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Police Science and Forensic Chiropractic by Dr. Scott David Neff Chiropractic Orthopedist, Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Forensic Examiner

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LibertyYou will find in this section study more examples from my experience as a Police Science Scholar working with Federal Authorities and from my Textbook for Forensic Criminal Investigations ©.  God Bless.

The Forensic science of vehicular collisions is presented in this four part series.  Parts III and IV contain diagrams which were used to solve one referenced crime in the State of Washington, and the diagrams in Part IV were used to solve a crime in North Carolina.  Legal definitions and related concepts can be found here. This link gives you an introduction into collisions remnants, collisions investigations and fraud investigations.  Make sure your investigation stands the test of Judicial Review by the principals of Justice through Science.

Child Custody Investigations are very delicate and can be quite complicated.  Study seriously this four (4) part series.  Now eight years ago, I was retained as a consultant on a case of a wife who was abusing cocaine and having sex with multiple persons who would pay for her drugs.  Her husband was a Police Detective.  We applied my teachings, he won full custody of the two beautiful daughters and now four years later, has a new and wonderful life. 

In this five part series Dr. Scott D. Neff DC DABCO CFE DABFE etc., guides you through Civil Work bringing in cases from past friends and business associates such as the late honorable and distinguished Melvin Belli Esquire.  Civil cases can be as complicated as some criminal investigations.  Thus your study of these subjects is imperative in being a well rounded, knowledgeable civic minded American investigator.

This is a real life story of a wonderful Lady Doctor that came to the Academy for help in 1996.  Dr. Neff Chiropractic Orthopedist, CFE, DABFE, etc., investigated the case and put together a team which brought her abuser to trial and subsequently justice.  This is her real life story which has helped many women make the important judgment to come forward, be counted, and help all of womankind.

The ABC's of forensic information collection and organization in a criminal investigation.  This resource will help ensure that you are thorough in your investigations.

This amazing four part section will demonstrate state of the art methods as used by Scotland Yard, FBI, Interpol and other students of Forensic Identification Science.  Offered by the American Academy For Justice Through Science demonstrating the principals of Justice Through Science.

In part 1 of this 6 part series you will begin with the study of a professional Racketeer who describes in toto the armamentaria and protocols of the prototypical successful criminal.  Study how he cased his victims, and how he burglarized over 800 homes in Los Angeles County. Read about this racketeer's MO and use this information to your advantage in your own case studies.  In Part two an in depth study of the ABC's Defining the crime be it national security theft or corporate theft.  Study all 6 sections to prove you to know what there is to be known as a true Forensic Criminologist.

Inductive and deductive based comprehension of the profile of the Arsonist, understanding the forensic science of arson investigation and "how to solve a crime of Arson" is discussed in full with complete reference work to empower your law cases to stand the test of Judicial Review.

In this three part series,  Dr. Scott D. Neff Chiropractic Orthopedist, CFE, DABFE etc., once again donates additional works from his sub-rosa work, The Textbook For Forensic Criminal Investigations.  Join us as a knowledgeable America becomes a safe America.

In six part series, Dr. Neff takes you through the ABC's of successful Operations level command as well as in the trench ABC's of Surveillance and Stakeout.  Learn the actual lesions which were taught to some of the finest law enforcement agencies around the Globe.

In section two of this series, Dr. Scott D. Neff Chiropractic Orthopedist, CFE, DABFE, etc, takes you through recording statements stealthily and recording signed witness statements which are not self incriminating, the correct environments to record statements, pitfalls to avoid, exact statement formats, and the "waiver of rights and attorney".

This three part series is a concise formulation of the various events in mankind's history which brought about law enforcement.  Included will be the very dates where laws and law enforcement officials were created and how these enforcement officials spread from neighborhood to city, to country to continents.  You will see that Law Enforcement is tantamount to the human progress of the civilization.

The specialized manuscript advances the evolution of more sophisticated and specialized US Icons, Law Enforcement Agencies, Bureaus, Administrations, Operation Units, Services, and Safety Agencies which developed after 1812 (e.g. Stops prior to 911 because of new consults involving grass roots private sector analysis).  But begins with my Uncle Sam.



Study investigation and law enforcement ethics by the masters.  Review the various ethics maintained by the finest investigation and enforcement persons on the Globe. 


Why are today’s homicides becoming common place?  Why are shootings and violence occurring in our courtrooms?  Further, how can we most efficiently solve a heinous crime such as murder when necessary and how as a people can we grow to prevent such tragedies?  To find these answers and more review the five part series "Murder & Discovery Standing The Test Of Judicial Review". 


Make your cases stand the test of Judicial Review through the utility of time tested proven methods by using the fundamentals of writing statements and reports by Dr. Scott David Neff Chiropractic Orthopedist, MSOM, MPS-BT, DE, IDE, CFE DABFE, FFABS, FFAAJTS


The motives for murder differ quite significantly from the psychological profile of suicide absent a murder concomitant with psychological suicide.  Study the intricacies of the various pieces which make up the profile puzzle of solving the question, "Was is Suicide or was it Murder"? 

© & TM 1998 American Academy for Justice Through Science. All rights reserved.

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