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Your Editor Dr. Scott Neff - the Little Guy


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Advice for InfoJustice Readers

One day since Obamacare of March 21, 2010= $12,405,962,943,990-US National Debt

Eight days since Obamacare=$12,703,125,187,720,18

45 days since Obamacare=$12,835,321,207,657.37

218 days since Obamacare=$13,623,275,060,280.12

663 days since Obamacare=$15,228,709,802,653 and climbing

910 days since Obamacare=$16,888,545,617,999 and climbing exponentially

national debt  


Nobel lariat, Martin Luther King shocked the world, preached the gospel to humanity and then changed this planet by his deeds. Never was a greater man born nor lived. A man who developed a roadmap to bring his people and our brethren of humanity to their just status in our world. No matter a personal speech, a speech from the pulpit, a march to Washington for freedom and equality, or a conference with the revered John F. Kennedy, Martin led our world toward the promised land. The land created and left to all Americans by the founding fathers. Yes Martin put the entire burden of our nations legacy as created by our founding fathers on his back, and dragged it to every corner of America. It is horrific that folks have to work harder then the rest, preach better then the rest, and give their entire lives to the pursuit of equality, but without folks like Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Rosa Parks, and Lyndon Johnson, and Ronald Reagan, we would all surely some day be the victim of insensitivity, indifference, intolerance, cruelty, discrimination and/or bias. Color-blindness towards mankind was the message, but with it comes tolerance for all of humanities folks as long as the principals of justice, decency, fair play, openness, truthfulness, equality, freedom and eventually democracy are employed. Martin Luther King is America personified. May you all have a healthy, happy and thought provoking Martin Luther King Day. little guy ™ 1-15-18


For the twenty-fourth year at the Journal, that most special time of the year had arrived where all folks get the very special tingling feeling reminiscing the great Christmas celebrations from the past as well as enjoying a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas again.  I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all folks around the globe a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a very wonderful New Year.  Folks from the remaining (living) members of the of the American Academy for Justice Through Science, I want to wish you all the most wonderful holiday season and the best New Year you have ever had.  As a special treat I want to share with you once again, the most beautiful Christmas Scenes from around the globe.  I know all the family will enjoy viewing  how folks from every country on this blessed earth celebrate the wondrous holiday known as Christmas.

Let us hope that all folks will take the joy of the Christmas celebration Holiday cheer and spread the good will and love of life throughout the coming year.  From Kathleen and my hearts as well as all academy members active and retired I wish to say again, may you all have and happy and marvelous Christmas.  And may the lord bless and keep you all.

the little guy ™ fights back for you 12/21/2017


When a viewer observes those channels on the left it is all a diversion or a game.  It is clear to most folks that for whatever the reason, the left perceives it in vogue to say just about anything within the negative continuum true or not, daily about some on the right and President Trump.  Conversely, the loosely held together right has been since Trump inauguration and continues  to offer ideas which move the conversation ahead on the most important issues which face our Republic today.

This is very similar to the NFL today.  Because those on the left are not content with the debates and most overreach evidenced by this last weeks revelations, and sad in my opinion, the pitiful truths that Hillary had the fix in all the way to the highest levels of our core Agencies, services, Bureaus and to the DOJ itself.   Hilary could not have done anything absent Barack's approval.  Overreach was the message, I get that, but now it manifests in of all places the NFL.  Lets examine the phenomena.  Folks love sports.  Suddenly some teams and members of teams stole the viewing publics allocated times from their lives to watch sports, to be dragged down to the gutter or for discussion which would not injure folks; steal their time away from sports.

The NFL sports loving fans noticed teams that subconsciously took them away from sports, and no longer thought it was as much enjoyment as watching home team games.  Think about that.  Folks loved sports and football was the great fall winter sport so they tried to get into games which did not involve their home team, but the love of sports brought viewership.  Suddenly it became painful to endure subjects and events which had nothing to do with enjoying sports.  Especially for working folks who reserve time for such matters.

Early in preseason one team I won't mention almost in total essentially gave the flag and Americanism, American tradition, appreciation for a Republic that let them be who they are as long as they learned to move to the center where all folks of all cultures can get along.  Plus the center came along with a Constitution, a bill of rights, and so much much more.  In any vent now outside the box of common sense, it was torture watching that game and I cancelled for the first time in my life my NFL sports package.  Months before the rest of the nation simply experienced the reality offered by the tad mismanaged NFL most folks began to experience that uncomfortable subconscious feeling and the NFL lost viewing audience numbers in stadiums as well as though modern media.  Then if the home team had a lot of lost souls or mixed up folks that team may have lost viewing audience.  I was lucky.  The Vikings, the Rams and the Chargers all brought that all American freedom feeling where all folks noticed was sports.  These teams were the talk of the league, all clawing their way up toward New England, Pittsburg, the Sea Hawks, with perhaps three other yearly contenders.  But viewing the NFL outside of home team games, tough call.  Has to be a great match up.  NFL is in trouble absent a sound business model.

Everything on the left presents as uncomfortable noise that once unfiltered produces flake news, twisted news, contorted news, partial news, but rarely simply NEWS reporting.  Folks on the left love the left.  Realists outside the two parties say, today's left as presented by Democrat leadership, resembles little in the way of true Democrat values prior to 2008.  "Ask not what your country can do for you-ask what can you do for your country" was the calling of the J F Kennedy Democrats.  Somewhere and at some point that morphed in the Democrat party to take what you can from your neighbors while the taking is good, and get out of Dodge with the money. Hillary Clinton and her funds and behaviors evidenced which made better the Russian Nuclear Security concerns, Russian expansion both with territory and influence, Benghazi horrors laughed off as what different does it make and so much more to the extent that too many good and wonderful citizen Democrats are mislead and betrayed by the party they love.  There is a total disconnect between their love of party, and the realizations of what that party did during the last election to basically or for all intent and purposes fix the Democrat primaries, and then almost went on to fix the Presidential election but the plan did not come to fruition until too late which is why it is unraveling and coming to light (The coconspirators are out of power and with diminishing power are unable to hide the evidence any longer).  The plan to blame President Trump for everything Hillary and the Democrats did hit the press after the election.  Thus the crazy Trump Russian probe.  Sorry drastic medicine is needed and this nation needs a different Attorney General.  Surprising absolutely, but as a cure, 85 percent of problems disappear. 

All folks at leadership at DOJ must leave as it is now clear an almost love affair of actors who were in power when the Uranium One Deal was moving forward, and all the rest that must be investigated and corrected and removed from any investigatory positions presently.  That kills the Special Prosecutor but is truth what we are searching for or must politics in some way or another pull at our fibers, make us a tad more unethically.  Hell it's hard to get into someone's mind to understand if a lack of ethics is part of their ethical make up until they are caught.  But the bias uncovered is so far beyond the pale, that either our government also thinks its all just a game, like the leftist media, or its actually game over, and NAZI design central government control has seeped into our government (NAZI Core Government design by the left!).  I would hope with the greatest of heart that kids one hundred years fro know share the same types of freedom I experienced growing up as a child.

Polls have little value other then trends.  Vocal and overly excited folks seek out being in polls and more and more average folks don't want to take that call anymore.  To unravel the games back to some acceptable level, would take many good folks on the left to take a stand for freedom and the shoulders of the giants we inherited such as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and the few others that put up their entire financial and social life to win a war that would create the first Republic created by the people, of the people and for the people.  That wasn't a game.

Folks need to understand when done consciously or even through habit or unconsciously, news needs to be news.  Sports needs to be sports.  In fact if we began by straightening out these two areas of life, tackling government overreach and making our gunmen medically healthy again, as well as our public, our economy, our military all healthy again consistent with the total size of our economy our Republic would be back on track.

This little guy or lost voice in the wind storm of infodistrust, infodivision, mass hysteria by the one time mainstream media or left leaning media today, hopes some of those very creative folks on the left would find ways to join with those in the middle and a tad on the right.  A tad to the left combined with the middle and tad to the right brings us back to a nation whose ship suddenly became easy to steer, and we as a people, the citizens of the united states would be like the phoenix arising from the ashes of discord, distrust, and divisive views, to a world of constructive compromise based on first proving they can get along as civilized citizens, which breeds trust into the motives of parties on both sides of a deal, as ht President likes to call it but I would call in bill making.

Normal folks don't pay too much attention to the folks who daily and all day long make up or slant the  news or create a story for the purposes of demeaning our President.  These are sick folks.  Back in the hey day of this Journal with over million readers, President Clinton who I never voted for was impeached.  However it was beginning to go to far so this editor threw Clinton a few bones.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Healthy Heart, and the fight against children's tobacco.  You see I have letters from two presidents and Clinton wrote the acceptances' speech for my medical school graduation.  I write to these guys if they are wronged and try to help.  We resurrected Clinton who I felt simply was impeached for the very reasons I said I wound vote for him, and perhaps it helped me understand the situation.  Clinton was Air Force One folks, he needed to be reprimanded to the extent he was, but the womanizing, sex on the brain Bill Clinton did some things for our nation, which deserved a patriotic rescue. 

Trump is like a babe in the woods next to Clinton, but his treatment by the left is inexcusable.   It would be wonderful if we could all slowly move to the center because Trump is an achiever.  Taking the governor off the economies engine by removing burdensome regulations alone cause the economy to begin to chug along again. Even his Energy Independence plan allowing our Republic to be a seller of energy products rather then the larges consumer has kick started the US economic engine of prosperity.  Investor confidence other then mine is through the roof as people feel safe relative to money with Trump.  But Trump is another discussion.

It's time the left leaning news networks come back to reality and present the news as news, and begin to limit any reporting to things which can be verified rather then glorified for the sake of Progressive democrat glory.  It's not working because more and more, folks know the media is all about game playing rather the news and fair play.  Let's all gather round and unit for a strong America. the little guy ™ fights back for you 12-19-2017


The lynch pin that holds today's progressive Democrat views with those of faith or even simply conservative humble views on life is that their view is superior and not in need of the humility of faith or spiritual beliefs which preclude many behaviors codified by Democrats.  Since Democrats proved temptation was superior to ethics, the IRS, the FBI (Please realize these are core Government Agencies) and Justice did use biased thus wrongful motivations to perform a Coup, did cause much harm, is criminal, does show an almost mafia like Democrat and DNC related groups within our most cherished agencies historically, and then went on to destroy justice and allow criminal enterprise to function within government to bring in large amounts of foreign money usually from Countries that do not share US strategic views or goals.  Next was to develop a way to coordinate such vacuum funds in trade for favors like Uranium 1, turn our backs on Russia's initial invasion of Ukraine, Russia success in bringing Iran and Syria in as regional partners for the most tyrannical union in most folks memories, concomitant with creating false evidence and then distributing it to overthrow our new US Government, or sabotage the inevitable outcome of the Trump Clinton presidential race.

One Senator  to remain unnamed actually stated it was alright that the FBI used someone that hated the President to the extent any investigations relative to the President or Hilary Clinton would be shut down for Clinton, and false crimes created to cause Mr. Trump harm.  If the shoe were on the other foot and a civil war broke out, conservatives had the crazies on the run, and the focus was on the Senator, he would want an unbiased no demand an unbiased trial of facts revealing the man's Hippocras to the nth degree disqualifying him from any debate hither to.  He admits his judgment is very questionable, and motives are outside the boundaries for ethical rational and responsible elected officials

Finally the Golden thread of Democracy," you are innocent until proven guilty" has been trampled on by what appears to be a group of man-eating elected lady progressive senators and congress person Democrats in concert with the same folks of hate usually tearing down President Trump rather then building a better world.  Clearly if they should be investigated for activates related to attempts to sabotage US government and other traitorous activities, they would want the presumption of innocence until proven guilty.  Complete and total lack of ethics and propriety, jurisprudence, fair play and lack any demonstration of a modern society which has risen man above the animal level.  We as a nation must fight to end any bias for it is the basis of racism, snobbery, elitism, the end of social equality and the development of social discord and anarchy.

Progressives have lived the weakness and the failures in their designs based on facts coming to light, and such failures are gross violations of laws government those elected to serve "we the people".

Conversely to bring a happy note absent any fanfare the US economy and new jobs, unemployment and value gain has gone threw the ceiling under Donald Trump.  Relative to both topics whose being ethical today other then this author and those that share the common reality of sanity and propriety. the little guy ™ fights back for you 12-13-2017


Please have a safe and happy holiday. Please be aware however that during our zeal to celebrate Labor Day" statistically more injuries occur on this holiday than any other.  This is due to the fact that school will start soon and this is the last chance to run and jump into a swimming pool, pond, lake, ocean, or reservoir.  Children excited to get into the water (oceans, lakes, rivers, and swimming pools) sustain serious neck and spine injuries including death. The highest incidence of death for 5 years of age and below occurred in 2003.  However with alerts like these folks have been avoiding such tragic injuries and loss.

These life threatening injuries can be avoided by becoming aware of the "holiday psychology in play", advise your children accordingly, and try to keep a special eye out for accidents.  Primarily the water injuries are sustained by diving and hitting the skull especially when it is shallower then anticipated, although other out door water sports must be supervised such as waterskiing, surfboarding and the like.

If you or your children compete in a new fall event which requires exercise, warm up, stay out of prolonged sun exposure, and bring electrolytes or even a combination of the simple salts such as table salt, and 'kosher for their sodium and potassium.  If you can really prepare "Gator-aid" like drinks work well.

With the warmest of hopes and regards, the members of the American Academy For Justice Through Science wish all Americans, a happy, healthy, thought provoking and safe Labor Day.

the little guy ™ fights back for you 9/4/2017


I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, A Yankee Doodle Do or Die. A real live nephew of my Uncle Sam, Born on the Forth of July, I've got a Yankee Doodle Sweet Heart, She's my Yankee Doodle Joy, Yankee Doodle went to London, Just to ride the pony's, I am that Yankee Doodle Boy-It's a grand old Flag it's a high flying Flag, in peace for ever may she wave. She's the emblem of, the land I love, Born on the forth of July, For Every heart beats true to the Red White and Blue, forever may she wave. May old acquaintance not be forgot, keep your eye on that grand old Flag-move118.gif (12142 bytes).

Happy Two Hundred and Forty First Birthday Uncle Sam.  Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July from the American Academy For Justice Through Science ©™ & The InfoJustice Journal ©™ G-d Bless America-InfoJustice (Lyrics by George M Cohan) the little guy ™ - Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 7/2/2017.


The White House, Washington


Thank you for your kind letter and generous words of support.

Working together, we will unify and strengthen our great Nation, honor our Government’s sacred duty to the people, and fulfill the promise of America for all of its citizens. United, we will achieve lasting change, peace through strength, and prosperity like never before.

Melania and I are forever grateful for your support. Your encouragement, and that of millions around the world, sustains us every step of the way. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

With very best wishes,

Donald Trump




Memorial Day is a blessed day which occurs every year on the final Monday of May.  We celebrate Memorial Day in remembrance of the men and women who died while serving in our Armed Forces.  This is very thought provoking holiday this year as we must continue to morn the unnecessary and easily prevented deaths of our Libyan Ambassador and the three patriots who tried to save him, and all the heroes that died needlessly and were left behind without even the good old American try to help them over the many many hours spanning two attacks by al-Qaeda terrorist linked organizations.  And the Islamic Terrorists were never caught.  Just look how President Trump is rebuilding our military which prevents military losses and how Obama just violated the two president rule and went to Germany to lecture competing with President Trump's historic Middle East, NATO and EU tour.

Further we must morn the death's of those heroes who freed Iraq and the Middle east only to have the Democrat leadership prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that those folks died in vein.  Why?  We must never forget how the failed leadership of Obama and Clinton gave back all the gains or the reasons for our soldiers deaths.  Before Obama and Clinton, our United States of America LOVED it's fellow man, woman, and children wherever life flourished and would defend their right to be free from tyranny and oppression.  Only through LOVE will we find salvation.  Today Criminal Queen Clinton is back from money earned by donations from those that hold the world in bondage and profit off it.

Finally, we must morn because more civilians have died and historical treasures destroyed in the Middle East and North Africa during the last six years, than in World War I, World War II, the Crusades plus any other wars combined, and you read this here at the Journal before any other author or pressAnd over these last six year, the majority of the beheaded, mass graves, defiled majority were people of the Christian religion; the peace makers and rescuers for the poor in our world.  What does that say to you?  We must morn because of purposeful mistakes made during the Clinton Obama years relative to all the deaths mentioned as Clinton on over four calls for aid by our Libyan Ambassador failed to help as Secretary of State because it was too important to collect money from the very groups that support much of the terrorist organizations and to this day hold womankind back and in the deeps of tyranny and barbarism, yes took the money and not the call, took the money rather than to help one of our own.  "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you."  

Now that history revealed the truth that the YouTube video scapegoat falsehood to cover-up the fact that Benghazi was an attack by al-Qaeda was invented by a man banned/forbid Mrs. Clinton to use as an advisor for her Secretary of State duties, she created the falsehood as cause of the rape/death and dragged through the streets US Ambassador Stevens horrors.  At least this revelation tells the world Barack was a co-conspirator for the world tour lie selling the YouTube video fraud.  On this day we must all say shame shame shame on Criminal Queen Clinton and American Military hating Obama for their actions so no other Veterans and Ambassadors of our nation are doomed to repeat such heinous experiences due to government officials such as Clinton.  A special prosecutor is in order.

Although many people visit cemeteries and attend memorials as well as placing an American flag on each grave in national cemeteries for all the US Veterans in history that died preserving our great Republic, please also remember that this is the first holiday when the sun is warm, and it is often the first chance in the year, for our children   of all ages to run and jump into an outdoor swimming pool, pond, lake, ocean or reservoir.  Statistically this is one of two Holliday's that our children get excited to get into the water (oceans, lakes, rivers, and swimming pools) and sustain serous neck and spine injuries including death.  Please supervise any out door water sports such as waterskiing, surfboarding and so forth.  If you or your children compete in a new spring event which requires exercise, warm up, stay out of prolonged sun exposure, and bring electrolytes or even a combination of the simple salts such as table salt, and kosher salt for their sodium and potassium respectively.  Gator-aid and Gator-aid like drinks will suffice and could save you and your children from unnecessary illness due to dehydration.  Please note that for over 24 years on the internet, both as Editor for over four years for the on-line Journal for the Academy for Biomechanical Trauma and then here at the InfoJustice Journal, this editor has warned Americans to preclude these types of injuries on the two Holliday's when they occur in the greatest numbers and yet they continue needlessly!  Lets have a better year folks because we care and you have been informed.

With the warmest of hopes, the members of the American Academy For Justice Through Science wish all Americans, a happy, healthy, thought provoking and safe Memorial day.  And keep your children safe while paying tribute to the greatest citizen military in world history.  The Women and Men of the United States Armed Services. the little guy ™ Dr. Neff fights back for you 5-28-17



ON 5 5 2016 STEPHEN COLBERT PROVED A POTTY MOUTH BELOW FCC STANDARDS FOR LATE NIGHT "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

CBS needs regulation or the treat of it just as the Airlines have become abusive.  Folks don't need to here CBC prove they led the nation down the road of foul mouth.  Low Class gutter strife messaging has become a standard for CBC, Stephen Colbert and the left?

What in the world is going on?  It is indeed as if the lunatics have taken over the asylum and now are venturing out to take over the world.  And of course it doesn't have to be this way. Who could ever again trust anything that CBS reported even if they wished to be trusted? 

A harsh tone, overly negative demeanor, and consistent absence of verified facts for many causes is becoming the standard of those on the left who are late night comedians, media pundits and democrat elected officials.  Many folks surprise me when they advice they are liberals because they too are repulsed by their own leadership.  In other words the conversations run into areas of disgust with today's democrat leadership present and past and when they advise they are liberals it is surprising.  The numbers seem to be increasing in a shift to Trump Democrats away from today's so called "organized" Democrat party which is really a party that has been high jacked by all that is bad in our world politically.

Folks honestly, could you vote for anyone with the demeanor demonstrated by leftist leadership?  A new document should be drafted by Congress with basic civics requirements for Universities to receive federal student loans.  For example recently Berkley failed to proved a safe environment for lectures by conservatives.  Thus a question must be asked "does your University provide a safe environment for discussions and guest lecturers etc.  There are many more which would be reasonable and prudent since money does not grow on tress unless one is a criminal and views ways of shaking down the government or our innocents citizens which act as the tress.

Too many coincidences are cropping up from the last administration which open's the need for discussion.  For example it was Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama that approved a deal which gave away land in our nation, land with mines on them to the tune of 20% of our total uranium reserves which makes nuclear weapons.  Clinton and Obama gave away means to destroy our nation and the Russians are here in Washington State mining our national security interests!  And Clintons fund received over one hundred million dollars from a Russian concern relative to the transaction.  Sounds like the Democrats favored the Russians over our Republic.  Clinton and Obama made a Russian recent resulting in giving away Crimea and Syria which empowered Iran to continue to hurt US interests in the middle east.  Sounds like the Democrats favored the Russians over our Republic and our interests.  It was Barack who on open mike advised the Russian Ambassador that he could do more or be "more flexible" once he was reelected obviously trying to get Russian help to interfere with our elections to help him and other matters helping build Russia up and tear the US down.  Yet the Democrats project all over Trump when now we find a "Watergate" on steroids by Obama against Trump.  The Democrats use the Government as a weapon against our Citizens while sparing our enemies and the Republicans use the Government to get out of the way of social progress and eliminate threats to national security.  And many civilian democrats, those not in elected office are coming around to find room to support a centrist right government like President Trumps.

Failing and losing on all fronts, Stephen Colbert and others have gone over the deep end insulting more states then not, and by now a majority of the population.  Shame, shame, shame on Stephen Colbert and CBS because they are become more and more out of step with reality and must be left behind.  Thus has anyone notice the fastest up and coming broadcasting Network One America.  Why they have a gall I feel is the biggest hit for new personalities in prime time.  More on her later but the point is the trend is moving toward center right away from anything left and some will get left behind and look at who with, the potty mouth mega negatives in the nation.  So get with it CBS and find someone rational and responsible as a citizen to be on your late night shows before your network becomes too stained with the irrationality and abusive language or Stephen Colbert. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 5-6-17

POOR STEPHEN COLBERT THE STRESS WAS TOO MUCH TO BARE "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Poor Stephen Colbert proved he never had what it takes to be a late night host, and the stress in his attempts has been too much for him to bare.  Folks must of heard his on air nervous breakdown trying to be the leader of the cruel and evil voice within the nation and lost his direction becoming the spectacle for all to disapprove.

Has CBS any ethical compass or the injury to the viewing public from Colbert being employed to entertain folks but dropped that completely to be the leader of a combination of fake info delivered with cruel and unusual intent, while some how but indeed occurred Colbert slandered the gay folks with a homophobic graphic cut of homosexuality, Trump and Putin.  So to Colbert whose entire liberal stick is now proven a lie, the most hurtful arrow to sling was combining two folks one dislikes with homosexual or the LGPT community.  This is an outrage and CBS is out until rational and responsible actions are witnessed on the part of that Broadcasting company.

Poor Stephen needs to spend his next holiday in a straight jacket at a lovely resort insane asylum where he can be rehabilitated and one day contribute to society rather then being the leader of the destroy Amerce, our beloved President, and the office of the Presidency of the United States of America with crazy or perhaps insane lies with the intent to cause pain, suffering, disability, weakness, or whatever wrongdoing could be accomplished.  Pity.  the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 5-4-17


Folks absent bias and misunderstanding of history, these two Solemn Holidays, absent feasting and dancing, historically became intertwined WITH Jesus last supper on earth AS he shared Passover/HIS FINAL SUPPER with his disciples and that Passover reminds the Jewish people how those that may seem to be friends in an instant could enslave mankind.  Yes the Jewish and Christian people are so intertwined, we only have to look at life today to realize they are one people under God and indivisible. 

Constantine on the one hand did the world a great service changing pagan warring peoples into the lambs of the lord for understanding and wisdom.  But on the other hand, he created a great disservice to humanity when he denied the reality that Jesus was celebrating Passover as well as making some of his final Christian teachings during his final supper; A SIMPLE FACT OF HISTORY which cause much division in the family of God

This week has proved much thoughtfulness pondering how the notions and experience of the Jews held in bondage as slaves to the Egyptians and their escape back to the promised lands for free expression of religion or beliefs might affects us, pondering how those Jews felt, or how the DISCIPLES of Jesus, experienced the last supper, how that last supper and what followed affected them; how the resurrection of a man fractured the intellectual reality of so many folks, giving many many alive today and in history the hope and comfort during their short lives relative to the history of the universe; that there is more, so much more possible. 

Please realize all the suffering the early Christians had to endure and how under the present leaders of American and nations around the globe, Christians today, in the modern era are persecuted by Iran, ISIL and all their affiliates and no nation has demonstrated that they are above the animal level themselves and gone about the duty to eliminate such nations or factions from our earth.  Easter and Passover grant the time to allow us to ponder all the possibilities for us as peoples of this reality which stem from the real life experiences of the Jews escaping the bondage of servitude in Egypt and their grand exodus to discover the Ten Commandments which created the first laws for humanity and the Jewish experiences to find the promised land for religious freedom.  Or the experiences of the Apostles after they followed the Jesus Christ through his trials, tribulations, healings and resurrections as had never been seen by any folks before or since in mankind's experiential existence; the resurrection and the light for all who have faith to see.  This is the time for remembrance of Jesus Resurrection and the spread of his Church and growth of the Christian Religion as well as the freedom the Jewish people, the ancestors of the Christian people has strived for in this unjust world for seven thousand years.

Many folks today believe that if our present government with its ways was in power when Jesus Christ was being tried, they would have done nothing, and he would still have been crucified, or the governments of the world would have left the Jewish people in bondage absent acting as our government and the governments of the world have failed to preserve all the museums, churches and synagogues in the Middle East from the heinous acts of Iran and its many tentacles or ISIL as "we the people" have witnessed over and over again.  Atrocities in this day and age should never have occurred and would have been stopped if leaders acted as they preached.  Look at Hillary Clinton.  She takes money from nations who would hold women to the fire and kill every Christian and Jew in the world if they could.  There are few to define the liars and thieves that perform as politicians during this new millennium.

Thus, study the history of Passover and Easter and in such study, celebrate Happy Easter and Happy Passover folks, and may these holiday's be the inspirational messages which will cause you to spring forth your own personal epiphanies for truth, justice, and good will to your fellow man.  May our nation elect leaders who would end tyranny rather than become bedfellows for those that would continue tyranny. 

Happy Easter and Passover, we all can learn so much from these two intertwined celebrations.  And may the lord bless you all and continue to bless America. the little guy ™ fights back for you 4-16-17

WE HAVE SEEN IT ALL BEFORE "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Foreign Minister (Sergey) Lavrov, Nancy Pelosi, Hassan Rouhani, Chuck Schumer, Kim Jong-un, Adam Schiff,  Vladimir Putin and too many more on the left have become real live "Chicken Little's" and clearly their play book is the same.  Eight years of the Obama Administrations love affair and bowing down to Putin and Russia because he is a thug and they in truth were gutless wonders unable to cope with the real world after teaching the PC life of no dodge ball, no Mary go rounds, titer totters, swings, jungle gym bars and there are no winners or losers in life until the PC lost foolish person must compete for grades, compete for a better school, compete for a job, keep the job and must achieve or win at something and thus runs from the demands of the real world - Clinton Obama Diplomacy personified.  Clinton was always flying because she was running from questioning at home and about each failure she achieved also giving cover so Obama didn't have to answer.

No rational or responsible person could watch NBC or MSNBC any longer.  The failed newspersons lie, make up stories to top past made up stories on a daily basis are exactly like Sergey Lavrov after meeting our distinguished Secretary of State, clearly a success story in and of himself Rex Tillerson.  Lavrov absent his government Job could never have been the CEO of one of the most internationally involved American Businesses where the world needs his product.  Lavrov, Putin, etc all out of their league but were by far top dogs for the last eight years, never understood why, b at walked all over Obama, Clinton and the Democrats.  In fact the few wise Democrats thank their lucky stars our nation has an opposing party because the blunders of the last eight years of the Obama Administration on a foreign relations basis were the worst and the most unwise in our nations glorious history.

Another thing we have seen before is that many presidencies began to fail when they slowly hone their staff down to the yes men or women rather then hard objective analysis by life long skeptics which may be going on right now in the White House.  Steve Bannon is more of an asset then many when dealing with a world of ruthless rulers whose word only another fool would take.  Somehow Presidencies weaken rather then strengthen when too few lines of thought are presented albeit a more convenient route just less successful in the overall grand picture.  Seems true but time will tell.  Probably best to hold onto an ultraconservative view which is clearly still mainstream.

Someone must find a way to either reach the lost left as they are destroying America, or make sure the center and right win any and all up and coming elections.  None can be taken for granted.  Too much emphasis is often placed on social mores rather then the big problems in life.  Death and illness stop us cold.  Thus Healthcare absent any BS from Misspoken Speaker Ryan or even the White House is the number two legislative priority followed by immediate Tax measures to make America competitive again with the rest of the world to repatriate funds from overseas, and encourage investment or allowing the middle class to pay off its debts and have an all boats rising economy rather then the Obama Coastal Economies which leach off of and drain the coffers dry.  Examples are California's failures to cope with the recent drought years, or the failed infrastructure which brought Los Angeles to distinction of having the worst traffic tie ups and jams in the world only followed by Moscow for second.  California Government and Russian Government have much in common outside all the crazy denial and causational and accusatory rhetoric produced by the left consistent with Russian philosophy.  PC cultures breed sheep perfect for centralized control of the masses.  Much like the failing European Union which moved so far left they were copy some tenants from the old Soviet Union or Nazi Germany.  Again in denial of the truth for a fanciful belief unrealistic for where the real world is. 

Oil Independence is driving Putin Crazy because if we stat shipping natural gas to the world and Coal to China, part of my Oil Independence in Five Years Plan the Russian and Iranian economies will experience the biggest sanction one could put on their nations -no demand for their services or goods!  Since the President has sent that in motion finally, then having a Health Care system in place so folks will have reduced lost time for illness or work related disability the economy will function.  Cap that with a tax break and perhaps a one time Student Loan break for anyone that was put into those horrid interest pay only programs never offered a quality program as just been uncovered as occurring throughout the Obama years, education, new jobs, and increased end of the year savings would skyrocket and for the first time in two decades, real down to the Nitti gritty individual and individual house hold income and saving s would be lockstep with small and big business growth, and a new Renaissance for American would be realized.

Of course the Wall must get built at this point or a lie will be built.  Too much high tech proves too many ways to jam and hack systems where a brilliant wall design backed up by technology and manpower are the only thing that makes sense from a prophylactic view to make America great again.  Healthy immigration will solve the failed policies and lack of wisdom demonstrated by Obama and the left.  When the people that live here become happy, elected officials will have an easier road to travel.  Guys like Soros or other international cultural terrorists must be tried for crimes against nations which he is out to destroy.  Yes the NAZI's envisioned a one world government lead by the elite, and Soros is a leaf that did not fall far from his tree if history is examined.

Things are not that difficult if you realize that we have seen this all before, it is just the magnitude and the fact that until the left adopted such horrible habits, our nation had never seen such deeds within our own borders which of course the left doesn't want because our Republic would again stand the tests of time.  The left would be happy if we gave up our culture, social mores and nation to become part of the European Soviet Union. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 4/15/17


Democrats set the standard for when to recues oneself.  As a fraud examiner I would be expected to point out that during an investigation of a wife, if the husband showed up on a Tarmac of an Airport and was able to board what turned out to be the HER PROSECUTOR WHO HAPPENED TO BE OUR United States AG's plan and speak to her at length, this would be grounds for removal from office yet Democrats demanded the AG not recues herself.  And she didn't.  Since she was the top Law enforcement officer in the land, and she taught not to recues herself, the Republicans have already bent over backwards and need not reinvent the wheel.  What does that mean?  For every crime and accusation made against President Trump, in reality these are real crimes the Democrats committed.  Every time.  The Double standard is the Democrat is caught red handed and he/she say's "How dare you...bla bla bla" and the republicans sit there like sucker victims of hucksterism concomitant with their total lack of drive, wisdom, Knowing when to act and when not too probably more of a habitual laziness which was supposed to change.  It's time to investigate Hillary Clinton, most of the members of the last Administration, uncover the truth on using our government agencies as weapons from the IRS to the NSA and too much more.  But what we elected on both sides of the isle thus far makes the left look totally crazy and at times evil in their hatred of fellow LEGAL Americans and place jobs and security for illegal aliens over the public which is illegal, each illegal Major should be arrested, funds should be kept from sanctuary cities, and those that want to waste their states tax dollars when they just lost revenue over a losing case which cause an exodus of voters from the left while the right seems out of it, in their own world not shared by most folks, just talk but no action "we the people can feel" although the great one, Consumer Confidence is at a 15 year high which began after President Trump took office and too much more.  Republicans must starting acting like thinking reasonable, rational and responsible elected officials, build the new Trumpcare through common sense negotiations.  I used the example of first building the tree they all can agree on and then vote for or against the various fruits to be hung from the tree and get it over to the Senate yesterday. It will come back but demonstrate a lesson to the Democrats that the Republicans can do this in union and NO ONE WILL EVER AGAIN BE UNDER THE NAZI LIKE RULE OF HAVE TO PASS A BILL BEFORE KNOWING WHAT IS IN IT, the true sign of a criminal huckster...


For eight years the Republicans promised they had a repeal and replace plan and if they only had the Congress, then absent the White House they said if they had the White House they would immediately repeal and replace Obamacare and President Trump echoed the conservative call the he would demand a repeal Day one...That of course would mean the first order of Big Business and it has now been two months, and 27 day's and where is the Republican will, stamina, perseverance, drive, proof of integrity as thus far what has been witnessed was severe hubris where no faction of the party could budge.  Realize the horror of someone saying Obamacare will die of its own weight next year so the Democrats will be blaimed when the reality on the ground is that folks are suffering now, small business can't plan on spending based on the demands of the business and must sacrifice success to pay a mandate which gets them nothing for the first Six Thousand Dollars.  Saying it will become the Democrats fault is saying you don't feel the folks pain...NOW...YOU DON'T GET IT!...I wrote last week or before the END to act like adults and compromise which gets the process in motion.  In time the Wheels of Justice which move slowly but finely would have tapered the bill in the Senate, sent it back to the house to go again, and at least some demonstration of an understanding of our government.  Witnessed lazy, excuse after excuse, a joke played on the White House as okay maybe there is a little green behind the ears politically, but lets hope our elected fools in the Congress don't make a fool out of the President again nor the American people.  It's hard enough to accept the Democrat party has left American values for radical values held by both the left and the right, a pro central control NAZI like political structure combined with a Russian Marxist/Stalinist consortium, favoring anyone but legal Americans who are the unspoken enemy of today's Democrat Party.  And the Republicans can't work together to build a tree like structure, and then vote on the various factions who want to hang fruit from the tree or take fruit off the tree.  It's been over two and a half months past the promise of calling for a repeal of Obamacare and the point was if the President called for the repeal it would echo so loud through the halls of congress, a chorus would come up but at least from the Congress a lie could be unfolding.  Hey if we want to be lied to we could give Barack or the Democrats a third term but I thought we just escaped that hell and were on the way back to Truth, Justice and the American Way.  What say you?  3-26-17


Tax Reform is not as important as the elimination of Obamacare as truly the superrich will get huge benefits from tax reform but Obamacare is a fraud against the American people and notice the Democrats were able to make a Health Bill signed by Obama but the Republicans can't even do one simple thing.  Many past presidents did tax reform but on Obama got a Health Bill passed.  Note the Tax stuff proves to be only a change of subject to hide Republican incompetence.  Did Republicans lie to get elected because there is no ERASURE OR REPEAL or Abolishment of the greatest Bait and Switch in US History, Obamacare which stole your doctor, stole your insurance plan, promised to lower your premiums by $2,500 when in reality they rose $5,400 and climbing concomitant with deductibles of $6,000 and rising deductibles and ever spiraling higher monthly payments on top of an almost NAZI like order that we must buy something we hate and violate "we the peoples" freedom of choice?...Shame Shame Shame on the Republican party proving why the really dumb and in many cases lying elected Democrats continue to outmaneuver the Republicans now that they received what they wished for; the Congress and the White House.


A heinous abuse of power did consciously or unconsciously but in a co-conspiracy demonstrating intent did gather information through covert methods not limited to NSA surveillance which picked up Trump folks, but then changed the system so secret information could be shared on a incredibly broad basis among seventeen government agencies followed by purposely disposed information on private citizens harmful to the involved citizen also known as stealing information from the realm of top secret non disclosure by US law and feloniously leaking such moratorium information has been firmly established to have taken in place in the United States of America...unbelievable, shocking, despicable, actions intertwined with anarchy concomitant by overreach of today's non-coequal branches due to the left's illegal interference with Constitutional law for the easiest example is the President right to regulate immigration but the law in each of these cases means nothing to the left and with shock blockbuster evidence coming to light this in and of itself must only be the tip of the iceberg for the largest abuse of power demonstrating criminal intentions in the history of the nation....Antithetically this is turning out to be a very interesting time in history to have lived...shocking, disappointing, but the facts are in evidence and there is much more that must be known and explained through depositions and the grand jury as exactly what happened, how did it happen, were mechanisms set into place to disseminate leaked information prior to the surveillance like activates, and then did the information leak out.  We know it did so the crimes occurred this is simply an exercise in the recreation or the walking back of the crime.  Agents should be assisted to investigate the front and back ends of each leak and it won't be long till we learn just what in the world was going on under "we the peoples" noses....OMG


Republicans on the precipice of creating the first step in rescuing the American Public from the disastrous Obamacare which is breaking the piggy banks of all American and the Public is whole heartedly behind them (Everyone is sick of the abuse of Obamacare representatives cold calling folks on a daily basis even those insured-Criminal harassment-Stop Obamacare now) should they succeed and in fact this is one of the biggest reasons the Republicans were put into power...Get it done Republicans...President Trump we are in the mess you discovered because of Barack but absent his contributions, witness how the elected Democrats are looking very poorly to the American electorate but remember many of them are in the House and Senate.  So are the Republicans.  You are dealing with folks you would have never hired, they don't live in our reality, which explains everything.  Once again you may have to bring in your own team to write the Health Care Bill you envisioned and shared with "we the people."  Look at the hearings.  The Democrats all come off as trying to be clever got cha folks, but everyone thinks they are poor students of their own fields and your appointees come off much brighter, more clever, more focused on the actual job or tasks at hand which has exposed the elected Democrats at best as a good old boy and girl fraternity where most folks have some degree of Alzheimer's.  Definitely not up for the tasks they were elected to perform and they don't even want to be liked by anyone other then a Democrat!!!!!!!   Good luck tonight.  In other words only Super Donald can make this happen.  Your going to have tell all sides to work together with concessions for some and gains for others but the entire mix must come out equal and thus represent what the greatest Senators and Congresspersons in history achieved rather then the worst Senators and Congresspersons in history which we all witnessed giving them a whopping 19 percent and change approval, again by the American electorate.  Tonight must be the night of the hardest work to achieve a passable Health Bill tomorrow but if it is achieved, it will show the American people how adult Congresspersons are supposed to function.  Good luck because Donald Trump can do this.

Editors note:  Republicans failed to demonstrate rational and responsible actions on the part of elected officials which the Democrats have done for years, but the Republicans failed the nation and our President.


For over one thousand years the Irish have celebrated this day.  Yet when it comes to the St. Patrick's Day Parade, this day, its parade and its heritage are celebrated by all patriotic Americans.  Heck, maybe you did not know that the first St. Patrick's Day parade took place not in Ireland, but "right cheer" in the good only US of A.  Back on March 17, 1762, Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched through New York City.  Along with their music, the parade helped the soldiers to reconnect with their Irish roots, as well as fellow Irishmen serving in the English army.  From 1762 through the early 1790's Irish patriotism among American immigrants flourished, prompting the rise of so-called "Irish Aid" societies, like the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick and the Hibernian Society. Each group would hold annual parades featuring bagpipes (which actually first became popular in the Scottish and British armies) and drums.

Finally, in 1848, several New York Irish aid societies decided to unite their parades to form one New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade. Today, that parade is the world 's oldest civilian parade and the largest in the United States, with over 150,000 participants.  Each year, nearly three million people line the one-and-a-half mile parade route to watch the procession, which takes more than five hours. Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Savannah also celebrate the day with parades including between 10,000 to 20,000 participants. 

Further St. Patrick was one of the first successful missionaries which has set faithful missionaries on a path of study to learn how St. Patrick dealt with his trials and tribulations prior to setting out on their own quest to bring the "word" to the people.  Of course St. Patrick is most famous for eliminating all the "snakes (evil ones)" from Ireland and much much more.  Patriots especially appreciate that the value our founding father placed on St. Patrick. For on March 17, 1776, the day that British forces under General Sir William Howe evacuated Boston during our American Revolutionary War, the password of the day at General George Washington's Continental Army encampment was "Saint Patrick"!  "And you just can't make this kind of stuff up." 

"Top of the morning to you all", and may all folks have a terrific, thought provoking, and happy, St. Patrick's day.  the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 3-17-17


As they say the Acorn does not fall far from the tree and we could extrapolate that to the poor quality teaching absent wisdom which goes on in many of our institutions of higher learning producing what we have seen.  What has been lost on the left is a moral compass or need for one.  Lip service of course to a moral compass and even religion with some, but a breakdown in the ability to conduct rational thought.  It was irrational for any of the University College News paper editors to encourage violence, the breaking of cars, homes and business windows of innocence, burning of innocents property, and that which was witnessed, to make a point, was crazy.  This will eventually lead to Chicago Style violence.

The  left has taught that the selfish that fight for far left causes earns the right to self aggrandize themselves, pontificate and twist the facts or present facts as occurring today which occurred in the past as some of the right have done of late to the unbelievable whirlwind of a President, President Trump; able to leap tall piles from the swamp in a single bound, move our stock market, bring back some industrial jobs but across a broad spectrum of Manufacturing, build our borders so we have a nation that will last the test of time, reduce taxes; he signed my Energy Independence in Five Years Plan into law - Finally a President that's a mensch; single minded and dedicated to solve our nations most vexing woes as he checks his list of campaign promises. 

Nothing you hear on any of the broadcast networks is worth anything other then a laugh absent of courese Lou Dobbs and Hannity which are real, broadcasts that bring the news with experts.  Dobbs is the King of Broadcasting because his show is the most inofmative overall.  Hannity himself is often the most inofmative but can't match Dobbs choice of guests.  Truly the rest are tough to swollow and anoying.  All of these folks were 100 percent wrong for eighteen months straight which is a world record. Nothing has changed.  More and more of America is appreciating President Trump and they all missed it.

Lets look at the usually wrong polls.  Clearly from past experience the pool and methods of pollsters fails to reach out to middle American views yet President Trump in those polls is coming close to Barack when he left office and our Sttock Market and Business sector is beginning to take off from the executive leadership of President Trump.  It's almost as if today, it is "we the people" vs the press and the liberal left who seem to be focused on destroying our nation from within and allowing our enimies into our nation.  Fact; Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sold 20 of our Uraniium to Russia and the land in Washintong State.  Don't be follish and worry about the Russian spy ship off the coast which is just a jab at President Trump proving no one can trust Putin to be thoughtful, but to point worry about the Russian's that are here spying in every way.  Why the new let all secrets flow throught the known US Intellegence Agencies has all our secrets going to our enimies.  A recent President signing an exectuvie order to allow such crazyness.  Yes crazytness because in essence he did what Hillary Clinton did but on Steroids; leting our most secret discoveries become unprotected and ungaurded.

Heads must rool at the NSA as well as State Department, DOJ, and too many more.  Leakers must go to prison and anyone trying to destroy the office of the Presidency and proven to be creating a different Govenment wihtin our border to undermine our Constitutional Govenment be hanged for treason no matter whom it is.

But the University Professors in la la land, the unrealistic world which is a combination of living in the world wearing rose collord glasses while running around like chickn little anytime someone might disagreee.  The left has gone bonkers and it is time to elect either Indpendents or Republicans who wiull act like Turmp in getting things down on a morning, afternoon, evening and dialry bases rather then the absecne of much in the way of a work ethics by the right, and simply zero work ethic on the left who should not even get paid for what they have been up to lately in congreess.

In any event Mr. Trumps work ethic will prove dividends the entire media has missed, is missing, and is so worng, the masses that voted for President trump the first time have hardened to his postions no matter the noncence you hear on the boob tube, and more and more folks are coming over to the side of sanity in life.

Meanwhile we all must rach out and try to healp some of the kinds in college coming up.  They grew up through eight years of purne noncences.  Expernements counter intuitive to nature and common sence only toproduce College studends with no ethics, no moral compass, indoctronation into hate other Americans across the isle, destroy rather then build, separate rather then unite while simultaeiously proving a failure in understanding the first Amerndment, what great benifits the US and the world has recived from our having a Consitution, Amendments, and Bill of Rights.  Little education ion Civics and it is embarysing to say, kids of my generation had that stuff down by seventh grade.

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.  Jiddu Kuishnamurti. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein.

THE PATH FORWARD "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Lunacy surrounds us today and it all comes from Democrats and their far out radical alt left.  To the Democrats you better not allow anyone from the center to the right speak or said left will burn Universities and Cities down, destroy store fronts and University front windows, drag away barricades put in place by law enforcement, violate any crime which folks painting the image of deaths evidenced by prominent New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles News pagers advocating assassination of a presidency or Hollywood's flirtation with blowing up the White House, or long suspected as a sad case of secret Alzheimer's a female California Senator is leading a false crusade calling folks White Supremacists when the lord knows, truth knows, justice knows these are out and out lies, yet it is more important for the alt left radical Democrats in Power (Have an open and excepting heart to any non elected democrat citizen for they dreamed a lofty dream, but eliminating the basic fabrics developed to satisfy engrained behaviors such as what drives a child and then taught them there are no losers, their can't be winners, no more dodge ball, no more merry go rounds, no more titer totters, no more jungle jims, less and less basketball courts and if there are some their surrounded by locked gates, which caused a retardation in development thus today's so called "snowflakes" because as age takes us all away (Physicians and Surgeons continue to fail us and not find an end to death) to lie, slander and burn down the Republic then the build friendships, avenues of shared communications or help our Republic.  

Speaking of the "snowflakes", after their childhood PC unrealistic thus mentally unhealthy upbringing, as they  became older and had to face responsibilities which are mandatory rather then permissive such as simply doing enough homework to pass so test are cancelled, further creating a false reality until the snowflake enters the real world as a young adult and the world comes crashing in as their fired for all the obvious reasons antithetical to focused success in their chosen field of employ.  Fired, lack of jobs in the areas Liberal Arts Colleges stress. 

I loved my BA in Psychology University of Minnesota  and because my father passed University life was opening the American Tool Company for the day, run off at lunch time to take a course, run back to work until five, run back to the U for more course, and for much of the year through cold, deep snow and ice.  But because it is what it was, I never noticed any difficulties other then too little sleep.  But it was fun an exciting.  Today, because of the PC brainwashing, our children are underdeveloped and immature for the ages, and find anything in the way of mild disappointment an explosive issue, like a baby crying if it dropped its play toy for the thousandths time. 

Further none of us want to hear that these times were as challenging as the 60's.  This stuff is outright ignorance, not folks confused from all sides of color on how to overcome any societal mores because wisdom rained through in the 1960's.  My Junior and Senior Year book for one of the six years I received one, shows me all dressed up, long hair leading a sit-in at our giant High School.  True folks.  Some time ago perhaps fifteen years ago here at the Journal I told you the story of how my band, Highland Park's Junior and Senior favorite Rock Band was ours.  There were days assigned each year for Hip kids and by then it was most of the school so everyone would walk out of School and have an "Earth Day" much like festival of life, music, flowers, girls, the stars, the heavens, even the clouds in the sky.  I don't remember the year but a wealthy person across Edgecombe from the High School donated their front yard and of course my band the Psychedelics performed.  We opened with White Room, running into nostalgia with Satisfaction, until it was brake time and the kids were (This is a different band at profession gig for new opening of the open Mall between the bank buildings in downtown St. Paul -Drummer and Rhythm Guitarist the same as band mentioned in this article) Rock 'n'.   I had just put the microphone on the stand when a very kindly looking smiling fellow came up to me and asked if he could address the audience/students and facility members.  He was part of the non violent protest movement.

Shucks folks, the Principal and Vice Principal and I had an agreement on being cool, but that would be the limit of our expression.  I looked back at the Panola Brothers (Unbelievable Drummer and Rickenbacker Guitar Player from Canada who came to the school only to find a friend and a band-really tough guys in their own right) to the rest of the band and it sounded doable.  I stood aside and the man began with something like "I am the leader of the Weathermen in this part of the country and I need your support.  We need radical change and we can only get that through statements so clear they get our message.  I want you to bar the doors so the Principals and the other teachers can't get in or out of the Schools, break the windings, burn down the American Flag..."  At that point I looked at our High schools wrestling champ (Although the schools rock band, I did well in all sports I won President Kennedy's Physical Fitness Contest for my High school in ninth grade) who looked at the captain of the foot ball team both of which were three grades ahead of us or Seniors and the foot ball team picked up the loon, put him on their shoulders while he was struggling and sounding like a real live madman, and carried him off campus, told him not to return and he didn't. 

Meanwhile while that was going on, I looked over to a soon to become top DJ on Earth Radio, a fellow a grade a head of me but lived up the block so we were part of the same posse so to speak, came over and said something like, "unbar the doors and chains that keep us apart, teach those we meet to become rational by our exemplary sit-ins, and non violent protest.  The War has killed someone we all know and love, we are not trying to win it which is the call to rethink our nations strategy, never should there be over-reactions such as Kent State.  Again the minds of developing college students, end of the more carousing years, as they grow to take their place as leaders of this nation.  Lets here some more rock and roll"...He wined at me and we began with Turn Turn Turn (Loved play my Ric 12 String-My Rick today ).

Don't give me the struggles for all of us of different colors is tougher then the struggles of Martin Luther King or Rosy Parks.  Go to hell.  Stop dividing us, we have lives to lead, and we can only do it together.  Energy today is spent on division and the saying of hateful and crazy things. Last night a Black Women called a Republican a Nazi and said "he is coming for me" in a hysterical way.  Coming for her.  A NAZI?  Nazi's around and she would be gone before she could cry for help.  The ignorance, the horrors that we the people must endure all propagated by an out of control fire which was kindled sadly as President Obama fiddled .  And now the flood gates are at full throttle for so many bad psychological reasons you don't know where to begin; there candidate lost a presidential election and their way of coping is destruction and hatred!  They are kinder to ISIL and Terrorists then they are to anyone cener and then right in polical views.  Any rational person would leave today's Democrat party.

EVERYONE THOUGHT HILLARY WAS GOING TO WIN, but was it everyone?  The Airwaves and the presses said it was so.  Ah ha, but in the heartlands, where the Firemen, the Chiropractors, the Engineers, the Air Traffic Controllers, the Plumbers, the Truck Drivers; every walk of life we take for granted being paid less then they were in the 1980's, and then their kind friends of means who felt the suffering of the people, and knew it was better before because with opportunity comes motivation to achieve.   The last twelve years have robbed the opportunity out of life for the middle class, and all those that shared the true reality of life in American with failing infrastructure, Airports found in third world countries, energy grids waiting to fail, plumbing systems requiring new piping and more piping, highways needing widening and of better design for the busy cities of the nation and resurfacing throughout the rural areas of the nation.  Hospital, High-schools, Police States and the ending of the sub stations, the complete failure to be able to come up with new ideas because funding from the government goes to overseas first rather then home, which is Democrat policy but self destructive, akin to self mutilation for some imagined and thus unattainable imaginary goal.  KISS please,  The Airplane must fly first before we place folks on it.  Not the zany untrustworthy Nancy Pelosi who said you must pass the document to see what's in in and that is exactly what we got.  A bunch of hog wash and pain.  What if your between poverty and just above the line drawn and of what reason.  Stuck in the middle financially paralyzed to function other then pay the basics to survive is the life of most folks working from 24 to 74 and its wrong.

We can make friends with all folks within our nation if we agree to first prove we can get along and make things work out hat home.  Secure our Boarders, bring back Manufacturing and employment vehicles for the middle class, thus give us the opportunity to buy American as it would be cheaper then buying junk and it s just materialistic stuff get real, then pay a tariff, and our nation is big enough to sustain itself especially with my now very lord and well know Energy Independence Plan in Five Years or Less, and folks we could then afford to help other nation.

LOOK WE ARE IN A NEW ERA.  Hello.  I hate to say it but a heck of a lot of our famous news pundits are stuck in the past.  Dr. Krauthammer sounds like Sour Krauthammer as he is negative from start to finish.  And even some of our best news interviewers are lost in the world of Woulda Coulda Shoulda.  For example the Democrat boobs, refused to give President Trump a Cabinet.  And like Superman, he ran around as only a great businessmen could and did everything himself.  His rollout on the Ban on Evil entering our nation was the perfect example and all we heard from the news was Woulda Shoulda Coulda and its just dumb. Pundits can try to say it intelligently but that all it is, just folks trying to sound intelligent which gets us nowhere.  Why back in the Day if Walter Cronkite gave us the news it was the poop and not tilted politically one way or another and he was a Liberal however defined the way they were back in the day.  Today there isn't news.  Back in the day you would watch 60 minutes or later 20/20 for some investigative journalism but must opinion.  Today, its all opinion, and no pure news,  Sheppard Smith, the last of the news journalisms, was tugged by the times, and his political feathers were somehow whinnied, and the Freudian slips oversee us all but hey, its a sad commentary of the times relative to situational psychology rather then a good man here or there or women who has strong feelings and the times we live in prompts letting ones feelings be the decider on their judgments rather then if you cant say anything constructive or good, don't say anything at all, or off subject is not working together.  And this nation is in such deep trouble 20 trillion in debt thanks to Barack but needing to invest many many more trillions to end factually the drain and create the correct economic atmosphere in the Republic so the debt becomes paid off by mechanisms and internal controls finally put into place.

It is a fact by simply where we are debt wise pre and post Barack, who seems to be the only likeable liar left on the left, and please forgive the double, but never have Democrats been able to come up with mechanisms to save the debt which is why elections go back and forth the way they have.  Sure Clinton but he was being impeached and his only way out was to work with Speaker Gingrich who was too nice to him relative to where the left leaders have allowed that party to drift.  The left is getting dangerous yet the nation needs another party.  Wouldn't it be grand if the lord could go poof and a real center Independent Party could be in place fully funded, able to help its candidates. I am not taking about the crazy's like Stein and so forth.  A true to truth party that represents middle view on politics and life rather then the alt radical left becoming crazier and more dangerous by the day, and the far right.  Just a well centered perhaps party of skeptics, which would keep the party from falling astray or feeling the pulls of the hurricanes of polices.  We must work civilly together and realize that goal is loftier then the horrible and vial behavior exhibited by the Democrats since President Trump won the election.  Horrible, unconstructive, obstructive and thus destructive to the United States.  Those that truly are intelligent to share the reality of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and all the rest of the founders was working together based on the realties of creation absent the opinions of troublesome man as we are all created equal...are the greatest goals and never party of our Republic as the Democrats and the article lefts has shown repeatedly.

Lets join together and just think about building a coalition of the middle,  And absent any childish behaviors President Trump may have done before fully maturing, we have a good one in the right office and the right time in history.  "Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends."  We can make it so when we turn on the news we have peace in the streets, peace in Chicago, jobs for the masses, and we have the right man to lead the largest business in the world, the United States of American and its time as it is the first time, that we had one to end the debt and deficit problems while creating jobs, and protecting our nation from bad influence which would take us off the road to density; that new renaissance for this greatest republic in mankind's experiential existence, the United States of America.  We desire a positive path forward to become once again the model of the lords ALMOST perfect sovereign Republic

I wish "we the people" of America the greatest of luck and may the lord continue to bless America. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 2-4-2017


The ultimate answer to our Mexican border illegal immigration problem and sanctuary cities is, the United States of America will make a one for one exchange; the US will take in or keep one illegal immigrant from a Sanctuary City put through rigorous vetting and a program of study of American History, Civics and move to the back of the line if Mexico will take one Alt-Left Radical Democrat.    

We must drain the swamp of the Sanctuary Cities and bring them to an end.  Lets face it, Radical Alt-Left Democrats have advocated love for ISIS and bombings of the White House, shooting our US President Tr(Both attempts to incite Treason which ethically and morally must be discussed), and horrible intensions to fellow Americans who disagree. 

It's time to exchange Radical Alt-Left Democrats for illegal immigrants that want to become a part of the American melting pot.  "Sometimes I guess you can just make this stuff up".  As an Independent for life as my father was an independent, when the shoe fits on either of the major parties, well, the shoe fits.

Have a great weekend folks. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 1-28-2017

OBAMA'S MAY BUY A HOME AT A PALM SPRINGS COUNTRY CLUB "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Well why not.  Reliable sources mentioned he and his wife were going to meet the Obama's, or try to meet and at their Country Club where the Obama purchased a new home.  Other sources say their just staying at a Resort as no real-estate records were found.

Classy folks, together with other good folks, and hey there isn't anywhere more beautiful and safe then Palm Springs known world round for its golf courses and golf pros.  I teach the biomechanics of golf Injuries to my patients and rehab them so fast their out on the course but hey, try to stop a retired mature golfer

Well if the Obama's did or do buy a home at a Palm Springs Country Club, or are simply staying a a local Resort as others have reported,  I wish to welcome the Obama's to the Coachella Valley and know they will love the shopping, the sports, the better attitudes of most folks, just a more civilized place so to speak, but be care for there are medical hucksters galore able to take your money so fast, it sounded good, but sometimes it might be too good to be true and it cost tens of thousands to learn the lesson.

Welcome Obama family, there also a slew of Democrats here ready to make life easy for you, as I am sure you know.  Welcome. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 1-19-2017


Lord bless you and may your kingdom live for ever and ever.  Under you we the people of the United States thank you for bring us the deliverer of your teachings, the most honorable, loving, tough and terrific President Donald John Trump.  Let him become the greatest President in US history and of course the true leader of this piece of dust and water named Earth by eliminating terrorism, improving US strength and economy, love of brotherhood, and eliminate any hurdles in the way of your child and choice for President the 45th President of the United States...Thank you lord and again may your kingdom live for ever and ever....AMEN...


the Trump family looked beautiful in front of President Lincoln in the Lincoln memorial.  The last time this soul was there I (California) was standing with a 6'5" Attorney General of Oregon who took me there and to all the monuments as the Feds paid me to lecture to the USAG and then off to Rockville Maryland for this examiner to make a presentation to the (Fraudulent) Medical Device Panel of USFDA and when all the AG's and all the investigators left, your humble editor received the second ban in US History (This examiner was hired because I did the first ban in US History) as well as alerts to every FBI and FDA offices for seizures of a billion dollar insurance and private pay fraud device which were all returned to the DOJ and destroyed. 

Other then a demonstration of how all of us can live vicariously though great events the point is tears swelled up in my eyes reading Lincolns words as I imagined hearing President Lincoln speaking his wisdom and my Fiancι and I could see President Elect Trump just as moved.  Wouldn't you have love to be able to read President Elect Trumps mind as Lincoln faced a divided country and united us, and President elect Trump faces the same division.

May the Lord bless President Elect Trump, his team and his wonderful family because our nation needs him and the greatest selected cabinet of leaders any president every selected....Hip Hip Hurrah for President Elect Donald J. Trump extraordinaire.


President Barack Obama has just written me (1-18-2017) a personal letter for the second time thanking me for the articles pro and con here at the Journal.  When does President Obama find the time to do everything and write the smallest guy "the little guy ©" the smallest fellow around, to thank me for my writings here at the Journal?   From my heart I thank you Mr. President, I will save the two letters for my family.


For one entire evening CNN ruined the reputation of Mike Cohen period.  This examiner could not sleep that night and every time I scanned the channels all that was heard on CNN was Mike Cohen was in Russia and aha CNN busted Donald Trump, busted a president elect, busted up the American Way, proved traitorous to all the is good based on truth.  That was the type of fake News albeit the next day the admitted they were talking about another Mike Cohen not related to the Trump Campaign. 

Fraudulent news is the crime and I call for legislatures to create a new level of Journalism where the Journalists must become licensed to be on TV with malpractice insurance to protect the public from the temptations witnessed by CNN to broadcast fake news due to severe partisanship and I must opine, a total lack of ethics. Period. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 1-19-2017


Folks, lets not focus on Barack as heck, we did have our first Afro-American President and no matter what, it proves Americans have big hearts and go along ways in giving all folks a chance.  Even to attempt to lead us.

Thus lets focus on possible crimes.  Please study the following link now!

Thank you and study study study.  Good luck. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 1/16/2017


Nobel lariat, Martin Luther King shocked the world, preached the gospel to humanity and then changed this planet by his deeds. Never was a greater man born nor lived. A man who developed a roadmap to bring his people and our brethren of humanity to their just status in our world. No matter a personal speech, a speech from the pulpit, a march to Washington for freedom and equality, or a conference with the revered John F. Kennedy, Martin led our world toward the promised land. The land created and left to all Americans by the founding fathers. Yes Martin put the entire burden of our nations legacy as created by our founding fathers on his back, and dragged it to every corner of America. It is horrific that folks have to work harder then the rest, preach better then the rest, and give their entire lives to the pursuit of equality, but without folks like Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy, Rosa Parks, Lyndon Johnson, and Ronald Reagan, we would all surely some day be the victim of insensitivity, indifference, intolerance, cruelty, discrimination and/or bias. Color-blindness towards mankind was the message, but with it comes tolerance for all of humanities folks as long as the principals of justice, decency, fair play, openness, truthfulness, equality, freedom and eventually democracy are employed. Martin Luther King is America personified. May you
all have a healthy, happy and thought provoking Martin Luther King Day. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 1-16-2017

OBAMA DOES IT AGAIN FOR FINAL PRESIDENTIAL SPEECH "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Only Barack Obama could speak about nothing for an hour and do it superlatively!  Barack has taught this examiner/voter/editor... to never again elect anyone anything like my man Barack.  These last eight years economically have been the toughest in "we the peoples" experiential lives.  I think its not healthy but I sound like Doc Holliday when I say there seems to be scoundrels around every corner.  Fake KKK terrorists outside the Sessions hearings today.  Yes, fake KKK folks causing mayhem and disrupting the peace and workings of our government.  African American women acting like crazy people who just escaped an insane asylum interfering again with the hearings today.

Barack Obama gave a speech in Chicago and never addressed the fact that his city is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the world and he never had an idea or motivation to form a committee to solve the death spiral by the end of his eight long years.  It's impossible to believe but we witnessed it.  And only folks that are phony in the care of their fellow Americans, but true blue to their party no matter what it stands for, Party over nation is party over civility, could sit their loving every moment like some computer controlled automatons'.  But their Americans and we must salvage them and overcome.

These eight years have caused the greatest divide between the races this examiner had ever seen with open violence against even retarded white children such as torture (Folks should be afraid to be born Caucasian in America or chose to be peace officers!) and such, to burning down parts of cities in the name of poverty creating greater poverty for its citizens because of some horrible incident occurring leaving the causation unknown until the time the outcome of a trial can be rendered.  Sounds like the American Judicial System prior to Barack becoming President.

Health care which had for example a $250 deductable with a 90/10 plan cost $350 a month before Obama Care and now for that amount today we the people would get insurances only, no pay for medications, a higher deductable, and basically have plans offered I would never want.  As a single mature male adult why would I want pregnancy insurance?  Why would I pay for something impossible to develop?

Forget it as those in the know, know, and the cloudy are still drifting over from the Democrats.  Antithetically absent the fact that Barack's actions of the last eight years including his last minute first for the US, betrayal of Israel and all Jewish folks that care about other Jewish folks, and then all the last minute tinkering to kill President Elect Trumps chances at success simply don't match up with the speech Barack gave.  And most folks now suspecting Barack the speaker is not the man would be pleasantly surprised if Crazy Kerry and he don't follow through and try to hurt the Jewish people around the world further.  If not perhaps some consistency but most folks are simply expecting the worst but enjoy being surprised with a return to US Policy. Yet he gave it like no-one else could, as he did it superlatively.  Only Barack Obama extraordinaire could talk about all the dreams of his constituents after having proven impotent in all avenues of his discussion and have his folks love him.  Why he even cried when he looked at his wife which made me wonder because I can tear up kind of when I see the American Flag, especially with the Blue Angels flying over but Barack had to look at his wife.  Well it was touching for the simple and curious but appreciated that he loved his lovely and loyal wife.

Congratulations President Obama as only you could do what you did tonight, and do it so well.  Barack spoke superlatively well, albeit all evaporated immediately as there wasn't any substance.  But all can see how a young Barack Obama was elected the first time especially considering everyone wanted to give the black American folks a leadership position as the most powerful man in the world, only to get shot in the foot for simply wanting to prove once and for all we are color blind.  Weeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll, we can all see how that turned out for "we the people" as a nation.  No Barack leaves us more divided and divided in ways no one every thought of before, so many divisions and in so many ways.  It was as if they tried to think of ways to divide us, our police from those they protect (His administration just beat down the Chicago Police which is irrelevant to the escalating gangland murders and associated collateral murders thus the ball was dropped as if the Afro-American death plight in Chicago doesn't matter to them.  Does that make sense?) and at their own peril as targets of the alt-left, cut our military in half, raise corporate rates so high business left America (Obvious as Manufacturing is coming home one company after another and Trump hasn't even taken office!!!!!!!!!) and too much more.

Congratulations Barack Obama your speaking style was superlative and meritoriously received. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 1-10-17 edited 1/14/2017


Retired Intelligence sources advise the Russians like everyone else thought Hillary Clinton was going to win and wanted to get info to blackmail her and never to have tough guy President Elect Win office, in fact they didn't think it possible.  For two years polls, pundits and alleged news sources were dead wrong on everything and smart folks learned to listen before they leap but Barack and his administration as well as pollsters, pundits and alleged news persons are again spewing force tons of manure as facts wasting everyone's time and our nations taxpayer dollars on nonsense.

Russians hacked both the DNC and RNC to get the goods for blackmail on both sides just in case Hillary had a stroke or some such act of G-d, however the RNC had proper internal controls in place to repel hackers while the childish DNC evidenced by Clintons emails owned by every foreign entity on the planet as she and the Democrats had left open everything from classified materials to Hillarie's pay for play set up.

Wake up and smell the roses, the bad info folks are at it on every channel.  Follow the facts and KISS principal and it is consistent that the Russians hacked Hillary to get blackmail stuff on her as everyone including the Russians believed the false polls and pollsters, pundits and alleged American Journalists that Hillary was going to win.

Use the complex network of billions of nerve cells called neurons, as well as other kinds of cells between folks ears and think using through Inductive and Deductive Reasoning and you will find it is only COMMON SENSE THAT EVERYONE THOUGHT CLINTON WAS GOING TO WIN INCLUDING THE RUSSIANS AND THEY WERE LOOKING FOR ALL THE MASSIVE REASONS SHE COULD BE BLACKMAILED. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 1-10-17

BEFORE OUR PRESIDENT ELECT WAS BRIEFED IT WAS LEAKED - OUTRAGEOUS "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Mr. O'Reilly and Ralphy Boy Peters (Claimed Trump and Lou Dobbs were not Patriots last night the slimy guy) last evening were both dead wrong on PC Intelligence hurting all Americans (Drain the SWAMP SO WE ONLY HAVE PATRIOTS-GREAT FOLKS IN LEADERSHIP POSITIONS) as 1) Hacking did not affect election at all, 2) Hacking was both against DNC and RNC and of course DNC had childish protection and was hacked but RNC had quality protection so hack failed 3) some Traitorous persons leaked report to be presented to President elect Trump before he saw it which is a federal crime much worse then Russian Hacking for it is Intelligence leaks absent the excuse of a hack, Americans leaking about Americans which is anarchy and a full investigation must commence, 4) Further DNC refused FBI request to look at their hard drives so DNC is a coconspirator again and 5) President Elect Trump assured all good folks doing Intelligence work that he has much respect for their beyond important work and has their backs protected fully.

The sad thing is neither O'Reilly nor Ralphy boy will ever admit their opinions were off target or history demonstrates the same.  Ralphy boy was so rude last night to Lou Dobs my sources report that he has lost any and all credibility for independent audit.  O'Reilly being an intellectual remains a puzzle but hey the guy is only Human, as he has done monumental work bringing History back to the forefront of society as well has helping to create an atmosphere of positive learning for our Children.  Ralphy boy, well the book is still out on him but he has been goofy for a long time no the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 1/6/16

FRIDAY IS ONE MORE CHANCE TO PC BRAIN WASH PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Well, this coming Friday, the PC Spin Masters puppets under the puppeteer exocentric to the nth degree Barack Obama march to manipulate our wonderful President Elect to an Obama scheme to undermine US foreign policy for the next eight years.  For example, President Obama's retributions against alleged Russian Hacking were anything but.  If Obama wanted to get the Russians attention and hold them accountable, he would have by executive order canceled the Clinton/Obama deal which sold off US assets or land containing the worlds richest uranium mines, a whopping 20% of the US entire uranium mines.  But what Obama did was nothing relative to Russia which is the real reason Russia laughed the whole thing off as more crazy exocentric Obama ramblings and actions.  You see Obama did what he did only to manipulate his crazy supporters.  Yes Crazy as that is all that is left supporting him and the Uber Alt-left evidenced by all the attacks by the left against poor innocent President elect Trump prior to him doing anything.

Republicans take notes and remember everything because the Democrats are acting like traitors and should be expelled from our nation as such.  But the truth has little value in the SWAMP.  So Republicans remember all that the Democrats do, as you must do far more to them now in response and should the Devil or evil ever again steel the hearts and minds of elected officials as it did during the Obama-swap era, our nation will have prophylactic measures in place to prevent traitorous folks from running for elected office.  For example HISTORIANS WILL NOTE THAT DURING OBAMA'S EIGHT YEARS HE DID ALMOST NOTHING BUT DURING HIS LAST FOUR WEEKS HE ATTEMPTED TO WRITE MORE NEW LAWS THAN ANY ILLEGAL PRESIDENT AS HE CANNOT MAKE LAW ONLY THE CONGRESS CAN, CREATE MORE CRAZY REGULATIONS THAN ANY PRESIDENT IN HISTORY, INJURE OUR FOREIGN POLICY (Look at Israel, Syria and Great Britain.  Obama got Great Britain to act unethically toward Israel and today blamed Great Britain for Obama's failures in Syria-Crazy Kerry indicated today that Great Britain was the reason Obama was road blocked from action in Syria-Get it, Obama is trying to kill US influence around the world), AND well look at Obama's actions rather then his rhetoric.  Action anti-Semitic but rhetoric anything other then said actions.  Obama is like that D to C- student who never did his work on time and at the last minute makes an effort.  republicans must remind Americans from time to time about the facts of Obama's failed presidency and why.

Be aware President Elect Trump , for the PC spin misters (Powel presented evidence of Yellow Cake from Africa which was not true and Satellites identified radioactive trucks moving about in Iraq which turned out to be lunch wagons all to go to war in Iraq, or a YouTube video was the cause of Benghazi to cover up Clinton and Barack's failures and only the lord knows how much more) etc are on route to manipulate your future.  Keep the crazy clowns in perspective because "WE THE PEOPLE" need you evidenced by your wonderful victory which I predict will be even larger in four years if you simply stay true to yourself.  Something "WE THE PEOPLE" felt you could do and why we elected you. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 1/4/16


May all Americans have the best new year ever and the best of luck for 2017. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 1/1/2017


For the twenty-first year at the Journal, that most special time of the year had arrived where all folks get the very special tingling feeling reminiscing the great Christmas celebrations from the past as well as enjoying a Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas again

I wanted to take this opportunity to wish all folks around the globe a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and a very wonderful New Year.  Folks from the remaining (living) members of the of the American Academy for Justice Through Science, I want to wish you all the most wonderful holiday season and the best New Year you have ever had.  As a special treat I want to share with you the most beautiful Christmas Scenes from around the globe.  I know all the family will enjoy viewing  how folks from every country on this blessed earth celebrate the wondrous holiday known as Christmas.

Let us hope that all folks will take the joy of the Christmas celebration Holiday cheer and spread the good will and love of life throughout the coming year. 

From Kathleen, Daniel, Butch and all of our hearts as well as all academy members active and retired , I wish to say again, may you all have and happy and marvelous Christmas and/or Hanukkah .  And may the lord bless and keep you all.  the little guy ™ fights back for you 12/21/2016

CONSUMER ADVOCATES CORNER "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Well it is now perfectly clear that Barack did not keep anyone safe from hacking during his time, and his Secretary of State used an unsecured email creating the vacuum as it was too easy to hack Hillary drawing out the DNC leaks because of a disgruntled member over the secret stop or anyone but Sanders elitists in the DNC, Yahoo hacks and all the rest.  Then combine the inability to take responsibility for such actions i.e. Benghazi, they seem to always march out some CIA spin along with wrongheaded Democrat investigations wasting money so they can say they want to investigate something while always leaving any crimes against this nation by one of theirs hidden into cover-up mode.

Thus it is clear Big Brother led by Barack who trusted Clinton yet she demonstrated the highest degree of recklessness concomitant with a total absence of patriotism bordering on a secret hatred of America between her and her coconspirators unethical use of US Government Emails to cover her business dealings between her Government duties sold for donations or so events suggest over and over and over again.   And I opine Barack has been in damage or cover-up mode ever since causing him to lose his magic as it has been gone for a long time now with even his wife spiraling down the same paths due to an absence in wisdom or perhaps their just too tuckered out to think clearly any more or a combination therein.  It is puzzling but witnessed and for a long time now, perhaps eight months and the more that is said, the worse it gets.  We learned you can't follow the polls and no one any longer thinks the popularity polls nor any other polls nor statistics reported have any accuracy do to the PC Culture we just barely survived.  We lost Barack about four months into his first term and the elitists powers that be have taken their toll on him and the nation over these last really tough and anti-American eight years.

Without further ado, lets review some basic practices which will protect your on line accounts as heralded by the experts in on line security.

Protecting your accounts:

Account protection begins with understanding the importance of using safe and secure passwords.
Here are some tips on creating a secure password:

  • Use a random combination of at least ten symbols, letters, capitals and lower case as well as numbers.
  • Never use the same password for multiple websites.
  • Don’t use words in your passwords - cybercriminals have programs that can crack those passwords in a heartbeat.
  • Don’t use any personal information in your password- not even your birth date.
  • Do not open emails from unknown sources and delete anything that appears questionable. 
  • Do not rely on security questions to protect your account/password. Most security questions are common across applications, and the answers are often found on public social media sites.
  • Always configure your Anti-virus and spyware programs to scan your computers email.

Clearly it can be hard to keep track of dozens of complicated passwords for multiple websites; however, cybercriminals count on password reuse in order to gain access to other accounts. One way to get around the annoyance of having to remember all of those unique passwords is using a secure remote hard drive which is not accessible as you simply unplug it immediately after each use.  Your personal secure offline hard drive.

Another great way to protect your account is if the service offers two-step verification. Two-step verification is a method of verifying your identity in addition to your username and password. Two-factor authentication asks you to provide one of the following things:

  • Something you know – a pin number, favorite College Course, password or pattern.
  • Something you have – an ATM or credit card, mobile phone or security token such as a key fob or USB token.
  • Something you are – Biometric authentication such as a retinal scan, voiceprint or fingerprint.

This was easy, so lets all try to upgrade our own levels of security as it is clear our government was sleeping on the job, and if it wasn't for the Democrats beyond mentally healthy preoccupation with their huge electoral loss by historical standards, and the fact that they were so wrong about most everything and thus continue to be, their projection or false claims against others to hide their own guilt, at least woke us up to the facts of why most Americans voted for President Elect Donald Trump in the first place.  And the longer and louder they act out wrong headily, the more folks will come over to the side of Truth Justice and American Idealism also known today as the Trump Train movement to reinstate the principals that our founding fathers created for all of us, and to back out of all the manure the Alt-left has spread to cover up the stench of Clinton corruption for a one party world domination government platform with major players elevated in world status over the last eight year such as IRAN, RUSSIA, CHINA and NORTH KOREA.  Everything Barack and Hillary did was to diminish America and elevate Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and Syria.

Well, we can't solve all the worlds problems today so we throw out the bad elected officials and have set foot on the correct path by the States and elected new political leaders.  Thus if we continue on the path we have been on for the last twenty months of returning America to her roots electing Patriotic folks like President Elect Donald Trump and all his choices for his government, our Starship America is back on course to becoming the world example of excellence in Government as it was back in the Reagan era which was among the best. 

Good luck with Security tips passed on by the experts and simply passed on to you all, and may God Bless all Americans, granting us the wisdom to find ways to unite again. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 12-18-2016

HO HUM MY IDEA OF TAKING THE TRUMP MESSAGE BACK TO THE FOLKS REGULARLY IS WELL WHAT IT HAS BECOME "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

If folks look several articles below you will find my Idea opined and to repeat President Trump must take his message continually back to the folks especially when new additions deemed mandatory to Making America Great Again arise.

Enough of about that but I thought it was cool that my little guy idea once again helps the American Way.

the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 12/15/16


A Whistle Blower has come forward to expose Podesta as a man on a path to destroy America through the elusions he sells done consciously or unconsciously.  Antithetically, since this editor is apparently very late in the understanding and absent the time to discover just how far Podesta and his wing of the Democrats will go to break down all Civil and Moral avenues which become destructors for our great Republic, I am sending you to the following Website to begin your own investigation.  Please check out every link on the page referenced in the next paragraph.  If your not even more shocked at how despicable and deplorable the allegations and subject matter are with almost endless piles upon piles of avenues which lead back to the Clinton Machine with all its leading parts like Podesta, let this examiner know.

Paste this link now and hold onto your seats and study about international child sex trafficking, pedophilia and perks for apparently the present powers in the Democrat Party and other nations.  Shocking, sad but "we the people" must talk about things and come up with a consensus.  Think of the fear that this international group of nations whose governments serve children for sex like routine soup, and after seeing the abilities for governments to kill folks like in Aleppo and not have the world go in and arrest the perpetrators in unity, indicates why a special prosecutor should be considered as the tentacles which seem to come out of corruption within Democrats in the party are monstrous.  The entire world including the Democrat party would be better off with an open and fair review.

Of course, my source has now informed me of her fears about these folks, thus you all must study as "those folks that truly study science share a common reality" (William Jarvis).  Then I would opine you bring your findings to President Elect Trump or his attorney general sometime down the road a piece in masse. 

Begin your studies to make up your own opinions (not guilty of suspicion or you develop a suspicion of guilt).  Why?  This conspiracy is so large, the largest software company who I happen to use rewrote their HTML editors so one cannot link to the page.  How?  The end # sign disappears and the line is written without the # sign and then the link fails.  I have not tried other manufacturers but I did try my 2003 version which works, but has massive security problems making this page even easier to rewrite by a hacker then it is with the most modern version, and has been twice this year which is the reason this page lags if you move down to quickly (I am hoping to have time to rewrite a new lead page the next quarter sometime after the first of the year).  In any event our soft wear Giants had their software rewritten which oddly make it hard to locate documents in cyberspace whose address ends in a #, if not impossible unless you manually type it in your browser search window and shazam. 

These crimes found are massive, beyond despicable, but apparently lucrative to a degree us little folks have a hard time wrapping our heads around (Which is probably how Wiener went off the deep end with Billy Clinton as his poster child for the crimes but could maintain his chameleon mask well were Wiener was just a weak man thrown into a parlor of evil power.  And he couldn't handle it.  But who is the bigger criminal.  The mastermind poster child who wears the chameleon mask well or the poor slob who wants to do his bidding, but cracked under pressure because he was never meant to be a heinous coconspirator but the evil influences of power and corruption caused him to short circuit and well you know the outcome.  Its like the really great kid who meets some bad influences and gets dragged wrongfully to those misguided carousing behavior years of teenage development, when it all could have been avoided if the parents were around enough to notice the bad influences and get to their children in time (Which is missing in the inner city gang crime centers around the nation).  Save Clinton  and Podesta and the rest were all adults and the victims are children; heinous and beyond despicable.

In any event and this time truly without further ado, please copy the following address, paste it into your browser window and begin your own investigation.

Dear Lord please forgive our Republic for offering any stage for these folks and their ilk to destroy the cultural fabric, the civil fabric and the legal fabric of our nation and our civilized world.  May you please continue to bless America. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 12-14-16.

THE DEPLORABLES 3 THE POTTY MOUTHS NOTHING FOR  EIGHT YEARS "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Well President Elect Donald Trump again and again is keeping his first campaign promise all occurring before he takes his oath of office. 

Think about it for over eight years US manufacturers have been fleeing our Republic from the stupidity of the Democrats.  But today, the Dike has been further plugged.  How?  First it was Ford keeping its SUV plant in the US, then it was Carrier, and now a Japanese CEO pleaded to bring in 50 billion dollars to invest in US Jobs akin to 50 Thousand new jobs!  50 BILLION equating to 50 Thousand new jobs!

Now if Donald keeps his Energy Independence Plan concomitant with a reduction of corporate taxes and I would add a one time tax exemption for new manufacturing plants which came back from overseas for hiring American workers, US Manufacturing would boom !

Remember that Obama didn't do anything while he was the President Elect, proving Trump is acting like the first real President we have had since Ronald Reagan. Not bad folks.  Not bad at all.  In fact wonderful indeed.

Thus of course it is only pre-game but the Deplorables are already up 3 zip over the Potty Mouths who were in power for eight seemingly endless years.   Congratulations President Elect Donald J Trump the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 12/06/2016

RYAN SHOT OVER THE TRUMP BOW FOR ROMNEY AND HE WILL TAKE THE CREDIT FOR ALL DEEDS "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Back Stabbers, for example those who would bushwhack Trump like Romney had and realizing Romney did not even know Trump but was making all that stuff up for what he conceived was his party bosses, will never change! 

It is clear that in the Golden State this past Friday, it was circulating that Romney was picked Secretary of State, and this editor reminded all of our consciences on the banner of the Front Page, calling an innocent a fraud and in a bushwhacking manner as the case was, demonstrated a horrible wrong...It must be mandatory that the innocent must never be called a fraud when anything but and such actions must never appear acceptable because this breaks down "civilized" society proving "a new swamp" simply replacing the present swamp; and our President made it be known he was taking more time to ponder his best choice when selecting our next Secretary of State.  There was no need to replace a two faced Secretary of State like Hillary was with a Two Faced Secretary of State like Romney would be.  Period.

The original notice was up on the Front Page for 24 hours and taken down to demonstrate a class in Journalism no longer seen but was reminded that noting a bit of what transpired makes a fine historical record.

This week during a televised speech Ryan made it perfectly clear that he and only Governor Vice President elect Pence made the Carrier deal!!!!  Thus when Mutt (Ryan) and Jeff (Romney) are both in office Trump in all probabilities will be undermined.  Recently to to many folks astonishments it was reveled by DNC emails that the Democrats teach to infiltrate the republicans or anyone to brain wash the masses, and the "Never Trumpers" are now on the precipice of their designs, and sometimes no matter how good one is at their Job, akin to Trump, we have to hope the guy isn't to pooped to pop, so our nation never again will receive yet another, two in a row folks, yet another Two Faced Secretary of State which tells the world politically relative to their possible relationships, expect a double dealing two faced hand when playing with a Romney Secretary of State.

Folks, my readers, you all know why Romney is being considered and getting such a hard look.  Of course the Establishment Republicans like the Democrats are shocked at what was inconceivable to their foolish view of reality, yet unlike the Democrats, the establishment Republicans are trying to figure out how in the world they might get back into power or have a piece of a pie made for "OUTSIDERS" and over one half of the nation by area, the only ethical measure.  Finally on this note, Trump let Ryan keep his post, was kind and open to Romney who must be shocked at being so classless, did prove Romney is two faced by openly saying the most hateful things anyone could say about someone and then have the gall and hubris to show up and beg for a high quality job from the defamed innocent, and beg for perhaps one of the more high quality job openings on the planet.  The President elect has done enough demonstrating sound protocol, and it would seem in order to go on and make a Trump pick.

You see it sure is great things are not up to me.  You see a Gingrich, never in the running would be the best settling of scores with an often stupid and barbaric world who has taken advantage of our nation stealing our jobs, manufacturing and banking wealth.  Gingrich would be like unleashing Ben Franklin on England and France.  They never stood a chance.  I see other nations as corporations vying for action and until now or these past fifty years or so, we have allowed unwise individuals in the state department especially our foreign bureau, to call the shots based on yes, a PC culture, and things are a mess.  The Trump I envisioned and hope I share his vision is a fellow that says enough with the pleasantries and we can get back to them, but now were talking business and its our language, and equal benefits.  Perhaps a country wants our goods or new services (Cheap high grade energy fuels for example) then we deal on Mr. Trumps terms with his bevy of big US Business advisors.  And don't forget the Generals, for when our Military returns to its proper state of readiness, no one dare mistake honor and ethics for an absence of courage for Trump will make America Great Again, and along with the America we all grew up in, she may even be better then ever before with our energy boom.  A check to everyone that lives in an energy state that sells overseas.  Direct profit to the people from business.  Far fetched, weeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllll, even if it were a little check, it is an idea to consider.  Along with finding the right person for Secretary of State.  Trump could actually make that position one with the honor of Henry.  Say wouldn't you all have loved to find out who the historically phenomenal Henry Kissinger opined Donald Trump would best be served by?

Well we're all chomping at the bit for the President Elects choice, and I would bet dollars to donuts, it will be one that Anne Get your Gun Coulter, Kelly Anne, Shaun Hannity, Lou Dobbs and the rest of the "Forever Trumpers" can appreciate as history knows the Republican Establishment nor Mr. Romney earned the Secretary of State honor in what by all accounts has the potential to be the greatest Presidential terms since the extraordinary Ronald Reagan or Jack Kennedy, and who knows perhaps set a new standard for American excellence . the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 12-2-16 - update 12-5-16


Most folks can't imagine the hardships the Pilgrims endured after arriving in Plymouth in 1620.  But with the help of the Squanto and other Wampanoag Indians who taught them how to fish, grow corn and farm the land, they were able to create a new life of freedom for themselves and a way of life passed down to us through this very day.

By the end of their first year, the Puritans held a celebration of the fruits of their farming labors called the "harvest feast". The feast honored Squanto and the rest of the Wampanoag Indians and was followed by three days of "thanksgiving" celebrating their good fortune.

Folks, it is in this tradition, that we all celebrate Thanksgiving.  This year lets give a special effort to bond with folks of all colors for friendship and living under the tenants of the Judeo-Christian bible if for nothing else, the common sense of do onto others as you would have them do unto you, Honor your mother and your father, Thou Shalt not kill and all the rest of the American heritage culture for a kind and wise society, as such a society with a conscience and understanding is one which is on the march towards progress once again.  The members of the
American Academy for Justice Through Science wish's all folks a happy, healthy and thought provoking Thanksgiving Holliday.
the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 11/24/2016

THE DEPLORABLES 1 THE POTTY MOUTHS NOTHING FOR  EIGHT YEARS "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Well President Elect Donald Trump kept his first campaign promise which came in early.  Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford called the President Elect to tell him that the Lincoln manufacturing plant in Kentucky which produces Lincoln MKC's will remain in Kentucky and the MKC Manufacturing move to Mexico has been cancelled. 

Apparently Ford was encouraged that President-elect Trump and the new Congress would pursue policies that will improve U.S. competitiveness and make it possible to keep production of this vehicle here in the United States.

Think about it for over eight years US manufacturers have been fleeing our Republic.  But today, the Dike has been plugged.  Now if Donald keeps his Energy Independence Plan concomitant with a reduction of corporate taxes and I would add a one time tax exemption for new manufacturing plants which came back from overseas for hiring American workers.  US Manufacturing would boom !

The man isn't even president yet, and he is acting more Presidential then anyone since Ronald Regan.  The mad Iranians released our Prisoners the day Reagan took office but Trump saved one plant two months before he takes office!  Not bad folks.  Not bad at all.  In fact wonderful .

Thus of course it is only pre-game but the Deplorables are already up 1 zip over the Potty Mouths. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 11/17/2016


Our government... teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy... There is no greater evil than anarchy.... I know no religion that destroys courtesy, civility, and kindness....Every action done in company ought to be with some sign of respect to those that are present...Three things in human life are important: The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind, and the third is to be kind....Be civil to all, sociable to many, familiar with few, friend to one, enemy to none.  Louis D. Brandeis, Sophocles, William Penn, George Washington, Henry James, Benjamin Franklin.

UPDATE - OUR UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

When I was growing up, there was little in the way of racial controversy, and in fact I had a wonderful adopted relative who happened to be an Afro-American.  I was brought up to know him as my Uncle Dave.  Dave's brother was a early great black lariat who wrote some of the most successful novels of his time.  Dave was the first to take me to California on a trip when I was nine years of age and often to his farm in Northern Minnesota to fish in his private large pond, (Dave had a rooster tougher then his Dogs which protected his property...that rooster was tough) when he was in the Twin Cities.  Dave taught me about the Koran on our trip to California and was a non violent man of class, etiquette and kindness.  Perhaps it was easier in the far north back in the day, but during the sixties it was easy to march for equal rights, and folks wanted to make things better because we all got along so well.  I played lead guitar at age 12 in an all adult black blues band.  It was odd having to leave gigs by nine o'clock (I can't remember it could have been eight o'clock) on a weekend, but the Band had gigs and wanted me to play, I could play the northern blues well back in the day, and my Parents allowed me to demonstrate my artistic abilities (I also sang every summer at Como Park for Mayor George Valvolous, was in Music Man, Westside Story, Bye Byte Birdie, Oklahoma, the Sound of Music, Once upon a Mattress where Carol Burnet came back stage to me us all, to many more plays that came to the twin cities from Broadway or even local productions, on Romper Room TV Show as a child and too much more WORK) but you get the picture.

Today there is a crazy obsession on the left to vilify anything that is basically American and it is crazy.  The level of maturity on the left today is far below that required to be normal, and those lower standards of the left leadership is being passed down to the younger folks most susceptible to leftist indoctrination especially in liberal educational institutions, leaving many to feel the victim of life itself, and any of life's trials and tribulations like getting good grades from real learning institutions rather then famous ones absent a stringent didactic and consistent experiential schooling, is failing Americans more than any time in educational history, and thus so many feel victim when they let themselves down by poor decision making yet to be recognized.  Some may mature out of what were witnessing, but what we see today after the election, is the reason the left lost and daily folks are leaving their ranks to come over to the safety of sanity, maturity, and wisdom.

For example the Democrat left is dividing folks of color against white folks, Muslims and Atheists against Catholics and Evangelicals, making false claims against any minority alleged to be blamed on conservatives, anyone that is not a democrat is in a basket of Deplorables, Jews against Muslims, Jews against Christians, Jews against Jews to create a more atheistic central control government just like NAZI Germany.  One evil and some believe possessed Jewish person was driven to join the NAZI movement over his Jewish faith and teachings of thou shall not kill, lie, etc and was a party to the killing of over 6 Million Jewish folks, and his son, George Soros is the financial backer of Hillary, Barak and the leftist Democrat Party.  Thus the Democrat Party is using NAZI tricks to manipulate society.  One famous now exposed trick was cheating as evidenced by the CNN Dona Brazil election bid rigging.  Or the DNC using Sanders alleged Jewish faith to his detriment but just because someone is born into a religion doesn't mean their a practicing Jewish person and thus like his financial backer Soros, Sanders is not what he seems, nor any of the far left because Hillary taught us that they have a public truth and a private truth.  Look at a recent Police Chief who is trying to help the left by openly stating he is going to OBSTRUCT JUSTICE and federal law relative to sanctuary cities.  And today a one time local police officer now a multi county security officer patient advised how drug dealers and the youth learned they can pick and chose what laws they want to obey and what laws they wish to break as a lesson he is experiencing on the streets today, and I must opine the now far more successful security expert acted as if that police chief should be fired and jailed. 

But the greater point is in just eight short years, the leftist Democrats and the evil leftist media have already so injured our great nation, that there is much more than healing that will be required.  Donald Trump and Mike Pence are required, and more and more folks are moving away from the crazy, yes immature which is a sign of mental illness when folks are in their prime, and the crazy Democrat polices enacted, which is the evidence explaining the "WHY" the left lost the election, and nothing else.

Many folks have described their version of the Undiscovered Country, but to me what we lack are the basic fundamentals in place as they were almost a decade ago, which will allow everyone that actually works hard, to again experience the upward mobility which has been missing.

Of course the few are at the right place, at the right time, for their employ to skyrocket them to the American dream, but for many and most, someone is always hiding to pick their pocket, rob them in their sleep, hit them when their back is turned, experience a government which has no ears so their is no mechanism for the little guys and gals in American to reach out and touch the President, or touch the Vice President, unable for example to bring the plight of coal mining families, or auto plant employees to everyone's ears as the plants dry up and the employees laid off destroying families and lives, or the mines suddenly closed absent a government with a financial program to back an industry that was unfairly encumbered, or EPA burdens so overreaching that any hope of manufactures to remain in the US dwindles, all of which must be reversed.

Just imagine a renaissance for our nation due to too many jobs.  As folks can afford what they need to reach the comfort zone, so to does it become comfortable to be kind; it becomes easier with more reward and thus less personal stress.  If President Elect Trump can turn our economy around, which is easily by simply reviewing my outline written all those years ago and submitted to the outgoing President and it was reviewed, if we were to implement it even the energy companies would boom.  With Hydrogen fuel cells , Power companies can move to the most remote areas of the US and bring power there and so much more why we would be a user of high tech clean energy and the seller to the world for any other types of energy we didn't need ourselves which could bring a check to every citizen of the US simply for living in an oil/energy producing state which sells overseas and funding for faster research and development Nanowire power production.  Preset review Energy Independence in Five Years.

Why they might even be having tea and crumpets in Harlem!  Don't underestimate folks once their out of the addiction phase (become unproductive on government welfare even when needed) to their dream realization phase and up and coming folks can be anything they wish evidenced by Barack Obama.  I rest my case.  But you see the far left is sooooooooooooooooo afraid of our nation being successful, they have acted out like disturbed children, evidenced by all the types of hateful rhetoric and of course failed polices or eight years causing all the anarchy we see.  The children and or youth we can forgive for hey, we have all been their but to the best of my recollection for philanthropic reasons such as too many of our children were dying in Viet Name for too many years with no end in sight.  Which is why Reagan beat the instigator Russian back using conservative US values and strategies very similar to that which is espoused by Donald Trump today.

Imagine a nation with wisdom in vogue, where folks would never bring up the race card because it causes race division.  A nation of wise folks of all colors, creeds and races simply enjoying life rather then outsmarting themselves at every turn to be lured to the sites of anarchy, with riotous criminal behavior, arson, theft, property destruction and personal harm to the innocent.  The following is an example of how it is easier to pull the racism card wrongfully then to accept responsibility for ones own failures which was the issue until a scapegoat could be created.  Today a life long Liberal was slapped down wrongfully by his own life long participation in the left by LeBron James and his incredible following.  James wrongfully labeled consciously or unconsciously the Coach of so many great players and now President of New York Knicks operations Phil Jackson a racist, when he tried to motivate James to get it together because he was holding up the entire team trying to fly to work.  He called James pals a Posse which was a cute way of saying it but now Posse is racist.  I mean do these guys like James hand out a manual to interpret leftist code?  Thus we have a lot of work to do to bring all folks together.

If we can spread the word that a national goal is to bring home Manufacturing for the creation of Jobs and to get money back into circulation, new innovations blossom creating the need for additional and new manufacturing, more jobs, fueled by our own Energy Independence, unity would also blossom!  This is an achievable message for all Americans to share as we begin a new and greater United States under the leadership of the honorable next President elect, Donald J. Trump.

Our Undiscovered Country could be that "There is no place like home" and that "we the people" could share the founding fathers dream that all folks are recognized as created equal, that there be no racism, that lives of all folks improve as the economy improves, with just a little help from our President leading us to new energy grids, new and improved Airports, Hospitals, Highways, Bridges, national plumbing, cheap energy (Cheap gasoline) a basic return to great infrastructure, great and sound thinking on our economy with lower Corporate and personal Tax rates and a user friendly system, eliminate the high burden of over regulation so small business can flourish, spending on "we the people" which puts folks back to work and saves our economy rather then what we have seen with only special interests receiving trillions of dollars to the tune of Barack spending more money then all president since Andrew Jackson balanced the budget and paid off the national debt combined!  It was insane for Bush to spend two trillion which I called spending like a Drunken Sailor until a Drunken Sailor wrote and said it was spending like a "mad man!"  But Barack will have spent 10 Trillion which was the greatest bait and switch of American lost dollars of any man in history!  10 Trillion and we have to dig our way out of his debt because never was their a prophylactic measure of internal controls in place to easily pay off his debt, thus the bait and switch and loss of our US credit rating which was the beginning of the anarchy you see in the streets.  Okay with a little help from George Soros but I must opine that it should be illegal to incite rioting and anarchy, cause the destruction of property and injury to the innocent through the funding of such actions. 

Well lets reach for our Undiscovered Country of unity and good will for all Americans, with the willingness to start anew, work for the common interests of our capitalistic society, repeal and replace Obama care but with the caveat that the babies can still stay at home until twenty six years of age, inclusion of preexisting injuries and conditions, renew the national patriotism with greater communications from our President with "we the people" then any other before him because I think he has it in him to become one of the greatest presidents of all time.  But he must make his campaign promises come true, and speak to the people at every step of the way so folks feel like were a part of a great plan to make America great again, rather then sitting on the outside as most folks have over the last sixteen years.  It is time to be inclusive, overcome differences by perhaps not speaking about them so directly but by getting along so differences could be solved together but easily because there is no evil anger to over come.

Let me leave you with this quote from two very interesting ladies which follow:

"As citizens we have to be more thoughtful and more educated and more informed. I turn on the TV and I see these grown people screaming at each other, and I think, well, if we don't get our civility back we're in trouble, " and "Civility costs nothing, and buys everything" and they are respectively Emmylou Harris and Mary Wortley Montagu.

Lets bring home and reach "our national" undiscovered country and share a better world for all Americans.  And may the lord continue to bless America. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 11/12/16 AND UPDATE 11/16/16


Please have a safe and happy holiday.  And may our troops abroad come home safe.   With the warmest of hopes, the members of the American Academy For Justice Through Science wish all American Veterans and all Americans, a happy, healthy, thought provoking and safe Veterans Day.  May God continue to Bless America (Donald Trump is our President elect .).

the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 11-10-16


When the facts change, I change my mind.  What do you do, sir?...It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it...You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time...In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.”  John Maynard Keynes,  Upton Sinclair,  Abraham Lincoln and  Theodore Roosevelt

TRUMP TV AND ME "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

The very day after Fox TV's Kelly asked Donald over the top rabblerousing like questions during a fox Republican Presidential debate and while working at a Federally Qualified Health Center, I emailed him on his campaign web site the fact that I felt he should work with his friends in the media and build a true network for conservatives and of course populist conservatives which would again give the center a voice.  I even listed who he should have albeit I made one error as one of my picks turned nutty but I was glad to see Donald was working with his TV financial backer.  Smart money sees thorough the fog of stupidity so in vogue today.

Now folks may ask what I was doing emailing him?  Weeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllll, he had not caught on yet, and this was my third email out of five.  I wanted to help him but stopped when I saw folks starting to come to his rallies in mass. Thus, clearly an already Independent but learning on the job Donald did not need my help save occasional articles here at the Journal as our finger print is found in most every media channel.  Potty mouth, naughty, you can't make this stuff up, I would opine, the folks see much fondness to fall back on when pondering the wonders of our world.

I heard our next President may not have ties to the new conservative network and of course, only receiving auto responder thanks you notes, I have no idea if they helped or if it was just a coincidence of good ideas at the right time!  Antithetically and a cool note, my Barack experience whose letter was in response to one of my good Ideas on a personal note yet relative to Senate Business brought something I will cherish forever.   Further when I sent my Energy Independence Plan in Five Years early on to the White House, they did respond and advise I send it to the Energy Secretary which I did and cherish the letters back in the end telling me the Energy Secretary appreciated my work, and would be reauthorizing existing leases on oil lands but for what I felt were political reasons, did not go further (Basically putting the breaks on growth).  However Barack used my plan openly calling it the All of the Above Energy Plan to beat Romney the second time he ran but by then I knew he went for political hay rather then the substance of my good intent for our nations Energy Independence which would cause a fiscal renaissance, and a rebuilding of America from the ground up; energy grids, national defense, new roads, highways, bridges, hospitals, airports, plumbing which paying down the debt the Democrats built to bring back our national AAA Credit rating which helps us all raise our personal Credit ratings and all the rest of small businesses they arise around new industry and manufacturing running back to America for Cheep Energy and with a lowering of the corporate manufacturing tax rates from the highest on the planet to a very competitive clip, which will cause Smart Money hiding off shores estimated at three trillion, to come home, and the snow ball effect would make life inside of America and around the globe better for all folks.  But nothing from the next President and like Frank sang, "That's life..."

Well it was a fun oddity of life so I thought I would pass is on.  May all good folks, Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and all the rest of the American political amalgam, have a wonderful weekend. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 11/5/2016  


There are two different criteria relative to what the Democrats or Republicans look for in a Presidential candidate.  On the Republican side and I would further opine the more conservative side, it is not the man as the case may be or the person which folks are looking for, it is the needs of the

Republic and who has offered now in many speeches, positions which solved the list of problems which face our nation thus and of course brings the focus to what we ACTUALLY stand for on the issues (Something no other Republicans since Reagan has done), little old Donald Trump.  I might add if folks were sane they would grasp the needs of our nation rather than their own needs, and Donald Trump becomes a great man and would solve the problems.  On the Democrat side or very liberal side as the case may be, it is a personality contest, akin to that part of them that never grew up and they are electing a high school Home coming King or Queen.  The facts are they all would lie for the Queen, she would lie, its all just a big High school click.  But folks this is real and if Hillary and Barack say its the Russians who did anything, I probably at this point would think it wasn't.  Both have on open mic or email demonstrated the side they want us to hear hiding the world their comfort zone lives in.

Truly nice folks supporting Hillary are coming to me for help with their Type M neuromusculoskeletal disorders and nutritional needs but exhibit a deaf and dumb blindness to all the horrible situations Hillary has been involved with and thus America becomes involved with in her long record.  Seeing the divide between their logic on any issues other than the election, and considering I am for the first time since I sold my own business in 2004 trying to build a business, thus I must find a comfortable way to help folks even if it is to simply see the light.  And this begins with professionalism and kindness.  Thus I feel this Journal has carried the intellectual fight for those that know a General in the Blogosphere however, must fall back until Donald is hopefully elected, or until this too heated election with the hellish heat coming from the Democrat side, as a physician I cannot condone allowing them to get so worked up if the issues can be handled with kid gloves as is the case when the facts are patients visit this site.  In fact I worry about the mental health of some.  For example this week, one opined while she is at work she say's what she wants them to hear not what she believes and didn't I do that?  I advised, "I tell the truth but become silent to secure a safe situational environment if I sense the psychology in play.  The healthy way I might add.   And several women echoed this lying as a way of life.  You see folks, it is these people that needed religion just from a healthy point of view, but absent any, they create an unhealthy world psychologically, and thus the reason for the Ten Commandments and other structures to save us from ourselves. 

Thus, as Hillary seems to gain ground of late, we are heading for a rocky slide down on law enforcement, law for friends of Bill and laws for all kinds of categories of folks.  And its scary if Hillary is upset with folks whose own lying eyes witnessed for example a device created to hide a fact from "we the people."    Yes from little guys and gals not only all over our nation but as most foreign nations will tell you today they don't trust Americans after Hillary and Barack went on a world tour to sell the YouTube etiology for her Benghazi failures.  Everyone knows she told her own daughter the truth and then went on the worlds most famous spin tour.  Why?  One example could be to hide the fact that she failed to secure the situation so our Ambassador could not have been "AMBUSHED AT OUR OWN FACILITIES WHICH IS OUTRAGEOUS AND DEMONSTRATES AMERICAN GOVERNMENT FAILURES and all the rest or until HAPPILY PROVEN otherwise I must add just as a little guy, but of the people, by the people and for the people.

Look at the success of the last debate and where the Clinton Campaign has taken us.  Clearly indicated in the now famous leaked emails, Hillary can have a public view and a private view, like Barack did during his open mike incident telling Russia he has to tell folks at home one thing but once elected he can do what he wants.  However there was much that was unfair about the last and second presidential debate which Donald Trump won hands down and as it seems in the nick of time, in the ninth inning with the scored tied, the Donald put his hands through his hair, walked up to the plate, leaned back to just get that extra nanosecond of time to view the pitch and knocked the ball out of the park or Donald tied in the Golf match of the century, on the final hole, went up to the tee and hit a hole in one even though the first question was a fix using the old bait and switch (Since Hillary caused all the fuss and got her issues out, Donald should not have this debate to use the arrows he left in his Quiver during the last debate.  Very clever but it didn't work.) .  During the previous Debate just as First Lady advised Hillary what not to do, she went ahead and took a very low road.  Then the first question was how both candidates were not going to take that road.  Hillary went up and took the low road setting the limits for the second debate but then Donald was supposed to be boxed in yet he outsmarted the moderators angering them from the get go, by expressing his views which are shared by most folks; what problems face us, and began to explain exactly what he was going to do to solve our nations ills.  Hillary looked small and the moderators did as well although I felt Anderson Cooper did a better job then his counterpart.

Hillary went on to almost hang herself by projecting her failures on Donald not expecting him to have that device of hers understood.  Hillary tried to claim Donald was not fit for office because of the types of bs immature boys that grew up late in life might espouse designed to make them laugh but truly a form of locker room banter, when it was Hillary's actions such as lying to congress, lying to you all folks of all political persuasions about who murdered and the cause of the murders of Ambassador Stevens and the brave heroes who died trying to protect him when it was never their mission but came as only true Americans would, while Hillary failed the ingrained concept of being an American and abandoned our folks under fire.  Then she continued to misrepresent why there was no rescue attempt when today we know she called them back four times to change uniforms trying to figure out what would be the best PC presentation of our Marines to Muslims on the ground and by that time over 24 hours had passed proving negligence by Hillary Clinton.  So she even committed trickery of the public perception by then knowing the truth but with demonstrated intent, used the made up YouTube Video device which caused an innocent man to be put in jail for the crime!!!   That's not right folks.  Does that make sense?

You see this week I learned something from a conservative female patient.  She advised the hypocrisy on the left was horrible because they failed to discuss female locker-room banter.  I thought about it and opined I did see an episode or two of Naked and Afraid where the men never say anything sexual but many times the girls were talking about liking the "eye candy."  You see this second debate knocked Hillary for a loop and she was not only shell shocked but probably would have folded if Donald would have stood back, not got sucked into her game, and just continued to speak about the important issues which face the nation which he was doing but Hillary's knees did noticeably wobble and her campaign went into emergency drag the other candidate through the mud mode, which is a known failing or at times yet another successful device of the Clinton legacy.  Politically experienced to the nth degree on this stuff folks. 

Next time Fraud may reach your door, take careful notes on all concerned parties, the police, bank and whomever tries to make a cover up, so you can send it to the Attorney General.  Why?  Justice today may only be for the elites like Hillary as surely even our own police heroes often must fight for their lives while protecting us and then again to save their gainful employ as found guilty before their day in court by the left and much of the media evidenced by YOUR OWN LYING EYES FOLKS!  Thus there may be gaps in justice for all of us if we're not careful.  Or as I said, should Hillary win, let's hope she only does good.  Oy Vey.

How dumb has our nation become that the media spends its energy focused on personality rather than substance or facts which is destroying our nation for Pete's sake.  Think about it, almost twenty trillion in debt, and everything needs to be rebuilt in our nation; our energy grids, our bridges, roads, highways enlarged, hospitals, airports, military in both manpower and machines, bring back our manufacturing by ending the honor of having the highest corporate taxes on the globe with my now six year old call to then offer them a tax break for twenty years for hiring American workers at their new plants, energy independence meaning we don't import oil which is why Hillary was so wrong again during the second debate claiming we are energy Independent when we still import half of our oil which is crazy (imported approximately 9.4 million barrels per day (MMb/d) of petroleum from about 88 countries while we exported about 4.7 MMb/d of petroleum to 147 countries) and we sell at a loss and buy at a loss to us generally to subsidize super wealthy oil cartel contributors to Hillary Clintons various devices to accumulate money like funds and such.  The classic pyramid construction.  With almost 90 million folks giving up on the work force as their jobs were outsourced to foreign workers, and with the average American down four thousand dollars per year while everything else in life goes up in cost caused us stress enough absent now having to worry about Terrorists thanks to Hillary Clinton and folks according to the facts from the emails, my man Barack was a naughty boy and used very bad judgment and so much more, it is clear the Clinton/Kaine arguments were dumb as the needs of the country are real.  We have to pay off the debt or get it paid down and we can only do that through sound experienced business protocols such as Donald's economic and tax plans for example.  But somehow and it is so unhealthy like self mutilation, we will raise taxes to take in more while that strangles off new growth as Democrats spend so much more thus we will spiral further into debt

Asked about classified materials Hillary did not tell the truth about her failure to protect classified materials admitting she did act recklessly when she said she did nothing wrong; which are rationalizations.  Asked if Bill was right when he stated the Affordable Care Act was craziest thing in the world meaning that to insure the uninsured is causing those that work save the top one percent of Americans, to move toward insolvency themselves proving the Affordable Care Act to be Unaffordable TO THOSE THAT MUST PAY and we know now from experience, if something happens such as another crash and folks can't pay their insurance, then NO ONE WILL BE INSURED!   HELLO!  Clinton, Ryan and all the rest of the alleged conservatives and liberals never stepped forward to put the brakes on Barack's spending.   Thus as the debt spirals higher, the chances for any federal programs to remain solvent are in question, and our nation needs a health system that will function during crises for all folks.  A balanced budget or at least mechanisms in place to reduce it are not witnessed so those that vote for Hillary will simply be fooled again.

Speaking about Paul Ryan he was last seen running like a scared child...running from seeing his first bunny rabbit.  Shameful seventy or so Republicans and the rest Democrats stuck us with the most difficult system to navigate in, difficult to define exact coverage, too high deductibles, too high almost home payment costs or at best car payment size monthly insurance payments, with very little in the way of complete coverage, or no coverage for key pharmaceuticals prescribed by physicians.  Why the insurance companies have more loop holes in Obamacare then Wall street has by the systems Obama and Clinton had under their watch together. 

Donald simply explained his ideas of bringing back competition which will bring back the smaller and the largest company United Health Plan and Aetna to all fight for our business rather than us being forced to buy a "bundled product" absent or presented with little in the way of options.  Obamacare is the same as having the fox guard the chicken coop and notice the fox or the White House nor Congess is required to have Obamacare!  Two faced government and folks wonder why the needs of the nation demand Donald Trump whether he was ready or not for the office!  Even Hillary, if she told the truth would admit his ideas are better evidenced by her stealing many of his lines these last eight weeks.  Has she got chutzpa or does she have chutzpa?

Trump opined that Muslims must simply report on any insane folks who may come their way and also happen to be Muslim.  Now we would have full sharing of life and the pursuits of happiness, and said reporting Muslims would have joined the family America not by words but by deed and of course desire the highest love and brotherhood. 

Donald further advised he was against going into Iraq before he was confused when he saw everyone else rushing in, but upon sound thought came out against the war in Iraq before any Troops were voted by Congress to go in and fight.  Thus Donald explained that not only did Hillary Vote to attack Iraq albeit we were unprovoked, once we spent all our BLOOD AND TREASURE AND WON THE DAY, Hillary and Barack designed a cockamamie strategy now famously called the "Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama Cut and Run Plan" which was also used in Libya against Kaddafi and later in Benghazi which in both cases, that of Iraq and Libya proved to create a vacuum and allow Terrorists such as ISIL to take over, grow and flourish.  And those were due to duties of the Secretary of State.  You can see the finger print of Iraq on Libya.  All while the rest of us were writing and crying don't go into Libya and oust Kaddafi, you will be repeating the mistakes you made in Iraq, but Hillary and Barack did not listen and spun everything as things exist today thus direct evidence of Hillary involved failed policy being witnessed now by the world.  Donald exposed her on many many fronts.

Later came a discussion of Supreme Court Justices which won points with a slight edge going to Trump as Hillary hailed support for Rowe vs. Wade and Marriage equality while Trump hailed Justice Scalia as the Trump prototypical choice as well as support for the 2nd amendment which Hillary seemed to attack.  Trump eked out this part pointing out that while Hillary often makes choices which are not constitutional and could not trust her future choices but his appointees would support the Constitution without question and noted he had already provided them for the public and they were LOVED.  This reminded everyone of the time Justice Ginsberg was telling a foreign nation they were better off than we because they did not have a Constitution.

Again Hillary claimed the Champion of the Coal industry which did bring a laugh out of folks, it was funny, while Trump actually explained how to be champion by saying he was going to put minors back to work by clean coal and bring energy companies back to help pay off our debt, bring back our companies by reexamining EPA regulations and eliminating any overreach.

And finally Hillary respected his children not realizing the acorns don't fall far from the tree giving the final huge win to the Donald, the rookie politician.

Now folks, with all that said, and predictable I might add was the instant assault launched by the Clinton Campaign with women whose stories just aren't checking out again concomitant with the timing... LETS SEE THESE WOMEN MAKING ACCUSATION ARE SUPPORTING A WOMEN NOW KNOWN FOR HAVING A PUBLIC AND A PRIVATE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!... WOMEN MAKING ACCUSATIONS SUDDENLY AT A TIME THEIR CANDIDATE LOST A MULTIBILLION DOLLAR DEBATE, THUS SUPPORTING NOT BEING TRUTHFUL BUT NOW WANT US TO BELIEVE THEIR BEING TRUTHFUL, makes savvy folks call for a time out .  Its just all toooooooooooooooooo much to swallow.   Or isn't it?  When this was pointed out to one women bragging about support for Hillary and lying as a way of life indicated it would be an honor for some women to throw themselves down on the sword and make up a whole story about trump.   The Golden thread of Democracy is your innocent until proven guilty.  Or is Law School moot in the PC world?

At first I was puzzled where that would put my patient psychologically and realized the illness is spreading through society   What do you think folks, I have an MD DC DABCO two Bachelors, one Master's in Oriental Medicine and one Professional Masters of Science In Biomechanical Trauma and oodles of certifications in areas no one else in my profession every achieved to date....should I go back and get a PhD in Psychology?).

I hope in time no matter who wins the election, I can help my patients back to the sane world of truth and honor, the respect for ones word as the basic tenants of a civilized society.  But the unifying point is that with the media somehow behind these naughty goings on, none of the issues which were alleged to be important by the almost hideous questioners became unimportant and are still important to the survival of our nation, which again went unanswered by Hillary in the second date, yet we were given a blue print by Donald.  And that all of these findings suddenly became off the grid and wacky stuff (still less then Bill Clinton was ever convicted of, and he was a Public Servant causing the highest crimes and misdemeanors in government in our life times while Donald was a playboy) as a unified effort by the minds/writings/speak of pundits proves, Trump won far more successfully then we realized.  Hiding the leaked emails and bringing up what is fodder for the Enquirer Magazine, demonstrates the level of today's Journalism.  

But one must stand back and almost be amazed at the power of the charade put on by Hillary and her army as well as almost mystified that Donald had to wear his heart on his sleeves and vent for the last couple weeks.  Ryan became a bum, perhaps traitor, others moved to the dark side of politics in the hopes of getting some of the magnificent invention by the Clintons Funds and so forth as devices to become super wealthy off Government work.  It's just that simple.  Now the folks that support Hillary need a lot of love, for it must be painful to not walk with the lord, and that pain from their view of reality as hopeless as it is, subconsciously causes them to become two faced openly as a way of life to support Hillary after being exposed as such but our poor nation folks.  Why do liberals make it all about themselves when its all about all of us? 

I say bring back some old time religion tapered with some restraint as demanded by modern life today with media and input at our finger tips.  In any event, it is clear that unless Donald becomes the big kid in the room, never acknowledging the hatred or the accusations from some sick folks, and focus on the issues which really brings an almost hypnotic good feeling to all thinking folks especially center right, center left, and center folks as clearly Barack has been about personality and his view of the world rather then any substance such as having rebuilt our highways, energy grids, hospitals let alone the VA, airports and frankly we just spent almost ten trillion dollars and as balanced sheets go, we are in the greatest debt of any nation in world history with no mention of the important facts which solve the true crisis set to befall our nation .   And all do to unprofitable losses of almost 20 trillion dollars with no mechanism to factually balance the budget through income from trade for example.  Our budget as the Democrats run it is a sham, pumped up by trillions of dollars of government money concomitant with forced low interest rates, thus a false economy if you will which does explain all the numbers however. 

Well, this week went to the fact that the public is voting for perceived personality rather than noticing the issues and it is up to Donald Trump to take the horse by the collar, put out some big time adds, bring forward the facts on a barrage and stay on message as the only road which has proven time and time again evidenced by the last debate; this horse race can be won, but without emotion, and as a seasoned Politician, put up the invisible shield for incoming, and stick to the conservative positions and values, and things could become very interesting during the final leg of this very unusual race to become President.

Will it be Banana Republic codified or a return to the greatest Republic in mankind's experiential existence? 

The next Presidential debate is this Wednesday.  Good Luck America. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 10/16/2016


The story goes, one day Garrett witnessed a traffic accident where an automobile collided with a horse and carriage. The driver of the automobile was knocked unconscious and the horse had to be destroyed.   Being heart struck by the incident, Garrett set out to develop a means of automatically directing traffic without the need of a policeman or worker present.  He patented an automatic traffic signal which he said could be "operated for directing the flow of traffic" and providing a clear and unambiguous "visible indicator."   Satisfied with his efforts, Morgan sold the rights to his device to the General Electric Company for the astounding sum of $40,000.00 and it became the standard across the country.

Yet prior to this and even more astounding and demonstrative of our great American humanitarian hero, and African American inventor, on July 24, 1916 , an explosion occurred in a tunnel being dug under Lake Erie by the Cleveland Water Works. The tunnel quickly filled with smoke, dust and poisonous gases and trapped 32 workers underground. They were feared lost because no means of safely entering and rescuing them was known. Fortunately someone at the scene remembered that Garrett had invented a gas mask and uniform.  He ran to call him at his home where he was relaxing. Garrett and his brother Frank quickly arrived at the scene, donned the Safety Hood and entered the tunnel.  After a heart wrenching delay, Garrett appeared from the tunnel carrying a survivor on his back as did his brother seconds later. The crowd erupted in a staggering applause and Garrett and Frank reentered the tunnel, this time joined by two other men. While they were unable to save all of the workers, the were able to rescue many who would otherwise have certainly died.  Reaction to Morgan's device and his heroism quickly spread across the city and the country as newspapers picked up on the story.  Morgan received a gold medal from a Cleveland citizens group as well as a medal from the International Association of Fire Engineers, which also made him an honorary member.

Soon, orders came in from fire and police departments across the country.  With the outbreak of World War I and the use of poisonous gases therein, Morgan's Safety Hood, now known as the Gas Mask was utilized by the United States Army and saved the lives of thousands of soldiers.  Today, many variations are used by military and civilian authorities all over the globe.

Thank God for the early "heroes of human history and health care", and all those that in some way progressed science, the learning of others, improved our health, welfare and our entire way of life Garrett Augustus Morgan, InfoJustice's most interesting person in time,1916. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 9/28/16

TRUMP WINS FIRST DEBATE KEEPING MOST OF HIS AMMO IN ITS CASE WHILE CLINTON ONLY STOOD FOR HIGHER TAXES AND KEPT ON THE LOW ROAD "Some say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead. The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth." Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas" Benjamin Franklin

Trump cleans house and wins the 1st debate.  Right out of the gates Clinton never answered the first question and immediately took the low road lying while trying to say horrible things about Trump.  She came off exactly as predicted.   Exam the questions and find she actually never fully answered any questions asked and the moderator let her get away with it.

Antithetically rarely she would talk about issues she might allege she represents like raising taxes when we have the highest tax rates in the world and thus it didn't work; inconsistent.  That she would advocate such nonsense begs to question if she actually lives in reality.  She had been in politics for 26 years and never stood for anything anyone can speak about and Barack and Clinton were and are in power as murder according to the FBI is up exponentially.  Today again many murdered in a mall by a lawyer that had to close his clinic but the point is Hillary and Barack made a deal with Iran early, and then gave them over 100 billion dollars for our children and the wayward to see IRAN PROFITED OFF OF EVIL AND STILL ATTACKS OUR SMALL NAVEL VESSELS AT SEA THUS murder and mayhem seems to pay off.  Thank you very much Barack and Hillary.  The Russian Reset which gave the green light to Russia to take over Crimea, or Hillary having proved she can't learn from history or Iraq put the hit on Kaddafi in Libya attacking Libya causing the same problems as Iraq and then sent her own Ambassador into harms way absent any protection proving to the young and misguided that crime and murder pay.

Barack and Hillary pulled out of Iran to allow ISIL to bloom, our children see the beheadings, the extinction of Christians in the middle East and learn violence is the answer to the worlds ills thus all the Murders.   Yet Mr. Trump was for law and order.  Something our children have to learn about to understand right from wrong.  On the most important points in the formative e years of our children Trump proved triumphant.

While Hillary smiled while she said some of the dirtiest lies of any candidate that ran for the office, Donald Trump acted with restraint, too much some times making the only mistake I noticed which was the same mistake Romney made by saving his Arrows in his Quiver, his Ammo in its case, never mentioning Hillary's Benghazi failures, lying to the American People about the cause, going on a world tour lying to the world teaching the world that Americans can't be trusted, taking money for her foundation in proven pay for play or access crimes everyone witnessed but no one simply labeled yet cases by case, the direct order to have her emails scrubbed by high tech methods after recovering a subpoena by Congress to protect and produce the emails and so much more, Trump could have simply won the entire Presidency tonight, but for some reason was too kind and not for my tastes but for those that are mistaken and have to see an answer for every lie, and watching CNN that is what they are looking for while the rest of the world and press had Trump winning big.

In fact Clinton a known liar lied throughout while Mr. Trump answered the questions distinctly and succinctly and looked Presidential as he was interrupted constantly by the moderator who lost much relative to ever being considered a fair play newsperson rather he proved an unfair and rude absent class newsperson.

Trump wins his first Presidential debate ever while Clinton loses her 15th presidential debate. the little guy ™ Dr. Scott Neff fights back for you 9/26/16