight years and again just last week, to flip-flop because "we the people are catching on" and now has great words to recruit the weak of mind and of math it seams, to elect him for the next presidency.  And those who will be bailed out will be indebted to whom?  And it seems as though the band wagon effect of the hopes of support by these powerbrokers has dragged our economy DOWNWARD IN A SPIRAL UNHEARD OF proportionally SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION.  We need change more than ever evidenced by the failed policies of our congress and administration.  Hope has now morphed into the probability that nothing will change and we will continue to be ripped apart by money grubbing stealing entrepreneurs through fraud and false promises.  Our country has been ripped apart during this last decade, and piecemealed away to foreign nations.

Lets say we saved the trillion and allowed other American business who would run a clean ship to replace those which failed "we the people".  That is one trillion less that we have borrowed from the Red Chinese, our Japanese friends and others who would profit from the misfortunes of "we the people" as lead by our elected officials.  That is one trillion less that we would have to repay.  It is a trillion more that we could invest in our nation's infrastructure which would could create a boon to our economy simply by the new employment created to rebuild said infrastructure.  It is a trillion more that we could invest in a health care insurance fund for all Americans.  Now that's an idea which would create new jobs in the healthcare field and again repay those physicians and surgeons whose educational costs have precluded their ability to repay such massive debt absent too great of hardship and to long of hours for their own health and piece of mind.  It is money which could support the nurses of America so we all would receive the finest health care should we suddenly become disabled due to some simple bacterial infection to solving the most vexing diseases and finding cures so such hardships could be precluded from the American existence.  It is a trillion more that could solve our educational problems and bring the best and brightest minds to become the teachers of our children.  And these are only a few examples of the money spent wisely rather than rewarding failed promises of hope for our people but have left them in despair.  I am sorry but this editor refuses to buy any more pig in a poke promises made by those who wish to have our government borrow massive funds designed to reward those that failed us.

Will our elected offices reward failure to go on to fail the American people another day?  Probably.  Will it go on to drive our national debt even higher?  Absolutely.  And will it cause greater hardship to be experienced by the middle class who are expected to pay for such loans?   Without a doubt.  We haven't learned a thing from the actions driven by incorrect theories posed to us, to drive the Iraq conflict.  You see the power brokers now learned from the Republicans that you can sell a pig in a poke to the American people and get away with massive funds easily, and then simply have our government bail them out, when our government never bails out "we the people" should we need assistance.  Assistance is only there for the superrich or qualify for welfare, food stamps, or indeed the poor.  Our system is now set up to drive our middle class into poverty absent a bailout and let those who have either defrauded "we the people" or failed "we the people", live on to fail us again.  "And you just can't make this stuff up"  little guy

MC CAIN 2 OBAMA 2  Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Well, the folks about the nation are getting whiplash.  Obama's wins the first round with his easy going nature and calm under fire.  Mc Cain retooled, and came back and one the first non-debate debate!  That was one to one.  Then Mc Cain lost a point by choice of Vice President in the almost never chance that would preclude him from continuing to serve as president.  That gave Obama a point making it Obama 2 and McCain 1.  But now, rumblings are out that Mc Cain gave the House Republicans cover.  Will the American people lose out to this trick by the Dem leadership to go along with President Bush so that it can be blamed on him later, and ensure a Dem in the White House for many years to come?  Sure Dem leadership blames the fiscal irresponsibility on Bush yet they are trying to increase our debt which will have to be repaid!  This is akin to throwing gasoline on a fire.  Our national debt will skyrocket yet further out of reach! 

Tonight will be an important debate.  Who will come out swinging for fiscal responsibility.  Just this morning, a call from the honey revealed she is so mad that McCain surged by his deeds rather than his words, she may not vote!  If the independents who support the change candidate Obama and stay home, albeit this editor opines vote for who is best for America on election day; Mc Cain gets a boost. 

Let see who comes out in support of the free market system, who is against the draw against our tax system or the so called bale out, government oversight in that only American entities can purchase the necessary American closures, as well as offering real insurance with real reinstalled oversight to regulate as we did back in the day.  Nothing harsh or extreme, just common sense.  In fact if we simply took the House Republicans three points of contention and perhaps build a Medicare Like Insurance for all ages to end when Medicare takes over, perhaps Youth-care, then we could solve many problems at once. Watch the debates.lg

MC CAIN SET TO LOSE ANOTHER POINT WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Well, if the people are shackled with this doubling of the national debt, McCain did not offer cover for the house republicans, its all words absent any chivalry, support of the sprit of romance calling it dead, and absence good conscience which would prevent a doubling of our said debt.  Both candidates are proving, that they to can speak words like our popular president but as we have learned, have said nothing. 

   little guy

BOTH CANDIDATES DEMONSTRATE AND ABSENCE OF LOGIC, DEDUCTIVE AND INDUCTIVE REASONING AND LOSE 1/2 POINT - MCCAIN 1 1/2 OBAMA 2 1/2 Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

As you well know, the smart money and Journal score has been Mc Cain 2, Obama 2.  Since both candidates demonstrated a complete nincompoop view of economics and their great giveaway of money to again reward the failed political leadership theories of these past eight years, then they each lose 1/2 point earned.  Obama listened to this Journal and added fire to his eyes; a direct lesson learned from President Gerald Fords addresses to "we the people" which put fear into the minds of then Communist Russia and Communist China while concomitantly bringing calm and peace of mind for the American people.  And since Obama eked out a win in this second Presidential competition, his point gained brings him to 2 1/2.  You know folks, this editor has been keeping score since the early 1980's, and have never had to deduct points from both candidates on the same issue!  Neither candidate understands how we got where we are, nor how to get America on the move through sound fiscal vision.  In fact, neither candidate took up the challenge made by this Journal when your editor, the people's editor called out the challenge "which candidate will defend fiscal responsibility?lg".  Neither!  Never can this citizen remember a time when both candidates are very flawed on their inner comprehension of economics and continue to surround themselves with economic losers.  Any person involved in the Fed or economic matters who was in office during the time this economic situation developed, is the cause of the problem.  Hello To listen to and then act upon their recommendations for the bailout no matter how many cheerleaders they have, is "chicken little" economic politics producing a "chicken little" candidate.   

How did the number 750 billion come up?  It's woefully close to our national debt of $9,792,074,747,406.47 which indicates some believe that the folks have become used to numbers in the trillions, and there is nothing which would bring the rodents cowering for more attention and brownnosing than to ask for almost another trillion.  The folks are used to these numbers so it wouldn't be too much.  "Horse hockey", I say!  Who among you truly cares about the children of America?  Who among you cares for the poor and young in America?  How could you in good conscience strap our children and those that seek to improve the lives of their families and pull them up through the social classes with a national debt which must be paid off and in their lifetimes?  Who among you cares for folks striving every day, working in those jobs we take for granted, at every store in every mall in America who would like to improve their credit but every time our national debt goes higher, it causes "real credit" to acknowledge America as a debtor nation more controlled by its debt, and control of oil markets, food, drug and commodity markets, and big international money shifts away from America?   Investment moves away from America.  And what you have witnessed is the building of foreign nations wealth at the expense of those American's who are middle class or the poor, who believed if they went to work, they could pull themselves up by the bootstraps. 

No candidate has a plan for Fiscal responsibility.  Neither candidate demonstrated "rational and responsible actions on the part of elected offices" for failing to understand the big picture.  If the problems on wall street would really adversely affect middle America through the absence of the bailout, then it would be smarter and more efficient to send money directly to the citizens.  Then the fear factor has been removed.  Everything that has been presented to you for the last many years has caused hasty decision making because of fear of this or that.  Heck if we didn't go to Iraq, Iraq would be attacking the US!  When one thinks about it, who was really afraid of that?  But in the small manipulated presentation of fear politics, we have proven it is time to act with reason, absent the rush to judgment or rush to double the national debt by Monday!  Who among you wants to join this Journals effort to lift up American business, the American poor, the American middle class, which through sound economic reasoning puts money and liquidity into the market which builds credit, rather than a pseudo and temporary influx which furthers the credit crunch by increasing the national debt and simply pushes the problem out to live again another day with greater wrath as the national debt doubled!

Antithetically, you build credit, as any housewife, family leader, small business person or ethical and honest government representatives, liberal or conservative alike knows.  You cant borrow so far past your limit, and give the money away to bring others balance sheets to zero to build credit.  If anything balance sheets would across the board have to look way way into the black to have earned the equivalent high 7 credit that the average Joe, or Jane American would have earned.  As long as our countries fiscal responsibility is handled by smoke and marrow shenanigan's which shackles the indebtedness of our children and those not yet even born into the American dream, our nation will continue down the slopes evaded by all generations since the great depression.  Who among you rewards those that brought your nation away from the glistening sea to shinning sea lands, to slippery slopes and continually diminishing national credit nor credibility with a national debt from a positive three trillion left by Clinton to our now trillion to be almost two trillion debt created by our popular administration and the same old tired out pundits who have invaded the airwaves.  Come to the side of reason or eventually historians will be able to communicate soundly as has been represented by this humble Journal and our many founders, members and supporters.  Join this journal for rational and responsible actions on the part of elected officials once again, and share in the glory of a rising superstar business America rather than what we have witnessed for far too long. lg

REPUBLICANS TAKE YOUR TAX DOLLARS AND SPREAD IT AROUND TO ANYONE BUT YOU - KIMOSABE - SOCIALISM REPUBLICAN STYLE Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left un-repressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

McCain and the Republicans are the ones who always take your money and spread it around!  750 billion!  They took your money and spread it around.  The difference is that when the republicans spread it around as evidenced by well over 800 billion just in the last few weeks, you never received a dime!  When republicans take your tax dollars, a trillion for Iraq outside of poor needy Afghanistan, and almost a trillion for their power buddies, the facts are you never get a dime.  If the honorable Barack Obama reduces your middle class taxes, and then increases taxes on those that received the brunt of the tax reductions when the middle class received none, it would simply be time for the masses to receive their turn.  In other words for the first time in eight years, something from Uncle Sam to you may finally be in order.  The complete opposite of the republicans socialistic bailout of our "Free-market system" proving the republicans created and injected socialism into the American way of life for the first time in our history.  And as tried and true republicans, after having created socialism in our nation, they try to cover it up by claiming others are socialists.  The "Hippocratic republican style".  "And you just can't make this stuff up"!  Sadly the weak minded fall for this tactic.

America is the winner rather than the many select behind the scenes, clock and dagger cigar smoke filled back room republican deals which only rewards our largest corporations.  Thus when the republicans claim Obama may spread the wealth around, remember first and foremost they spent more of your tax dollars then any administration in history and the brunt of it went to favored corporations first in Iraq such as oil servicing industries and contractors, and now to the Insurance carriers, banks, and soon wall-street.  Thus, the republicans have proven that when they make claims about what Obama might do, remember their hypocrisy as they have just spread the wealth around to everyone but you.  I will only vote for new folks, how about you? little guy

MCCAIN WINS FIRST DEBATE Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

By yiminy, the truth is that an objective assessment of the debate by default last evening, indicates John gave good, short, to the point and often simple answers to the questions posed.  Somehow, Mr. Obama had opined in an often nebulous way, by first indicating he heard or had thought about that question, his qualifications to discuss such questions, some plans to fix some problems, but often did not answer the question succinctly, and with simple short answers.  And then John was able to bring utility to his most difficult decisions or any of the great stories, we all have heard before about John McCain, but he weaved the fabric of discussion in a most favorable, wise, and experienced manner. 

It is interesting to note, that this type of format, may not occur again, and Mr. Obama will be able to demonstrate his charisma through words again rather that what ever happened during the evangelical forum.  Don't get me wrong.  Every die hard Obama supporter I spoke with thought McCain won.  Of course it helped that McCain received large applause from the moment he stepped on stage and through his questions.  In other words I would submit to you that this was a forum more favorable to McCain, and from that perch, then it appears clear that Mr. Obama did superlatively, but not enough to beat Mr. McCain in this round.

From this editors count, the campaigns up through July when I noted Mr. Obama was up 1 to zip, and further stated it would be interesting to see round two after Mr. McCain retooled, did prove McCain's retooling was very successful.  There was little in the way of the anger Mr. McCain had been demonstrating, and more of the more calm and at ease Mr. McCain, who most folks thought they knew prior to his campaign from the onset to the end of July. 

Obama 1, McCain 1.  We've got a horse-race and they are off.  Neck and neck around the quarter mile stretch. Will McCain retool further or has he found his niche?  And will Barack retool and come out with fire when fire is needed to add to his eloquent and fine manners which folks have yearned for visa vi Bush.  1 to 1.lg 

WORLD OIL UP $5 AND CHANGE Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin August 21, 2008

My, my, my, oil up a tad today after my article below.  Does that make sense? lg

DOES THIS MAKE SENSE Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin August 20, 2008

It has occurred to this examiner, that we all have fallen into a trap set by the most wealthy folks on the planet.  That is the view that if Oil prices could come down under the allegation of the proposition of congressional limitations on trading concomitant with increased supply from new oil production by our nation, this could cause the election of a republican again, and in this case, John McCain as president!.  And then oil could resume its higher prices again.  Lets think about this.  It is common sense that if there is a greater supply of oil, then supply would increase and the price of oil would decline.  However, that would be consistent if there were an endless supply of oil!  When one adds into formula that oil is limited in supply, and our nation began to produce much higher amounts of oil, then the rest of the oil producing nations would simply decrease their output to drive the prices higher.  Which makes good financial sense. 

In the days prior to medical school or now my Clerkship rotations, I was able to watch the markets from 6;30 am California time (at one of my offices) until patients began to come in.  Over the years you develop a sixth sense for trading.  However and again due to my inability to study the markets due to a full time commitment to my clerkships, I have lost that sixth sense save the occasional predictions that have been announced at the Journal only to be proven immediately by that nights trading after our markets closed.  In other words, it occurs to me that in the bigger picture of money and world power, it would behoove Big Oil, oil traders and oil suppliers to reward those that have supported them over the years.  And that is of course, the Republican party.  Then when this examiner observes smart money making the predictions of increased oil prices somewhere down the line, the consistent answer for said predictions could be that which has been referenced above.  Does that make sense?  Time will tell. lg

STRATEGIC OIL DRILLING DEFENSE PLAN Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Wise American leadership and prophylactic planning was to save American oil, for the day, when the world was out of oil.  Thus we would have oil.  Of course then, understanding the plans in play for our Oil related strategic defense, caused this editor to resist the end of a wise policy planned by Presidents the past 50 years or more.  Antithetically, in an article below, this journal advocated drilling off states whose citizenry and governments are united to drill.  And with prophylactic warning that oil spills, even beyond the immediate horizon of a beach state, could impact those vista's negatively.  Obviously, we enter the discussion with our "eyes open" to all possibilities. 

Russia, in only a short few years of high oil prices, has become wealthy enough, and nothing more, to impose their will on a temporary bases as they see fit.  And will feel its way relative to what they can get away with!  Why Oil wealth seems to corrupt is a historical mystery of fast greed, power, and in the hands of the weak minded, a source for funding for military adventures such as imposing their will wrongfully, to eliminate or reduce a "free peoples" government.  "Free democratic people" precludes Russia's international right to invade sovereign nations as she sees fit during this cycle of Russian governance.

Drill oil now, drill it fast, build your refineries, but get ready to sell oil to the European customers at a better bid and compete the American Way.  If this nation had not been lead down the path of incredibly high debts to China and with an open pathway for foreign interests to purchase American business and commerce, then we would not have to use our survival card, perhaps a century before it was deemed necessary from seven and one half years ago, and throughout the last fifty to sixty years in American security strategy.

Drilling oil is now important because of national security.  We must use old Yankee Doodle Dandy ingenuity to get the oil to the markets in the fastest ways.  Of course this will change the supply needs of the world which should cause oil to become affordable again, yet the goal is to use the money to make our nation energy independent from oil and petroleum products, with the same initiative that Robert Kennedy used to reach the moon.  Drill it, see it, use the money to develop other sources of energy and watch our value and ability to protect our homeland business and private interests because the wealth stays in America.  Rebuild American the American Way.  Is it temporary?  Yes.  Is it using your trump card too soon in the game of life?  The answer would be yes only if we did not use the profit and benefits to become energy secure from petroleum based products, while then exporting oil and gas, once we have no need.

Of course the object of this discussion is the reduction of Russia's ability to cheat on the "board game of life" with outcomes which are anti-democracy, anti-freedom, anti-just, and violate humanity wrongfully.  And if it means finding a way to extract energy out of radioactivity in some cockamamie ingenious way, to safe storage, this also would help in the short term, especially if we had special legislation to limit restrictions and package licenses and permits so plants could be built realistically quickly rather than the present cumbersome and anti-nuclear arena, 

Thus, with a means of energy independence during a change over to non-petroleum products based society, could rebuild our homeland financial base, which could cause manufacturing to afford to rebuild in the homeland, and create a vacuum of international money into our stock markets, bank notes purchases, and all that drives a revitalized economy forward.  This readjustment of the world distribution of wealth based on energy consumption, would most assuredly secure our nation as well as our allies, cause time for new folks to enter Russian politics to regain their sanity, control world destabilizing nations such as Iran, and making profit again by selling necessary energy to China. 

IF HITLER INVADED HELL I WOULD MAKE AT LEAST A FAVORABLE REFERENCE TO THE DEVIL IN THE HOUSE OF COMMONS-WINSTON CHURCHILL Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Heck, what a disappointing situation in poor and pitiful Georgia.  When Bush first went to war against the theory and reality of terrorists, it was very odd that Russia never joined in to help our world.  The very world in which today's Russia must live in.  From that point on, it because perfectly clear that Russia would wish to take advantage of a just war, even in theory, a just war, to blur the issue and invade a sovereign state.  And no less than a neighboring sovereign state.  Someone must have most assuredly made comment that the Devil is alive and well in Russia. 

But then we must look at those other nations on the side of the good and the just, and most barely joined into the worlds job of fighting terrorism as it has no borders, yet many sided with the "fear of fear itself".  FDR taught the world and history that such thinking was simply incorrect logic.  For again ,FDR taught us to have "Freedom from Fear".  Thus Europe and Asia failed themselves then and now, save a "just" few.

Now, faced with a most ominous event in world history, the wrongful and unjust invasion by Russian of a sovereign Country which was fighting it's own terrorists, to be subsequently subdivided into Russia's own self-aggrandizing, egregious, hubris pontifications of what will be good for the Georgian people is devilish.  Russia would not join in the world to stop terrorists who would attack all nations, but suddenly would invade with overkill a neighbor, is outrageous and hypocritical.  In fact, this editor cannot for the life of me understand why Nato member countries had not gone in already, followed by the UN or at least some peace keeping force to escort the Russians back to Russia?  The short sightedness brings about the inevitable future events too heinous to discuss.  But most leaders seem blind as a bat absent even radar, nor common sense to guide them. 

Clearly this worlds leaderships have been shortsighted and lead us down the primrose path for "insecurity".  Russia needs to get out yesterday rather than tomorrow, will the world bodies insure any nation is safe from Russian invasion, or what will the actions of world leaders be?  Two days in a row and then every other day this week your editor was on call outside of normal clinic/hospital hours, yesterday 7:00a.m until 10:30 involved in two very difficult cases one involving a complex surgery resulting in further investigations and final surgery.  To last night's 7:00 pm to 7:00 am hospital shift where new interns into our rotation were by default my steward ship ethically (it passes on to the senior involved in the rotation at the time to teach the new interns in the rotation where Labor and Delivery is how it functions and their function in that unit, in the Postpartum Unit, the types of notes, where the forms are keeps, and initially helping them examine and write their first reports on a night when the entire ward was full), my lady soon to be physicians and surgeons colleagues as it turned prepared notes for all the physicians in the Labor and Delivery wards and Post Delivery, with HPI reports, Postpartum Notes, and daily notes.  As well as my seeing the kind and good interesting second surgery patient from yesterday, to find out her status, examine and perform her progress notes for her chart (Charted her in the ER, on the Surgery Floor where I assisted in her surgery and now on the 1st floor essentially three departments but she is charted and in superlative hands to rule out CA and make the final surgical correction).  Finally it was realistically humbling to see how well the ladies did in the wards last evening.  They will all make fine physicians and surgeons.

But now heck then folks, if we can do the hard stuff, and help folks so, can't our politicians simply try to maintain a just and civil world in which to live?  Sure, its not our areas of expertise, this foreign invasion stuff, but it bodes of Hitler's legacy, and more Stalinist Regimes of Russia's past.  Of course it would be this journals hope that Russian will simply do the right thing and pull out now that it made its point and terrified the world with the prospects of another Soviet like entity emerging from Russia.  Lets hope for the best.  On call tomorrow with the plan of just going into the hospital absent the call stuff which improves instantaneous understanding of the hospital needs which assists all patients and the staff from the Physicians and Surgeons through the various nursing specialties and administrative requirements.  Catch a wink! lg

SO DID THAT MAKE SENSE? Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Well, suddenly after my article below on what McCain should do if he were a positive candidate, every channel news casters, from the most popular via viewers to the most liberal, across to the independents, and even the Obama campaign most sensibly inquired what options for America does John have other than finding reasons to disagree with the Obama campaign.   That had class.  It really really did!  McCain is behind on potential and image potential and that is a new outcome of Obama remaining on the single minded high road to becoming the next leader of the free world.  Calm under storm or calm speaking but hectic and angry responding?  Calm under storm.  Obama presently has the high road.  And that will attract conservatives.  That's true conservatives that is. 

But what this witness of the situation took out of the events subsequent to my article was that really and suddenly out of the blue, a silent home run for the Obama campaign was hit.  They appear understanding and core while John seems muttered in a campaign/battle style which perhaps predates most voters, and he comes off angry, and not the calm in control person one might imagine for the next president of the United States.  Well its really Obama 1 McCain 0.  For the first round was won on style and remaining on course (the high road) which proves change, that we have not seen since the foresight, imagination and vision of President John F. Kennedy.  Let us see what the 1st retooling round brings us.  And may G-d continue to bless America. lg


The Pan-Massachusetts Challenge, presented by the Boston Red Sox Foundation and, is the nationís original fundraising bike-a-thon and today raises more money than any other athletic fundraising event in the United States.  Every rider-raised dollar directly to cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. The PMC has contributed more than $200 million to lifesaving cancer research and treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute since its 1980 inception. For more facts and figures , click this link.

I would personally like to thank Vicki Kennedy, the most honorable Senior Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator John Kerry for the timely mail notice.  Support the anti-cancer movement today, and lets save our world through this all-American effort. little guy

DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Perhaps in the normal fervor which comes from completely disagreeing with someone running for President accidentally has one report in the language that the mistaken candidate had used in the confusion of communication.  Perhaps positivist can be opined as follows:

It's quite odd, that no matter how many folks write about the wrongs of John McCain's campaign, he can't seem to learn.  He went from a favorite son to what appears to be a bitter, no sighted candidate.  Today, Saturday July 26th, 2008, the only things John McCain could say on his campaign tour was all about Obama.  John appeared obsessed with Obama rather than what's important to the American people, and that would be a predisposition toward what would help America.  McCain's political advisors and indeed his once savvy understanding of the political world have completely abandoned him like the very elderly fellow who dreams of playing in the NBA.  Or so it seems!

If I were to write for Mr. McCain it would be to stop obsessing about Obama.  McCain is Obama's bests advertising.  Obama is on when he is on and Obama is on when McCain is on. Hello:  It seems like a large senior moment relative the opposite total global picture being heard for the campaign rather than a campaign to win the hearts and imaginations of the American people.  All you say, McCain is this was bad judgment here and bad judgment there when it all is starting to sound like chicken little!   Absent emotional feelings about Obama's every move, speak about what John McCain's opinions are and maintaining the high road.  It seems like a long road back if one views it in reverse but the positive side is the high side often and one must have the wisdom to know when or where a dodge or avoid a tackle move is necessary. 

Opined samples of the proper etiquette when attempting to win the presidency would bring personal opinion on the following nine basic and beginning notions important to the American People.. 

1.  What will John do to lower the price of food? Yes, milk, butter, steak, fruits and vegetables and especially corn!  "What will be the mechanism to acomplish this!"

2.  What will John do to lower the price of gasoline?  No matter what happens in the new age and temporary future what is Johns opinion on where oil is going, and what will John do to insure that gasoline prices goes down and would stay down.

3.  What will John do immediately to develop alternative fuels and energy sources concomitant with finding a way to eliminate nuclear fuels waste safely so that we will have wind/solar as main power sooner rather than later.   It will never occur while oil is the "preplanned energy source" period.  This leads to what will be John's overall strategy to develop alternative fuels.  Even T Boone Pickens is a head of John McCain.  And that's sad.

4.  What will John do day one, to reverse the trend of an increasing Chinese/International take over in the area's of manufacturing and trade in the view of improving American homeland manufacturing as the elusive and unspoken answer.  And how would he do it.

5.  What will John do to bring back and support our homeland Steel, metal, tool die and technology industries and further their trade respectively.

6.  What will John do about Health Care; Throw the doctors out with the bath water or help to rebuild the best health care based on ALREADY having the worlds best doctors rewarded absent sending them off to other professions because working absent sleep often for 24-48 hours, on call forever and a day absent correct pay immaterial of the facts that often their decisions are life and death and then based on trained and learned skills only the minority of folks could accomplish routinely while concomitantly chasing them to practice in other countries following the path US business left.  What will John do about Health care and covering most all American's while rewarding our Physicians and Surgeons justly/ethically? 

7.  What will John McCain do about eliminating our national debt and through what mechanism.

8.  Will McCain remain committed to his concept of personal stock market investment for social security where we have just seen folks lose fortunes if they were forced to sell.  And it is clear that when a retired person needs money, they need it to come in and not be based on a idea for investment which became insidiously outdated only months later.  Our folks would feel too great of pains and a shorter life due to financial stress occurrences outside the control of their best contemplated well thought out strategic gamble in the stock market watch said investments spin out of control during their twilight years (If they need money during a bad cycle concomitant with investment strategy!) or a loss of most everything during a sudden illness with disability rather than the humble tried and true social security check.  Has McCain changed his mind like he did on Immigration reform.  Then how would he propose to control this out of control spending so social security alone will be back to its base line $3 trillion as it was left to this present administration by President Clinton?  What is the specific mechanism he will use to achieve this goal?

9.  What is John's plan for illegal immigration personal identity theft inevitability prohibition, and specifically what will he do to protect our border from drugs, illegal sex and slave trade, guns, and death?

John since you always address as friends, perhaps that may be the most heart felt opined idea you've said, so remember two sayings I tell my person friends about, "I never considered a difference of opinion in politics, in religion, in philosophy, as cause for withdrawing from a friend....and Friendship is precious, not only in the shade, but in the sunshine of life, and thanks to a benevolent arrangement of things, the greater part of life is sunshine.  Founder of the US Patent and Trade office, Secretary of State and President of the United States,Thomas Jefferson. little guy

OIL PRICES READY TO COME DOWN AND BE READY TO BUY BUY BUY BUY Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

My, my, my, your editor's life as a medical intern, and of course absent pay for my work, precludes me from taking advantage of the wonderful buying opportunities which will occur when the Royalty trusts bottom out.  However, as I promised, my readers will be informed and ready to profit of the twists and turns of the real world.  Why?  First of all the stabilization in the exchange value of the US dollar has caused oil prices to fall.  This is what has been causing the drop over the last four weeks concomitant with the proposition of oil drilling.   Further evidence to this fact is that the dollar has rallied against the euro and other major currencies.  And finally on this point, even our Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in his testimony to Congress on July 15 agreed that high oil prices and the recent economic slowdown have caused demand for petroleum products to fall.   That brings us to the second point.  Since the US is the largest importer of oil presently, and we have undergone an economic slowdown rather than recession, this has dropped demand, which of course will cause oil prices to drop.  Hello!

Now, concomitant with our present economic slow down, the absence of any ''new wars" in oil rich countries and absence of terrorism credited to President Bush, has caused the worldwide supply of oil to rise (supply) considerably over the past six months, while again as referenced above, the demand for oil has fallen.  But that's not all.  There is a multi-pronged approach occurring in our congress which has caused oil to drop.  This includes the fact that both the Senate and the House have proposed holding limits to the number of contracts that large institutional investors can hold relative to oil contracts and president Bush indicated he would take a hard look at such proposed legislation should it cross his desk.  Thus, oil and gas prices should come down all creating a boon for those retirees, or even students of investment or those that need a fixed monthly income which can be derived from oil trusts which pay monthly dividends.  Remember, if you thought those dividends were good now, just wait because there is an inverse relationship to the cost of the stocks and the dividend paid.  The lower the cost the higher the dividend.

Thus, for those other than folks like myself, the students of our nation, within a month or so, there will be extraordinarily great buys for dividend returning stocks.  Especially those which pay on a monthly basis.  Sadly, I have another year and a fourth of clerkship training and will miss this great advantage, but if your editor can help a senior on a fixed income, those who are hard working Americans who may not be in tune with the mechanisms of monthly derivative income production to help pay those other high priced staples of living, then at least this Journal has maintained the Yankee Doodle Dandy theme of helping others when their back is turned, their guard is down, when they are too ill to make healthy contemplations, while at the same time helping the elderly, the disabled, again those on fixed incomes concomitant with my medical training to help all folks should they become ill.  Best of luck, and may G-d continue to bless America. little guy

BENEFITS TO MIKE BLOOMBERG THAT YOU MAY NOT HAVE CONSIDERED SUCH AS REGAINING VOTER LEVERAGE Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

Well, it appears the most popular series in this column recently, that which again drew a sudden increase in interest in this journal relative to hits outside of American Girl, was the series of "Benefits you may have not considered relative to Hillary, and Barack".  With a noticeable change in candidates actions and attitudes as well as the major networks.  They ran with it folks as it has been pointed out to this editor.  This journal must be some folks secret peek-a-boo site or something?  To that end, and so as not to disappoint, of all the candidate types which need deliverance such as of course our African American brothers, women as a historical affirmation to our founding fathers designs of course, but even more relative to change and the most magnanimous of our efforts as voters would be an affirmation to George Washington himself and elect a candidate from an Independent party again, and deliver all Americans of every color, creed, race, religion or sex. 

Just like in the beginning of our nation, both parties "by the lord" have taken advantage of our citizens, our system of government, your tax dollars etc., akin to the English King.  Was all this done consciously or with absolute intent?  In most cases I must opine no.  But the facts are the facts.  Today we are a debtor nation to the communists to the extent that money for you, you the people, from tax cuts may simply be more borrowed money from the commies to injure us further somewhere down the line absent fixes to our economy especially in the area of a massive increase in homeland manufacturing concomitant with a new across the board "fair and balanced trade policy".   We have too high a national trade deficit to ignore any longer, too high of a national debt to ignore, too little of protection for imported goods as well as open ports and borders relative to terrorism which will come someday...., and an economic situation which demands new blood but from an expert in finance. 

You know folks, whether it was sex parties in the oval office absent the dignity to remain without forensic evidence for the world to see (a subject I never want to hear about again when this editor turns on the boob-tube.), or a failure to secure our ports and borders when the first hint of terrorism was discovered, both parties failed miserably.  Thus, the greatest change to make the greatest changes would be to elect someone who is very competent from the Independent party.  Let's examine this.  Mike run's the third largest economy in the world by some estimates, has lifted New York's personality and community to heights not achieved by past great mayors, has more experience with big business than even Mitt himself, and has demonstrated one of the finest minds in fiscal responsibility and savings, in US history.  And many across Europe respect this man for his companies presence which has helped them invest.  And that is a financial truth in our democratic world.  The man is respected world wide for not only his financial business sense which has been warring financial markets of pre-situational psychologies to be in play for many decades, but also for his desire to share his abilities and work for such low pay relative to his earning potential, and help us run our government. 

An Independent candidate who was successfully elected would send a message to both parties like no other message possible.  And then, and only then, would we be able to solve pork, lobbying insanities, earmarks, and all the irrational nonsense's sold as rational by green poultice politics.  Folks you could change our nation forever with an Independent win, and we would still have the wisdom of Edwards and Mitt, Hillary, Barack, McCain etc. (Watch time he may have more to offer than the pack...kind of reminds me of a developing Abraham Lincoln subtype...of course did not teach himself to read, or have the ability to be the toughest hand to hand fighter of all politicians of his era concomitant with the greatest heart of the generations.).  And perhaps if these folks realized by a Bloomberg win just how close they were, yet how the reality of both their parties actions demanded correct ethical actions on the part of the voting public, then they would continue to help our nation with even a greater zeal than had been witnessed before.  Why you may ask?  Because someday they would want their jobs back.  Very possible in a democratic society if a politician does well.  Got it?  Indeed (It would be the first leverage the voting public, we the people have had in years!).

We need help, and change, and want the best source for both. And this could perhaps be achieved quickly by Independent Mike Bloomberg.  Will this editor disagree with some of his proposals?  Perhaps and probably.  But would any candidate whose running this time satisfy all the various needs we have?  No.  So if we are to accept an absence of all that we want out of the Dem's or Republicans, we could create the greatest change in our nations history, and send a signal to the world that we really did change after the events of 911 and the old methods to stop such actions, realize the catch-22 that was created, and solved it with new leadership, a new direction, and from someone who perhaps has the most to offer relative to wisdom for the masses.  And this editor would bet dollars to donuts that an Independent President, would have the nightly ear of the public, able to bring his case to the people when the congress or politicians attempt to stonewall.  It could be a new beginning for each and every citizen to witness, enjoy, share and be a part of something so revolutionary, that we all share in the Americana experience.  Just some of the benefits of electing an Independent Candidate like Mayor Mike Bloomberg.    little guy

WHO WANTS TO TURN THE ECONOMY QUICKLY UP BUT THIS TIME WITH A GOVERNOR Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

Folks do you remember the days of the wonderful doddle-bug motor-scooter's?  They had a governor so although we could buzz about where others could not go, they also had a limitation to the amount of fuel used, which could be adjusted.  Our popular president was able to boom out the economy early due to Greenspan's superlative actions as a "governor" of the fuel for economies.  No matter what the pundits say, the interest rates teased lower than had ever been concomitant with a great "governor" modifying the averages to keep us on course.  The Federal Reserve must again lower the interest rates, lower still than today's .75 cut understanding that the banks will have to earn their way out concomitant with the realization that this must be paid for someday and thus are temporary.  This allows funds to flow where they need relative to those that suffer, refuel the Bush method which went unheralded because tax cuts are the buzz word for success rather than signaling international markets.  However lowering the interest rates again temporarily, signals the US does understand how to regain balance once the top begins to falter, and also how to governor things back when needed.  Immediately the dollar would regain some value not due to high interest rates but do to the fact that we are perceived as having things under control, goods and services would seem a bit easier to afford, and when the checks come from the Bush relief plan, rates could perhaps move if needed.  We then must reduce our debt to China.  The combination will raise the dollar. 

What Presidential candidate will take up the issue of another "Greenspan-like" Fed chairmen who can balance things as finely as he had.  Of course those absent an understanding of how things worked over the past will fail to understand the present and perhaps blame the earlier interest rates.  But that is false.  It was the low interest rates that allowed folks to qualify for good loans.  But this time if enabled again, we must have a president who will write law with congress for Bank regulation so that those that take advantage this time would not be those who one would least expect, the lender!  Yes with proper legislation concomitant with Fed easing and tax cut's, we could turn time back a bit and get a new start.  But that means a moratorium on pork and lobbying needs.  An almost tightening of the spending to the state that all Americans can say proudly, "I'd let that President manage my money!"  Get it. Lets get moving and in doing so, move America upward and out of debt.  Then secure our ports and borders and end senseless killings of our border patrols while we rebuild our manufacturing base. little guy


Dear Little Guy, 

Just read your most recent article and agree with you 100%. I am waiting to hear what these presidential candidates plan to do, realistically. Reality tells me that it is great to continue to state how many Americans are uninsured, but people like me already know that statistic.   I would like to hear more about steps they will take to fix it.  Real steps, not just state ďuniversal coverageĒ. What the heck is that anyway?  No one really knows, the term has just become the parking lot term for a solution. . I want to hear specific things like going after drug companies, changing the fact that we legislatively can not negotiate better prices for Medicare drugs, changing how 501 3 b organizations can be created and then become political and still not pay taxes, and changing corporate incentives for sending jobs to communist countries. Increasing jobs here by decreasing our dependence on foreign oil.   I am truly amazed that one of the very first things Nancy Pelosi said when she came into her role as house speaker was that she would not consider Impeachment. So, was that on her mind or what.  In other words, just what is the difference between the actions of these two parties.  I thought that was very strange. If Bush had gone about business as usual no one would consider remedyís offered us by the constitution.  But business was not usual as he took signing statements to a questionable level of usage.  For example, he has been using signing statements to, in effect Ė line item veto legislation. For example, March 9, 2006 Approved legislation: Justice department officials must give reports to congress by certain dates on how the FBI s using the US Patriot Act to search homes and secretly seize papers.

Bushís signing statement:

The President can order the justice department officials to withhold any information from congress if he decides it could impair national security or EXECUTIVE BRANCH OPERATIONS. I personally donít believe that we should sensor the legislative branch from what the executive branch does.  I feel its absurd when put into perspective.  Was it ďKemo SabeĒ Tonto said to the  Lone Ranger?  Kemo Sabe?  

I also think many many people who donít have a voice on the airwaves or in the press, would like to see strong, swift action regarding consultants in Iraq. For every soldier we have there right now there are two consultants. There is no one overseeing their actions and the contracts these companies have were obtained without open bidding. Wink ,wink one notorious company is a subsidiary of companies related to past ties with the executive branch.  Is that fair?   Iraq to the economy, from the proposal of toys that could kill my children while playing to the thought of digesting imported food only to die of a bug from another country (What bug was it?). 

In conclusion, I want to thank you for continuing to say what is on your mind. Many people donít have the talent for writing that you do, but are thinking the same things. It helps to know that we are not alone in our frustrations. God Bless America....L

Dear Ms. L,

Thank you & good job (Aflatoxin exposure endemic-China).lg.

LOOKS LIKE THIS EDITOR WOULD NOT WANT TO BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

Obviously, not one candidate running has espoused answers to solve our nations problems as reported thus far.  It is one thing to make the economy and nation a bit more healthy through simple military cuts and cuts of pork and waste concomitant with limited spending.  Which appears to be all that is being preached.  A copy of the Bill Clinton blueprint from the past.  But, today's economic problems and conditions are unheard of in our nations history.  Thus, such simplistic plans are unrealistic and will only put a finger in the dike, so to speak.  And who wants to stand at a dike 24 hours per day with their finger in it?

We were always the land which was so big, there was unknown and new territories and places to start up a new factory.  You know, create an idea, build a factory (Edison, Westinghouse, Ford, Carnegie and so forth), employ workers, increase the tax base through innovation and then creation of the product.  And proud to be an employer of Americans.  Today's business traitors are only proud to hire foreign workers.  In other words their pride is false relative to all that is good for America

Today, the race for the dollar has trumped national pride, patriotism, and all that was good with our land, as Caveat Emptor or buyer beware applies to all products produced today, hucksterism and fraud incorporated into alternative cares and basically alternatives to all that was safe, in every field, with zero support for the whistleblower for dollar fraud, or the fact that illegal immigrants have demonstrated me, me, me; I want more from America then I can give back because the example set was, break American law to get a head (me, me, me).  In the past it was simple down home American hoarse sense, common sense, "dag nab it", old country sense!  Yet today, our senses are deluded by folks who wish to change said common sense.  And thus there is no majority of folks uniting against such egregious behaviors within our illegal alien population, to our American Civil Liberties Union, to American Corporations who are only American by inheritance and not by deed nor manufacturing presence, to the new rival China who is communist by design, using American business, using our ideas and patents, using our every fiber turned against us, to the point we are now the importer of products, services, moneys, bad ideas which come with the money, and a general dilution of all that was once secure because of a united America in simplicity of ideas to which every man and women could agree. 

Yes today, there is a pundit to support any bad idea as long it comes from their candidate.   Which is how our popular president lead us down the primrose path to an unhealthy America.  You see the line that works every time is , the powerful radio and TV pundits claim "telling the truth is looking down at the shoes of America" rather then looking the truth in the eye to keep America on top; again simply dot every i, and cross every t over and over again like a medical student preparing for examinations so that it would not be possible for too many errors to be made.  Yet that is not allowed.  We work against each other in the name of supporting a candidate, one person, to support a win for a party, rather then a win for America. 

Who will espouse the answer for how to rebuild the military rather than tear her down.  Who will espouse the plan in open which will rebuild our education system so we are number 1 in test scores across the globe as was the goal during the baby boomer era.  Who will explain their plan to eliminate the trade deficit once an for all and who will give us a plan to pay off our national debt to foreigners through innovation, manufacturing, and unity of our government with our business through structures which protect them from trade frauds, and foreign abuse.  Who will give us a plan which ensures our physicians and surgeons remain the best in the world and born in the US of A, while concomitantly give us a plan which aids in the insuring of working Americans and their children.  Who will give a plan which explains how to aid our banks who are now under the ill conceived influence the communists who do spy on everything which occurs under their realm.  Get real or fall behind.   Who will give us a plan which rebuilds USFDA to the level of a junior FBI which can protect the consumer from foreign contaminated foods, drugs, and cosmetics.  Who will give us a plan to rebuild the Federal Trade Commission so they can oversee any business dealings from foreign lands under American corporations and create the multipronged antifraud taskforce your editor was a part of during the Pepper-Reagan years; USFDA-FTC-JUSTICE-FBI-INSPECTOR GENERAL AND OMB united, which will ensure fraudulent products are caught before they reach the market place (poison foods, drugs, toys, poor steel, and ensure all products entering our nation as safe).  Your editor has heard little on a road map to solve the most vexing problems which face all of us individually, as well as united as Americans.  Perhaps it is time engage rather than debate who historically re-invented the wheel of progress no matter in the area of race relations to the area of pollution.  It is time for sound plans rather than all that has been presented thus far.  It's time...  What say you? lg.

MITT AND MICHIGAN WIN BIG Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

Once again this citizen must be in the minority for I would opine that it should be illegal or banned that political parties can simply strip states of their right to be heard in elections!  Honestly, Michigan and Florida should be madder then....well you know!  Robbed is what the founding fathers would say.  Absurd but true.  Thus, Michigan needs an advocate and they could not find a more capable one in either party.  Mitt needed Michigan and now has two gold's to lead the republican pack.  If this editor were Mitt's speech writers, one would venture to keep Mitt from only saying how this is good for American or that is good America but rather offer specific ways he would change things and simply hammer out a consistent line of reason on the issues.  Why?  From my reading of the numbers, it appears more folks thus far have turned out to vote for the Dem's than the Republicans.  And if more folks turn out in the general election for one side rather than the other, they win.  Thus, Mitt or any republican has an uphill battle because not only must they now illustrate a dream or vision for America that all can share, but they must overcome our popular president's wake so to speak.  For instance, just this morning I received a letter asking for my vote toward presidential Impeachment proceedings, from a prominent Democrat who of them all, perhaps is in the top two for integrity.  That's illustrative of the national environment.  It's apparently palpable to anyone but this popular presidents pundits.  Their blind or in denial.  And again, "denial is not a river in Egypt". 

Michigan at least gets 1/2 the republican delegates for now but illustrates that poor Michigan, one of our favorite home states, the state that for fifty years dragged our nation up by its auto manufacturing only to begin the downward spiral of neglect some twenty years back, has been almost abandoned!   And today, well they are abandoned by one of the two largest political parties; unacceptable.  It would serve justice if Michigan folks ran out to other states to tell there tale of how an actual state within the contiguous US was abandoned by the Dems'.  No matter their rules hogwash on this one issue, the end result is a theft of representation during the years they claim they will change that absence!  Their line is our popular president has a deaf ear to others.   True.  But he never abandoned an entire state!  And thus the Dem's have just turned a deaf ear to an entire state, something even our president never did.  OK, late on most stuff but turn off an entire states voices during primaries for our next president, never.  Thus, Michigan needs someone who knows business, and well, they did get the candidate in both parties who knows the most about business and "improving the bottom line!"  Congratulations to both Mitt and Michigan.  You both deserve better than what has transpired thus far.  little guy  

DEM'S DEBATE MORE OF A 1/3 OF A DEBATE AND EDWARDS WINS WHILE HILLARY AND BARACK BUILD BRIDGES Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

What in the heck happened during the alleged Dem debates last evening?  MSNBC, with two great commentators wasted the entire first two thirds of the discussions with nonsensical questions which caused many viewers much discomfort.  Even folks in the audience tried to advise the questions were a waste.  What was even more odd was that it was clear that Barack was copying some of Edwards speaking styles such as pausing on "and" and too much of a mirror of Edwards mannerisms.  It was odd but enlightening as Barack is still learning and improving his speaking style which must be a work in progress rather then something he mastered since birth.  But that gives all folks hope and should learn from Barack.  The guy is always striving to improve himself.  Edwards clearly won the debate as he was the only one throughout the discussions, who tried to remain on message while the first two thirds of the debate was not a real debate but a rehash of the news from the previous week which was actually squabbling between Hillary and Barack on subjects of color, creed and race which was solved by the founding fathers all those years back.  And they proved we have much farther to go then Barack's success has demonstrated.  I was disappointed by the truth.

The last third of the talks did turn to discussions and debates and congratulate the Big three Dem's on solid answers to debate questions on the economy, interest rates, jobs for the poor/middle class/returning soldiers, education, protection from tax increases on dividend stocks for those under one hundred thousand dollars, and yet had unfortunately appeared to be very weak in illustrating plans for health care.  They forget the system bankrupts most student doctors due to the costs of Medical Education, boards and the like, and must work years to simply draw even.  Thus, the system must be sound, and not tinkered with by 1/2 plans, or plans which have gray areas.  No plan is better than a poor plan.  But one must also note that all of the big three Dem's spoke wonderfully, all improved their style, and at least finished the last third with a bang, rather the first two thirds of a yawn.  What was missing was how the Dems would ensure no state was ever denied representation again.  They can say what they wish, but those stingy republicans did give Michigan far more than the Dem's and whose stingy now, or once elected?!  Let us hope that whomever wins, Dem or Republicans, they put the people first and foremost and other politics second. 

Finally, it was very interesting how Hillary asked Barack and not anyone else to support her new bill.  Could this journals prognostication of a Clinton/Obama or Obama/Clinton ticket of some 14 months ago been on target?  Well, no matter, these inner working of our nation, our mechanisms for government are very interesting to witness albeit this one has begun very oddly.  Remember the tinkering prior to the elections where Michigan and Florida had representation limited by the parties.  Too odd.


It has become perfectly clear that experience with virtual fences causes an increase in trespassers into the nation being pursed causing a waste of manpower and money filling the shadows vacuum.  Thus, anyone who sells a virtual fence against real threats as apposed to virtual threats is phony, and that is the litmus test to fail for voters support.  We have outgrown promises of hope only to be left in despair and will only accept rational and responsible actions on the part of those running for the next president of the United States of America. "little guy"

WE THE PEOPLE WON- SPITZER'S FOLLY RECALLED-CONGRATULATIONS CITIZENS OF NEW YORK AND AMERICA Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

Well, today's ethical and socially responsible editor's as well as all the folks of this great nation won!  We won again!  This press and the power of the press defeated Spitzer's ill-conceived, illogical, impractical, socially unacceptable, pro-terrorist legislation.  Which many believe was a direct order from the power's deep in the Democratic Party. 

In any event, once again good triumphed over evil.  But don't let your guard down.  The secret union of green poultice American politicians obedient to their corporate masters, will try some shenanigans which is detrimental to our health and welfare, but if the dastardly deed is done, tons of money will be spent on reconstruction akin to the gig we learned about called the Iraq War.  Dastardly but true, fraudulent profiteering has been discovered in security and rebuilding (10 Billion in cash lost in the Iraq Desert!  Sure Mr. President and Mrs. Pelosi, just like the Iraq War was to cost 50 Billion!  Since cash doesn't grow on Trees, and it doesn't evaporate, where is the lost cash now?...Our own great military needs civilian private security!  Outrageous, outlandish but true and too much more...).  We must avoid that here at home at any cost!  And this begins with securing our ports and borders.  If you moved into a neighborhood which looked good, but was the crime capital of the world and you were stuck for one reason or another, surly you would secure your home.  Yet it is many many years past 911 and our homeland has never been secured.  It is outrageous and I know my Presidents and their folks would never have allowed this.  Clearly this government, our administration and this congress only pretend to listen but have never leaned from President John F. Kennedy when he said, "Change is the law of life.  And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future".  Thus Democrats in power today, are preparing the way for a horrific future homeland disaster with all the giveaway's of our rights, privileges, and by their looking the other way when crimes occur so long as they may get a vote!  Yes, they turn their heads away from immigration crimes against legal citizens and our way of a law abiding life style, to gain a vote.  Why? Votes are power to control congress and this nation.

Thus, Spitzer was never smart enough to come up with his outrageous and megalomaniacal planed privileges give away.  No, this came from experienced megalomaniacal folks and this gives many a good idea to whom this give away should be ascribed.  And of course these same folks advised him to rescind the decision when it was clear an uprising was inevitable!  There are very few who can look into the camera or eye of the American people and lie to be loved.  Lie to be loved and get away with it repeatedly.  Only a few folks that good! 

Antithetically, Spitzer could rebuild his image and actually become a Governor rather than the image he portrayed; that of a imperious dictator.  In fact it is this editor's hope that any elected official with as much time left as Eliot has, would change for the betterment of America.  Let us not forget Charles Darwin when he said, "It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most response to change."  Learn this Eliot and you have taken your first step as a real Governor.  The rest of us have been fighting for folks to study reality and science which has been our nations tradition since Benjamin Franklin tamed electricity.  Yet our leaders have demonstrated what appears to be secret groups of green poultice politicians who would do anything for a vote, rather than follow the traditions of our great nation, the United States of America.  Well for today, we have won only the beginning of a war we only recently discovered, that of recovering our nation from the "zealot profiteers" who put profit above country.   God bless folks and lets keep fighting to make our nation the best in the world rather than giving all our assets, moneys, and intellectual treasures to any other nation who would bribe away our sovereignty for the green poultice politics.  Congratulations America, we won. lg


...and I can't even purchase the ... song today, yet "I can't stop listening to it (The American Way) either!"  Is their any internet marketing work that...

Dear Jim-Sir,

My my my.  Another letter about successful folks forced to work in lower standard jobs falsely making the employment look full, but for far lower wages than one can live by. Hm....only this one time folks, and since your the first Sir, (Folks who are first do get the carrot in my America) will be receiving one copy of The American Way because you are indeed a patriotic hard working American.  Wait until you hear the cool second half.  Let me know what you think. 

You could become active and tell your friends to only vote for new folks during the next elections, unless they pass the test of first protect our ports and borders, protect our food, drugs, cosmetics, and utensils of daily living, enforce our laws, eliminate pork projects, and only represent the will of the people rather than their own petty personal projects as is the case today with the Clinton-Spitzer like actions (75% of the folks say yes and they say no!  They say no to the folks!  Its absurd and frankly this Academy, its members and this Journal has outgrown them.  Join us wont' you?) Complete lack of representation and bad leadership based on said facts! 

Lets face it, we have outgrown the old.  Look at the Clintons.  Prior to Bush (like pre911) many folks fell for a story which is absent of simple facts which explain things simply.  We knew what "it" meant prior to Clinton.  After Clinton it was up for interpretation!  Absurd but a true Clinton legacy! Then Bush Jr. came along and proved he was the best at meaning something other than what he said, and frankly, that is why the entire world said , "What?" after President Clinton tried to explain why folks should not get answers to their questions solving their most vexing problems, nitrifying our complete political melt down which began with Clinton redefining "it". 

Read my lips was bad enough, but Clinton's redefining the meaning of words to bury truth and then Bush Jr, proving he can talk without people reading his lips has proven to those who would abuse secretly, there is a way, a road map, and we are now experiencing the effects. It's time for new politicians who speak simply, answer questions absent trying to teach other adult citizens, who are capable of making up their own minds!  And that is the truth. 

Thus, it is time for the young politicians who believe in truth, who will eliminate the lobbies and special interest "pressures for manipulation of law makers", whose vast moneys were never anticipated when the creation of our system was designed.  Because moneys which used to be reserved for governments and Kings are now in the hands of most major corporations and even private lobbies, its time for the Feinstein's, Reid's, Spitzer's, Palose's and so forth to be removed from office and let someone absent their record prove they will do what the voters wish and not their own self serving, self aggrandizing, egregious projects protected by their professional pontifications.  And finally make legislation which protects law makers from the types of monetary deals and promises of future wealth outside their congressional pay or "bribes", from negatively influencing legislation forevermore.

Good luck, enjoy and if I may, God Bless. lg


Hi Little Guy,

I was just watching Lou Dobbs and heard about the latest proposal from King Spitzer. The driverís license give away has potential. Potential to attract every illegal alien in the world. In Bagdad, I over heard al Qaeda talking about their New York trip. Since we have opened our doors to illegal aliens they feel more relaxed about coming here. New York will be over run by al Qaeda from Iraq and Afghanistan, Africa, Russians and communist Chinese spies and many more.  It will be a free for all beginning in New York leading to all hell breaking lose in our nation.

God Bless America!

Dear reader,

Thank you for writing the Journal.  I don't know however if one should laugh or cry.  What you illustrate is just the tip of the iceberg, or just the ember from hell illuminating the horrific folly and possibilities of death and destruction within the United States directly attributable to one Eliot Spitzer.  The man has no common sense nor ability to prognosticate the outcomes of his anti-American actions.

Spitzer claimed editor's like myself were racist for wanting the best for Americans (The land of all races!).  Well, I am pro the "American race" over unredressed illegal gamers, trespassers and as has been the case murderers, drug chains and thieves let alone all the terrorists in hiding who are not US of America citizens!  Thus Spitzer was correct, if my stand is pro American Citizen then his is anti-American citizen!  A resignation of clarity between an American citizen and one who broke the law, and another loss and diminished American privilege.   And that is the way it is in New York State, this Friday, November 2nd 2007.  Thank you for writing and next time, please send your name and I will protect your identifying last name as I do for most of my readers.  Thank you for writing.lg


Dear little guy (Scott Neff),

What a cool all-American tune!  I must express my surprise at hearing your song.  I visualized Lou Dobbs on Drums hammering out a message to improve America, Hannity and Combs on Base and Rhythm guitar, and no less than Bill O'Reilly on keyboards and backup vocals.  Your song antipathizes the need to change our America back to her roots.  I just love it!

Yours is the first song I have heard in years that has a message of love and positive change for America.  And again I just love Dobbs drum beat (HA HA!).  I hope that I am the first to order your song and must ask do you have other's?  Oh, and I sent my check....

Dear Kat,

Well, Romper, bomper, stomper, boo to me!  I must admit I laughed hard when I received your note and had to call my friends who also got a kick out of it!  Dobbs on Drums, O'Reilly on keyboards, with Hannity and Combs on the strings!  Your imagination is something else and if my song allowed such wonder during your meditation, well, than that's what its all about.  This week, I am in Studio making a click tract on a truly wonderful rock love song about America that is "oh so" very inspiring.  In any event you are indeed a patriot, with "the" song to prove it.

As soon as I receive your check (I went to the post office this morning and will recheck every few days), you will receive your "full" copy.   For your interest, the second half of the song is longer, full of love and fun and I hope you find as much happiness with it as my friends and I do when we place The American Way into our CD mix.  Its especially great on a cross country drive, or during parties.  I must tell you from the bottom of my heart and soul, thank you.  I wish you the best luck life has to bring and if I may, God Bless.  Thank you, thank you thank you.  lg

WELL, I'M NO MOZART BUT A FEW FOLKS LIKE THE TUNES Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

As you all know, do to my earlier association with "my" Uncle Sam all of which was indeed an honor, sustained a profound hearing disability during the course of expert Independent Medical Examiner/consumer education duties (Letter for distinctive recognition on file stating "during the course of official investigative work, and signed by the DRC"...) etc.  This disability is called inner ear tinnitus which increases in intensity as the morning progresses into the afternoon...and especially if tea, coffee (Alcohol products) or even alleged "natural products" other than juice or water are employed.  Thus, I can hear folks close or within a small and confined room, but absent proper acoustics, of course competition with the tinnitus has the anticipated outcome (known to "quality" physicians) .  Which is why we need to support the Americans for Disabilities Act over those who offer products and services absent any consideration for Americans with disabilities.  Indeed. 

Antithetically, and with much surprise, upon returning to the home offices of the Journal, have found tremendous support for the 30 music works I left behind.  And thus, engineers are working on offering a limited version of our first song for national pride, in good old American Rock and Roll format, and may ask for a small donation to defer the costs of medical school life, for the entire download.   However this is simply an idea one member advised. Lets hope we can work the mechanics out within the next month or so if "time allows", and bring good old American music in modern rock format (Other songs-Blues, Jazz, Pop etc after the boards) for our readers.  God Bless the good that listen (Most don't.).lg

MINNESOTA IS MISSED, BUT THERE IS NO STOPPING A MINNESOTAN Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Well, you just can't make this stuff up!  You can't.  Presently matriculating through a difficult all day, then evening review with professors of medicine on medical subjects presented daily (over the next two months), the medical establishment booked us reservations in the hotel where the classes are held.  Of course if you wish to use the hotel phone, it's several bucks a minute!

Antithetically, the reason for cell phones.  Let me preface this by saying my Sprint service relative to zero dropped calls, crystal clarity, and a wonderful plan, suddenly turned "odd" in that during a heated call with a significant person (long distance) the phone died.  It would not charge, nor turn on.  In a panic, I had the hotel driver who was a wonderful human being, take me to Best Buy where they could not get a new battery to work, could not charge the phone, and sent me to Circuit City.  Their representative did try many many things, gave up and knew of a Sprint store which the driver agreed to take me to.  Well, after two visits with them over two days trying their official batteries, chargers and what ever else they do, they advised the handset was indeed defective and unusable! Unusable!   I still have no way to communicate with home or anyone absent several bucks a minute. 

Since the Sprint Store claimed they were not authorized to support an out of state Sprint phone (What?) they had me call Sprint.  Sprint advised they had to send me to replacement phones, which they did.  However they said that although my phone was within the warranty period, I was somehow not enrolled in "the plan"! What plan were they referring to?  They sent me to their insurance carrier who advised I was not insured somehow although I explained the contract I singed gave me a new phone if lost or damage for two years and a new battery once per year!  They advised that I call Sprint Nextel which thought I should go back to Minnesota to Radio Shack for them to exchange the phone!!!! 

Now absent two days of communication with family or friends, thousands of miles from home, your editor went to the Hotel Front Desk and asked for a sewing kit.  Using the small needles, it was made possible to locate what appeared to be burned or overheated copper micro thin and difficult to see copper-like filaments, maneuvered the copper or copper-like pieces, made a picture in my minds eye that electrons should move unimpeded, and  re-assembled the parts.  Finally, I gently put the charger into the slot, and....the phone began to charge, turned on, and I immediately called my family in Minnesota.  Now, if this had not happened, I would not have believed one could repair a four month old expensive cell phone themselves.  Well folks, albeit the phone did get warm during a long call to Minnesota from Texas where it never got warm before, we are back in business as far as basic expected needs!  Basic human needs!  What ever happened to American products and service?

Also odd however is there is no Fox News in a Texas Hotel?!  Its true.  Well, both events are almost unbelievable, can envision going the two months absent Fox News, but you can bet dollars for donuts that, it's terrific to have phone communications even if it did take some homespun Minnesota ingenuity to get through the trials of today's inferior quality control for products manufactured.

HELLO TED NUGENT Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

Well, I just saw Ted Nugent on Fox, and had to ask Ted if he remembered an early gig in his journey at the Minneapolis Labor Temple (Your then Detroit booking agent will come to mind soon).  I was the 17 year old with the long red hair, who first picked up Alice Cooper and his band at the airport.  I will never forget Alice walked up to me and asked if I wanted any "Southern Comfort" swishing some in a glass in a circular motion right out of the Jet.  I still do not drink!   In any event on the way to the Labor temple passing Macalister College to the best of my recollection, we ended up playing football with Alice scoring the winning touchdown (Played first to reach 14 against some Macalister students...did this and drew then entire college to the gig...).  Then when you arrived, (I believe a fellow picked you up in a Red VW Van and told you the story.), and what began as a three band concert (I can't remember the other band), you... Ted began a battle of the bands competition with Alice, and after each set, you two played again and again, until the early morning hours as you both were outstanding. 

I was in charge of the floor and stage and let it go on thinking it was good for business, while the eccentric financier was pulling his hair out up in the office understanding the politics of doing business in Minnesota so many years ago?  Anyway, I saw you on Fox and In the chance that you remember so long ago, this editor bids you "hello".  Keep up the good new tour and never change from your patriotic ways. 


Today we received what on the surface appears to be a rather large order for our police science and investigative procedural textbooks from one of my past foreign law enforcement agency friends.  Although your editor was in some cases a secret ghost writer and others a known ghostwriter, and in consideration of the fact that Med School, national Board Studies and the music project have my plate full, consider handling the negotiations and orders yourselves at this point in time.  You will receive a personal call from me eventually to highlight what you must do.  Should you read this note prior to my call, please feel free to contact as my time must be spent judiciously on endless hours of testing and placing into appropriate memory shelves vast amounts of developing medical corrections and data.  God Bless.

THE CONCLUSION FROM OUR MEMBERS STUDY OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

If it is true that even the illegal's are dissatisfied, one must ponder that the employers are somehow maintaining too low of work standards.  I was trying to imagine what the solution was and it occurred to me that perhaps we need to investigate openly who these employer's are.  If the day is long but the wage is correct then the solution may be in the employment industry.  And since milk is now four buckaroo's and climbing, perhaps we could pay a bit more for American lettuce, knowing our borders are secure, the "trespassing invasion" has ended, and  once the border and then the employment arena is fixed, we make device for citizenship because at that point it would work.  Look, lets be honest.  If even a police officer can get by scruteny and cause heinous destruction to a pregnant mother, then who in their right mind would author legislation which wipes out the law and the record of criminal gang members if they come forward for citizenship.  The crime explosion would be consistent with logical ramifications of the illustrated actions in play.  Lets all work to help America, and if need be, impeach the whole congress, as this administration is moot at best.

And finally, but most importantly, the board knows what the "old rascals", Cheney and Bush have planned as the last thing they do when they leave office, destroy the image of the Democratic party for generations.  Lets face the facts, even Feinstein, long considered the moderate replacement for republicans and alternative democrats, now appears filthy from her lying down with the hounds of immigration amnesty only to get up with their fleas, no longer has the trust of the republicans or independents in her state, and now has lured even the symbol that the prototypical all American girl can make it in politics, Boxer, who herself has now become sadly slimed.  One by one they fall to scrutiny; Reid with his unboundless hypocrisy of preaching the milquetoast message, while practicing personal profit for his family through cronyism just like Bush, Kennedy may actually lose an election one of these times, and making key Golden State Republicans appear as the rebirth of Reagan himself. 

There isn't another politician in the running who can advance the ridiculous, and then with a glance, a gesture and a remark give the impression to all that listen, that they themselves simply don't get the subject and the master must be right; Cheney.  All of the rest will respond with explanation after explanation and then flip-flop as Hillary, Obama, and others all ready have, and basically give an opening to perhaps 10 percent of the republicans while laying waste to any that support their trap also known as the "illegal amnesty grand compromise of integrity" bill.  It's loony like a Fox at the top of this administration and if they are Martians and not part of the executive branch as has been advanced, with folks actually studying the Vice Presidents newest device, perhaps the masses still have a lot to learn. little guy

ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS DON'T WANT THE JOBS AMERICAN'S WONT DO Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

A careful independent review of actual illegal aliens in the Golden State discovered the following: the reason we are always out of illegal aliens for work and must always look further is that, illegal aliens at best, the small portion take those so called "won't do jobs", only do so until they can take a more normal job.  Hello!  When asked how long they would stay at a what this journal calls the "illegal alien intake employ", is only long enough to find another job!  So we have a continual stealing away of jobs from the middle class insidiously and silently.

The facts are, it is a myth that there are jobs only American's wont take.  Illegal aliens wont take them either! And you can take that to the bank (Which is what Bank of America studied and understood...!  Now with the secret out, you know as well!).  And you can bet dollars to donuts, only an inconsistent fool for a elected person, would not accept this fact of life that no human wishes to be taken advantage of by big business, and unless we as a nation, rebuke all authors of the amnesty bill in the senate for a knowing obvious failure to represent the voters, for placing green poultice politics above the well being of our nation, and continually fibbing to the American people by claiming horrific jobs will be taken by dumb folks, when the entire argument is anti-human nature, anti-common sense, and again destructive to the American way of life, then who is the real fool?  The seller of this horrific notion, or the folks who buy the notion and reelect these folks.  Remember people, your read it first at The Journal; illegal aliens do not want jobs where people are treated less then human, and will leave said job in a New York minute to work at Mc Donald's, in the electrical or plumbing industries, home building, gardening, auto repair or any job that will hire someone who cannot yet speak the language of the land, but willing to work for a lower wage than a codified quality trained American.  Special thanks to the California members of the InfoJustice Journal for their "smart study" with follow up to the journal. What say you now?


Well, I hate to be the one who told you so, but when our Vice President came up with his latest device, this Journal was calm rather than the rest of the frantic press and even White House press.  Why?  Because this administration since day one, has come up with more nonsense legislation, nonsense theory, nonsense doctrines, nonsense's new offices because its too tough to make the bodies and laws in existence actually work, and much much more brilliant blather, which until recently remained unchallenged.  It's hard work to come up with the facts on a daily basis to rebuke all of the blather which has come forth from this administration, and thus they not only know they can say and practically do anything, they do it with flair, style and some class?! 

Antithetically, our vice President is brighter than most folks, and it used to boggle the mind when the nation and the "I will support anything a republican leader says or does as long as he is republican", concomitant with all the further rationalizing from the likes of the Belt-buckle boy lap dog types, actually swayed the nation in truly whacky ways!  Again and again!  This has been six years of the most amateurish press on record.  Opinions rather than facts.  Why they almost abandoned all education so we could be destroyed while our kids, like the priest in the original War of the Worlds (the best) ran out to save the Martians because they were different only to be annihilated by a high tech energy beam weapon.  Yes they wanted Sunday school to be public education and you can still hear their cat-calls on occasion.

Well, again and again, I find this Vice President to be the most creative and ingenious in history politically as well as within business circles, no matter what else you may think of him.  Oh boy...oh boy of boy...! June 26th 2007


Well, after seeing that none of them, not a one was representing the issues which most face the middle class; that of first of all building our border with Mexico and second end the illegal immigration bill, strong enforcement of the laws we have (Demonstrating that these elected officials are pro law rather than law breakers themselves!) or advance a solid plan to solve Iraq we can all understand.  If Bush was not our president one would conclude this nation is in real trouble.  But again with Bush as our president, we are all ready in real trouble; trouble created by Bush and the deaf ear Republicans.  Now the democrats have a deaf ear to the great middle class of America.

Relative to grading all of the candidates did better than the last debate.  Edwards edged out a win by fighting for the truth but was shot down by friendly Dem fire repeatedly.  Obama came off much calmer and more in tune with his issues.  His speaking style was much more stately and find for a rookie he did quite well.  Biden was the only one with a workable plan for Iraq yet he was far off from listening to the American people on the issue of folks who fought their entire lives to obey immigration laws only to see the Democrats throw everything away.  That was Biden's position, turn ones head away from the law and create new minutia to pile on top of other laws that will not be enforced.  No, these foolish folks just create more and more bureaucracy and never solve the real problems. 

Gravel was quite compelling, had many good issues but appeared too rough around the edges to be president.  Of course Hillary will get the nomination.  Yet she is on the wrong side of good on this horrific immigration issue.  She and Obama want them legalized, and then they expect to give them free health care!  Its already free for the illegal's as they "won't" pay the bill even if it comes.  This will surly bankrupt our nation.  Richardson was lost and out of touch with the voters.  He is so slanted toward illegal's, and deeply tied to Hillary that, it appears illegal criminals will be elevated over those that worked their entire lives, and will have better health care than most Americans today.  Richardson is one to keep away from.  He can't understand the English language and once elected will have hello meaning good bye. 

This amnesty is amnesty with a road map on how to break the law now and for all future wannabe illegal immigrants from all parts of the world.  They not only are attempting to destroy the natural melting pot of America which made us great, they are tampering with the make up of the melting pot as if they proved over the last several years that any of them had advanced intellects.  Thus no democrat voiced an opinion which was solid ( Solid=cost cutting, fraud fighting, equality among legal citizen insurer who can again make legal citizens feel good about their votes and thus themselves, tax cutting in lieu of all the pork, Iraq conundrum solving, demonstrable plan to end the violence in the middle east, border securing in a "terrorist ridden world", food drug and cosmetic/everyday item security czar, medical science and healthcare supporter, fiscal conservative who pledges to  balance the budget, eliminate the national trade deficit, fight against unfair international trade practices who can make friends and influence folks to enjoy peace around the world yet carry a big stick which voters give the next President of the United States...A comprehensive and complete President=solid...) type for America, although it was clear they were all very proud of themselves.  However the message this editor received was that you vote for Hillary and actually you may get some help from Bill!  That is the democrats message.

It is easy to build our border with Mexico and easy to end the foolish immigration bill.  These folks must stop lying to the American people.  With the money spent on Iraq, perhaps a forth we could solve the entire illegal immigration problem, enforce our laws, build a border with Mexico and move on the intangible nebulous solution to Iraq and the middle east!  But they continue to lie to the American people as they select when and where to spend our tax dollars, and thus select which problems to solve.  These have been the most wasteful elected officials, supporting abuse of our immigration laws, our American way of life for 200 years, wish to create a second language which is inefficient in the arts, the sciences, and its application to advanced problems solving in mathematics, weapons designs, and medical break throughs!  Their wasteful spending proves that we need a leader who is an expert with fiscal designs such as the distinguished and honorable Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg.  Bloomberg - Hagel would be a dream ticket for America.  Fiscal genius with "all American" heart, sprit and character.

Tonight the Republicans have at it.  Lets pay careful attention to the primary issues which we can control; that of border security and elimination of the most costly and horrific legislation in our nations history.  Further a clear view on Iraq is deemed mandatory rather than permissive at this point.  Romney appears to be the only American fighting for Americans and has a logical and rational view on folks who break our laws, steal our identifications, steal social security numbers and too much more.  Lets hope that changes.   Conclusion, from the Dems point of view, perhaps Gore will step in and save the day.  For the Republicans, unless something breaks, their hope is for Bloomberg to join the race, the only intellectual in the bunch save Newt who may or may not run.  Well, the state of affairs; Democrats support illegal's over legal Americans.  "Unless the horrific illegal immigration bill is killed", should these "debate" Dems come to power, get ready to order everything in Spanish, good-bye to all of the inventions and which occurred because of English's superior working ability in the sciences, good bye to our intellectual edge and welcome to the beginning of a third world America.  America, June 4th 2007.


It had occurred to this voter, that if I had to consider Hillary for President, having Bill as Vice President might make things better! Lets face it, we need an intellectual to turn things around.  And absent Bloomberg running for President, there is not a "verified" intellectual in the bunch albeit Rudy is within the speculative range as having proven critical thinking ability as a Mafia fighter, yet would have to demonstrate further for today's conservative powers such as being AGAINST the immigration bill.  Thus Bloomberg may be the best man for President of our nation. 

But if Bill were Vice President, and with Hillary's firm and grounded common sense, one could envision a possible legislative branch which could turn the entire American karma image around.  The world likes Bill, and as Vice President, we could get some of his karma with his uncanny ability to have world leaders conform to a kinder way of life, tone things down to a tolerable level, while Hillary could handle matters of state, pomp and fuss, as well as her strong will dealing with congress and foreign nations who stray into the zone of intolerance.  Yet with Bill as ambassador, some "unnamed" foreign countries may not listen to him and demonstrate a sour pool because his wife is president and he is simply a man on her skirt tales akin to a hen pecked sissy!  A bizarre cultural reality which plagues the globe today.

Simply pondering can sound nice, but absent the entire quotient, an entirely different vision could be made.  Just a thought, Bill as Vice President and Hillary as President.  Fun fun fun!   lg

IF IRAN AND SYRIA ARE CONTENT ON MAKING TERRORISM THEN WHAT Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." - Ben Franklin

If Iran is content with causing war through Hamas in the Land of Israel as well of supporting the death of our children in Iraq concomitant with Syria supporting death and tyranny in the Land of Lebanon, than should not the European Union, Turkey, India, Canada, Mexico, Iraq, (Hopefully other Arab Nations) Lebanon, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the United States remove the governments of Syria and Iran?  Recently, our lady liberty offered the olive branch to Syria, and the end of the day results were in the realm of a terrorist proctologist.  Iran, over and over again received concessions from even Bush, and yet look at Hamas today. 

It is time to end the nonsense once and for all.  However and again, unfortunately our leader is George Bush and look at his results.  His go it alone mentality was "loony".  And it seems that no matter his intent his outcomes are that of a bumbler.  Frankly, it has become clear to the American public that his supporters only have voices because they can "afford" to.  Indeed! 

If this author was president, one would convene a meeting with the nations I suggested and anyone else who feels left out.  If the European Union, Turkey, India, Canada, Mexico, Iraq, Lebanon and the United States with perhaps Saudi Arabia said enough was enough, the  entire world would help end this particular sectarian trouble as it has no benefit to any nation other than Iran or Syria.

This is not a war thesis.  No, this is a roadmap for peace.  Only if the entities mentioned agreed on the plan, would then any consideration of war be a topic of discussion.    The simple topic is the end of the insane violence which appear to be due to terrorists with state backing.  Lets see if Bush can do this right.


The second Republican Presidential Debates were clearly won by the honorable Rudy "true blue" Giuliani, with Romney a late well rounded second.  Paul did tell a truth like the lonely messenger who usually disappears as no one wanted to hear the message, but Rudy came through with patriotic colors far ahead of the pack.  His straight talk won the day.

But what was cute on a national basis is how glad and obviously wonderful Fox folks felt when they reported and indeed chat, about Republican debates, and how slow, kind of sorrowful, and depressed they appear when they discuss the Democratic Debates.  And folks, "you just can't make this stuff up", as the best things in life are indeed free....

TOWER OF BABBLE FOR AMERICA Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." - Ben Franklin

We must seriously congratulate the Salvation Army for their stand maintaining the American principles which made this great nation.  In English, by English and today for American education and communication.  Today, productivity is dropping as well as quality of work life as most folks can't communicate with each other at work without wasting hours and hours simply trying to understand one another.  Especially after the inevitable mistakes are made!  Tower of Babble for American life or common sense?


One day after Easter, it was interesting to note who would be the first to demonstrate life goes on and unaffected by ones faith or revival subsequent to Lent, and Easter.  This morning our President didn't forgive several folks and came out swinging.  The Republican hardliners came out swinging against Dems, and most pundits on the major networks failed to demonstrate much in the way of forgivingness.  One fellow "messed" up horrifically.  I don't know the broadcaster, never listened to him, but it was odd that folks who claim to be teachers of the "teachers teachings" such as reverends and so forth, have no ear to one who asked for forgiveness (And he will stay or leave depending on ratings and for business reasons and nothing more!)

Clearly, much in the way of lip service is given as lectures to we, the people, yet when are the golden teachings of goodness applied?  It is clear that every sector of our society today, and even some old national allies of ours, have copied OUR POPULAR PRESIDENT to the extent that vengeance and only punishments are discussed for actions which occur, but never the arrow of truth to point to the degree of error/evil or perhaps misunderstood truths discovered, and how to improve one and all.  Wisdom is left out of many of the equations folks run into these days and it is now clear that our nation is a different nation today, and finding our way back is no longer a consideration.  It is finding our way again, as a nation, as a body of people, united on some common ground.   

Can you list the common ground all Americans agree on?  What makes the Mexican American love the same things that the Korean American does, and share that love with the Afro-American peoples?  Has our experience under our President and his supporters demonstrated a nation more united today or is it far more divided and looking for divisibility at any wacky opportunity as said opportunities indicate greed and money to the groups that can take advantage of America. 

Your editor is a "you should do more for your nation then your nation can do for you" type fellow and believe it akin to the gospel.  Today, as one views the world, especially the illegal immigration and their supporters, it is clear it is let me grab what ever piece of the pie one can, albeit destroying the fabric which built the nation by those who would never think to break immigration laws or even make up excuses for those that have killed while here illegally done consciously or unconsciously.  

America was like a tender loving baby, nurtured by those that came before us, and thus we could all share on the bounty of love which came from the innocence of truth and justice in a free land.  But today, from our President down, it is a grab game, a give away to some one who may be a vote some future day or may be this or that.  All understandable when they explain it yet there is no voice for the "real America" this author was brought up in.  No voice for a truth which resonates with all peoples. 

If the law is to immigrate lawfully then to suggest anything else is akin to Benedict Arnold actions.  But that was to "real true blue" Americans, not those who may live here but espouse rights and privileges for a new few rather than work within the constraint which by the end of the day produced the greatest peoples, kind to more peoples and foreign lands then any nation which had come before ours.  Yet today, what do you see?  A grab game.

Well, perhaps the renewal from Easter only lasts as long as the Lord has patience for those that may sit by his side one day!  Many do believe that the meek shall inherit the earth and that it is a matter of universal common sense.  But, what do you think?

Sunday 04-08-07


Heck, do to technical difficulties beyond our control, this guardian of the INFOJUSTICE email regents to inform those that were kind enough to write, to take the time from your busy schedule to re-write.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for your continued support. InfoJustice


Breaking Questions for Historians looking back follow:

Does the hypocritical position of suddenly breaking the status quo of not vetoing ear mark legislation when our troops are the concern for almost five years and suddenly threatening to cut necessary funds for troops suggest some hidden agenda by unnamed persons?  If not, why would the King of Arabia voice his opinion that the "Bush War is an illegal occupation"?

If there are concerns above those on the surface would that not make the case and establish a baseline of failures suggestive of some other agenda (ie...troops were not the priority of this "leadership"; our troops went to war absent proper protection both personal and transport armor, poor firearms, poor strategy concomitant with never securing the homeland medical facilities for troops sent into a heinous type of harms way..) and too much more?  Or can any Leader be so dumb that his best friends like Arabia can't help but look "so" much smarter "to the entire world" visa vie...just so dam dumb?  Or then Why?

And, will "Republican President" Bush Vito/Cut funding short for our Children in Iraq?  little guy 


Folks, you have to give it to him, our President delivered his line like Bob know that old "pull the rug out and then give that defined stare routine"?  The President did do something well and this editor applauds him for it.  The joke remains for you to hear as we are to protect the images of the innocent.-Addendum:  After hearing all of our President jokes, one must admit he missed his call as a comedian as his entire routine was very funny.  Excellent Job Mr. President, you were very humorous.

THE PORK HYPOCRISY Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

It is truly a sad state of affairs when some unnamed network and the majority of republicans sound so obviously hypocritical and jealous.  Yes they sound small and jealous because for six years it was they and their party which spent the largest dollars on pork in US history.  And now obviously jealous because they lost big time!  Perhaps not big enough? 

Thus, the republican base is becoming smaller and smaller as folks are enjoying the pundits and republicans looking foolish which is odd that they are so behind the national cure.  Further, citizens realize that much of the pork in the latest bill which represents the will of the voting public, inherited most of its earmarks from the Republican congress.  Yet, pork continues.

Senator Chuck Hagel and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher have listened to their constituents, learned from them and the entire voting body relative to the lessons of the last election.  Thus these two are truly fighting tooth and nail to represent, which makes them two of the best representatives in our nation.  Yet folks today who tell the truth and voice the voters wishes, are shot down by the tone deaf white house and its die hard pundits.  These relics of the past including the oval office, are looking small and frankly absent class. 

For example, it was reported that today, Fox hired a man voted out of office for not listening to the people and harshly I might add, and he advised that folks that make sense and represent the consensus don't.  Like he would know; wrong...and laughable! That is the most boundless hypocrisy of them all brought to you by your most balanced or is it becoming a tad unbalanced spin prone hypocritical network, evidenced by these facts?

You see folks during the Viet Nam War, we could have won or kept things PACIFIED BY OUR MILITARY if we wished too many of our brightest and best to die!  Reason became the response after our nation recovered from all the death and bad failed policies, and thus we pulled out to make our nation stronger, richer, and with better offensive and defensive capabilities. 

So we pulled out and they did not take over the world as Rick Sanatorium alleges.  No, but it is the same mid sixties Vietnam logic being applied by Bush and his voted out of office followers advising they know what the voters who got rid of them wants! Unbelievable folks!  Common!  These guys look at a win like a ego trip.  Oh no they can't lose no matter if it kills everyone!

Further all martial artist's and military genius understand how our very forefathers defeated the British, and how it is this type of aggression militaries send in their spies to fight and defeat.   And never visa versa.    You have the right to agree to disagree with wrongful illogical policy.  There was a time which this action would have worked expediently and Bush blew it.  With so many Iraqis' dead just who is he securing the nation for?  And to whose favor?  We need new decision makers ASAP.  

Fight insurgents with underground and special forces, pull back to secure locations able to assist the evolving Iraqi government with rapid forces rather than acting like the government, and work on helping the Iraqi people directly rather than only militarily!  This is how we "win"!  Win is peace for most folks in Iraq and the United States.  Think and act like a winner rather than an occupier trying to act like police.  Defuse the situation and let control evolve naturally as has occurred with all peoples in mankind's history. 

Now every so often we fight alkiada, our enemy, usually with their best foot forward because they chose the time and place in addition to either of four other major interests (Two Civil War factions and their foreign fighters, Iran, and criminal street gangs...) shooting at our forces because "we": are there.  We the people know that this situation is worse than Vietnam, with the same limited illogical options offered.

Hopefully this will change sooner rather than in the distant future.  And it may do this nation some good to have a President like Chuck Hagel, as representing the wishes of the American people is why we vote, why our nation was set up the way it was by the founding fathers, and it would be nice to have a president who will represent all of us; Independent, Democrat and Republican.

Some time back the Academy voiced its vision for solving pork and ear marks.  It involves the removal of the nebulous, the behind the scenes deals making which benefits the lobbies and major corporations.  Once every quarter a new congressional oversight committee would report to both house and the American people published  in our newspapers, on how pork was eliminated or how our system is now sound.  This would make representatives actually stand up and vote for the immediate needs of our great nation.  Then in separate sessions, these same representative can fight for their earmark and pork and aid openly with true debate, record, documented and thus studied, so necessary spending for aid to our localities can continue.   Yet the American way rather than a method which has insidiously developed over time to the extent that it has become a decaying disease.

Folks, we can do this, but together, as Americans, not as the divided nation we have become.  Whomever can unite America will be the next President of the United States.  May the Lord continue to Bless our Nation and all Americas.  We can do this!


The Academy members hope that a cure can be found for these cancer scourges of mankind.   It is with great hope that both the honorable Elizabeth Edwards and the distinguished Mr. Tony Snow can receive the best care we have and the best luck the Lord can offer.  May God Bless and renew them both.


Due to the need for personal study and improvement, your editor cannot take any more emails.  Please be patient as it is clear you are chomping at the "bit" and are not being ignored. Thank you  PS...Watch the "New" Lou Dobbs tonight and during Sabbatical.


ASHLAND, Wis. (AP) - Jereme Tauer Jr. was born at almost 100 mph as his parents hurtled down U.S. Highway 2 in northernmost Wisconsin in a Dodge Neon. His parents, Jereme and Lisa Tauer of Hurley, managed the birth without a doctor, pain medication or even stopping the car.

"We were just shocked," said the baby's grandmother, Billi Tauer of Hurley. "When (her son) called, he was so excited, and we thought it was just over the birth. He's like, 'Ma, ma, ma, we have a boy! We have a boy, we have a boy - and, and, and, you're not going to believe - he was born in this car!"

Well, the Lord does work in mysterious ways.  Congratulations.-lg


Dear Little Guy,

I just finished reading your latest articles and feel compelled to say that I am so happy that someone is voicing what most Americans are thinking about the status of our great country. I am 53 years old and have raised a family and worked all my life. The past 6 years have been trying on every level of my life. This is the first time in my history that I have felt unappreciated and literally thrown away by my country. I have always had a very positive attitude toward life and the challenges it can bring. This attitude has changed considerably. And I continue to struggle. My concerns are numerous.

Health Care
Illegal Aliens
The war in Iraq
Continuous lies from my president
Continuous denial from his supporters.
People being put in jail for doing their jobs.
Corporations selling out the middle class.
Corporate power controlling our most critical decisions.
Global warming denial based on rhetoric

Trust me. People do not want to hear bad news but it is coming so fast and furious that we are overwhelmed. What can someone like me do. I feel like my hands are tied. This is not a good feeling.



Dear Kath...Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

Due to March-early April  "Med School Finals Madness" my response will be delayed.  However, it is the people of America, the Church goers, the Fathers, the Priests, the Nuns, the Rabbis, the Clerics, the Sunday School Children, the weak, the poor, helpless, disabled hereditary, situational or Bush War, the very ill, those on fixed incomes, the retired, those hoping to make a new life either a home grown adolescent maturing into adulthood, or an all American LEGAL immigrant, a good person trying to improve themselves, the chimney sweep, the popper or the successful American patriotic executive, who solutes your courage in placing "their thoughts" into the discussion arena.   Yes the weak elected persons strong on rhetoric will not discuss Impeachment when it is the topic of the day.  All are considering it if truthful, though some elected officials ruin their images by not facing their responsibility as oversight against war crimes, death of too many human beings, disregard for our Sixth article of the Constitution and from what I have been told, two more are under study, and if that is not enough much much more!

Have to jump but give me time to contemplate your thoughts and together in repose we say, may God continue to Bless America.

NEBRASKA REPUBLICAN SENATOR CHUCK HAGEL INFOJUSTICE ELECTED PERSON OF THE MONTH Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas." Ben Franklin

Occasionally a person steps forward to represent truth, justice and yes, American idealism which today, is rare but necessary.  Absent folks of the heroic nature such as the honorable Senator Chuck Hagel, death, destruction of life, destruction of our planet, destruction of the ties between peoples because of lying and telling fairy tales to the American people, no justice for the people akin to dictators from histories past, and yes when our leadership is the worst in US history, bodes the need for heroes akin to the honorable Chuck Hagel. The Academy for Justice sincerely congratulates the honorable senator from Nebraska as a symbol for our children to emulate.  Congratulations Senator Hagel.


Another sign of going to war absent the necessary equipment was revealed as Iran has once again taken advantage of such circumstances.  And don't let the rhetoric fool you, today it is normal and customary when abducted by "MURDERING TORTURING BEHEADING LOON TYPES" to gesture the minimally necessary to live to tell the world the truth.  In any event, absent satellite recognizance which should have recorded the events if preparation of any nature occurred, then again we can validate.  But the lesson learned again and again is troop leaders need GPS.  More later when words won't inflame the psychology in play. 

Antithetically it only proves that once again, even the notion of torture, absence of the basic rights for peoples which the United States Championed for two hundred years successfully in every war even through Kosovo, lowers the playing field to the level of the dogs, which our leaders somehow tried to do!  Idiocy.  Indeed..  How dare junior take away our basic human rights for privacy and so forth claiming the need for war when in World War II when we were fighting a far more brilliant enemy, never was this necessary.  Why?  Our leaders were brilliant.  Today our leadership honestly can be characterized as dopy and paranoid symbolizing the need for small minded and unsound unnecessary mechanisms no matter how much pain they may cause the unconscious American psyches.  And with the now admitted water boarding like torture etc, holding folks indefinitely absent representation or making charges, illegal wire, email, internet browsing and so forth caused certain unnamed leaders to drop down to the level of the dogs who torture and deny basic human rights.  And you know the old saying, "when you lie down with dogs you get up wit fleas".  That's it, some unnamed leaders needs vaccinations.  If it were only that easy.  And you know that we like to josh our leaders. Tied up in Iraq when the enemies who have the most to gain by attacking us, are absolutely and categorically not present in Iraq, proves new strategies by the Dem's and the few rational and responsible Republicans are a must if we are to protect the best interests of the United States.


Dear Journal Editor little guy,

What happened to America? I thought we elected a president to lead our country into greatness, to protect us from terrorism and to promote jobs for all. Yet I have been waking up to a monarchy and an emperor, George Bush.

The problem reminds me of the Emperor without clothes. George is naked in front of the world and he just doesnít see it. When did my country change? Was I asleep or just engulfed in my fight to keep my head above water as I suffered lay offs and job eliminations. The Emperorís royalty are corporate executives that become richer every day. I am just one of the peasants and I say we need a wake-up call to acknowledge what is happening in front of our faces every time I turn on my TV. Personally, I think we have been conned by slick artists. Conned into thinking we still have values. We send our brothers and sisters into war every day. A war collectively we have said we do not want to participate in any more.  Our leaders do not know what to do to stop it.  I think, as Americans, we have narrowed our worlds to our daily routines and our focus is only as broad as our individual life style. 

I canít help thinking about the Bin Ladin days. I remember one of his goals was to bankrupt America.  And, I cannot help but believe that our Emperor is doing everything he can to accommodate this.  I heard yesterday that we LOST 12 billion dollars in Iraq. We lost it!  We put cash packages together and shipped it somewhere. No one knows where!  Maybe a terrorist pay off used to fund the insurgents we have been fighting in Iraq.  If we have not followed where it went, how can we know that it didnít get into their hands? We really canít. All I know is my bank knows everything about my checking account. Seems to me this was just another con.

Our new budget proposal is in the trillions. That is a number I can not fathom unless I take the time to count all the zeros. The reality is that this would tap into Medicare just as the baby boomers are starting to retire in mass numbers.  It would eliminate many programs that these retirees would need to survive our economy. Medicaid is also a target. A program that is designed for the poor and indigent. It would not impact the people that are in our country illegally though.  It seems they have all the support we used to have before our Emperor took over.

We just heard that DHS lied to us about evidence they had on Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean. They admitted that they lied!  That there was no evidence that these men were out to shoot Mexicans which was an accusation during their trial which casts the votes wrongfully. The other thing that stands out is that this prosecution was started in Washington, DC.  All I can say is this looks like Mexican Mob money for everyone involved, probable Mexican oil rights or cooperation with someone in power if not now, someday, and a forced turn the back attitude against Latin American mafias from our top federal agencies, in some kind of massive profit for unknown persons and enemies of America, both here and in Iraq while under the term of President George Bush. 

Consistent with all of this is the fact that many poor people in Mexico have been rioting because they can't get their corn to make tortillas because the corn is being shipped to America to make gas!  Why don't we make gas from sugar cane like Brazil and stop destroying the lives of the poor and the middle class in order to profit off the latest Corporate profit scheme?   In my heart I feel that our nation has been betrayed and feel powerless until the tears clear from my home spun American eyes and read your Journal, realize that I am, a Yankee Doodle gal, and will not stop until I have helped my country, my love, become herself again. Even if it means Impeachment.  How can I get involved with the fight to free America from the bonds of corporate creed and the mafia's to our south? "Concerned"!

Dear concerned:  First they took away our border agents, then they took away our border sheriff's, then they changed the laws about illegal immigrants, and finally they bankrupt or came for you;   Today', there are two America's within one land. ©

You don't know how delighted this editor was to receive an email which illustrates many of the Bush programs under his tenor absent your bringing up the Iraq Bush Bunch War Conundrum.  I feel you have illustrated many points which are concomitant conundrums created out of and during the course of President Bush's terms in office.   Therefore I will send you to a site where you can get involved if you so chose.   It is

I have been and continue to be an observer but am astonished how many folks do want to cause our president to stop his mess making.  In any event only through getting involved with our national process such as you have done today, will you make change so our nation can be the best "she" can be.  Please continue to read the Journal and forward any further comments you may have about our national state of disarray (Copy them to your Senators and Congresspersons.), and ideas which could help the US regain its proper course, position in our world, and her glorious Yankee Doodle destiny.  God bless and may God continue to Bless America. little guy


12-20-02, 747 AM Senator retires from bully pulpit demonstrating remarkable courage, "some integrity", and avoids large historical blemish.  Only the future will tell us how the Senator’s remaining tenure will be judged by history. The bible teaches us a very important lesson relative to this "foot in the mouth" experience.  Lott's wife turned back to look at "Sodom and Gomorra" and turned to a pillar of salt.  The actual lesson is to not look back at a horrible "mistake".  Why?  Because it makes us weak and ineffective for the moral and social battles of life ahead.  Thus, it is imperative that we all move forward to become healthy and strong so that we can make this world a better place in which to live (“We still have our own “Sodom” et al. to confront for the sponsoring of world fear and terrorism”). InfoJustice


How can we as a nation, fight terrorism, when a person of important elected status, believes problems could be solved through the division of peoples based on color, creed and indeed race.  Clearly, terrorists are attacking Americans and world Jewry alike, because we believe all peoples are equal under god, indivisible, and uniquely contributory to the exponential progression of human values, ideas, and continuing progress in medicine-SCIENCE, art and politics.  Everyone in the world knows that America is a target because we stand for freedom for all of creation.  No person asks or has the power to be born whom they would preference.  Thus, no man should demand preferential treatment because they were born with green, purple, or blue skin!    Further, this man of division now is arguing that his fellow republicans will unite to back him on this issue of divisions!  This editor must ask, "how, in the year 2002, over six thousand years since we discovered God, two hundred years since our forefathers wrote we are indivisible, can anyone who is rational and responsible, and speak from the bully pulpit of American senatorial distinction be in favor of divisibility, inequality under god, and forced inequality and a separation of peoples within and without the united states?  That's the Senator's lasting message done consciously or unconsciously.   Let us never forget our forefather George Washington’s message when he said, "no nation can be trusted farther then their intent".  Senator made his intent clear and no obvious propaganda will erase intent.   Any man who stands with this anti-god position and this man, at this time of unity to fight the evil foes of human injustice, will in the end, after all, be judged not by us, but by history and our maker.  A judgment this editor would fear above all.  InfoJustice.

Congratulations President and Mrs. George W. Bush


Rational and responsible actions on the part of professional and Gubernatorial leaders was supported last evening by the Election of the Honorable Gray Davis.  Davis a highly educated man, past attorney and humble, kind, gentle yet tough fighter against fraud, waste, abuse, and for truth, justice and old fashioned American Idealism proved once again that a good man can get elected in the United States.  Governor Davis has given all people a chance for a better life.  His Career has been exemplified by the fact that if he was not already an expert on the issues, he would study study study until he was.  Look for a reduction in California Taxes, new sources for Tax revenues such as Indian Gaming (perhaps eventually we will not have to go to Nevada anymore), far better Education for our Students, a Bill of Rights for the sick, taxing Tobacco Products which earn money off the death of Americans, Banning Tobacco for Children, tougher drunk driving laws, tougher laws for those who would suppress the truth while the truth can be demonstrated, and a basic support of the issues which face all Americans, when they sleep, when they rise, when they walk by the way, when they buy products and services, Insurance Reform, and much much more of the issues which will unite the People.  The Academy Proudly and Sincerely Congratulates Gray Davis and the rest of the Americans Elected last evening.

As your Editor, I am Proud to not "Beat the Press" new.gif (5622 bytes)

Although we have the entire Starr (which is clearly a Waste and Abuse report of Taxpayer dollars; 62 million dollars!), The Academy Board of Directors, Advisors, and Executive Board have voted 40 to 0, to not post the Starr Sex Expose' until this President, like all other Presidents has had the fair chance to Rebut; the American Way.   However, this examiner can assure you, that no Federal or State Governments which I worked for in the Trenches or as Expert Witness, nor any International or Insurance Business this examiner worked for, would have approved more than $50,000 to $200,000 (a fact) on a case such as that discovered thus far; a Graphic Sex case which should never have been placed on the Internet for Children to read!  Anyone who posted indeed it was far more guilty then the Love Lost Ms. Lewinsky (clearly a Kind Women beaten into submission by threat of jail and a women with a cross to burn because she could never win the President; how can any sane person believe her, not see the set-up nor smell the second hand cigarette smoke in the air; inconsistent) and the Honorable William Jefferson Clinton, developer of the greatest peace time Economic Recovery in US History, on a non-impeachable (Article 2 Section 4-Thomas Jefferson) federal negligence sex scheme; more of a sex do you believe it or not report; pity for all American Taxpayers since America is Wounded & Bleeding due to Partisan Politics and Big Tobacco supported Politicians.  08-12-98

Forgive and Behold, the Lion of Judah, who came first as a child but the King of Kings to rule in Power & Glory Forever! new.gif (5622 bytes)

Atone Now Representatives.  Repent and Forgive; Excise the Devil as the President did or continue to "Face" the Rath Of the Lord for the Lord is One the Lord is God; Hurricans, Earth Quakes, Disease.  "Americanism and Patriotism must have a new meaning.   We cannot allow Politicians to be consumed by our petty differences. United in our common interest, Fight for Freedom, not flee from Tyranny, oppression, annihilation of the President which leads to persecution of our individual rights to live absent intrusion into all of our private matters; to exist & celebrate our free manner of society, Democracy, Justice and Idealism.  End the small minded Politics & reunite to bring the Stocks up to new all time highs for all the citizenry.  AAJTS reports to the Nation for the 21st Century".  By Dr. Scott David Neff; InfoJustice President.  "The citizens of America have explored the sea and air.  They have given open-handed hospitality and employment to people immigrating from every land.   America has continued to overcome with courage the various difficulties that have arisen from time to time and to render her legislation ever more in keeping with the dignity of the human person."  Pope John XXIII 1963

The Honorable Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D) New York InfoJustice Man of the Month.

Sunday, September 6th, Moynihan demonstrates that common sense and the US Constitution are making a comeback. Moynihan puts an end to violations of US democracy, demonstrates Patriotic and logical applications to the President, places the guilt of campaign tampering firmly on the shoulders of the Chinese interference in our US democracy and warns the world, this President is handling and able to tackle world affairs and domestic policies as before.  Unshackled by the devilish false accusations and lack of due process, watch the come-back kid bring our investments back and solve the complex World Issues as Clinton has prior to the Lewinsky set-up.

President Clinton Demonstrates How Muscles Develop through Cardiovascular Conditioning when lungs are not damaged by Children's Tobacco.                           

Defendants of Children's Tobacco better settle now, President Clinton proves exercise builds strong muscle for tough fights.  Read it now @ InfoJustice Press.

The Day the Balanced Budget through the Tobacco Deal Blew Up.
April 8th, 1998, $65 billion dollars of the balanced budget earmarked for social and medical programs is off.  For today the deal between Big Tobacco and the Government is over.  Get the details now from the InfoJustice Press.

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