First Use of Finger Prints in the United States by J. Edgar Hoover
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    Methods of Criminal identification have progressed from the maiming and branding of early history, through the "photo-graphic memory" of law enforcement officers, through the 1870 introduction of the Bertillon measurements, to the present infallible system of positive identification through fingerprinting, dna mapping and retinal scanning. The Bertillon system was utilized for over 30 years but lost its reputation for reliability due to the West Brothers Identification

History of West Brothers Print Methodology Within the United States.

     In 1903, one Will West was convicted and sentenced to be committed to the United States penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas.  A few days thereafter he was brought to the office of the record clerk to customarily be Bertillon measured and photographed.  He denied being in the penitentiary before, but the clerk doubting the statement, ran his measuring instruments over West. From the Bertillon measurements obtained he returned with a card bearing the name "William West."  Will West, the new prisoner continued to deny the card was his even though the photographs of the two men appeared to be identical.  Whereupon the Leavenworth record clerk turned over Will West's card and read that William West was already a prisoner in that institution, having been convicted of a life sentence on September 3, 1903, for murder.

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     Upon fingerprinting the two prisoners, it was discovered there was no resemblance between the two pairs of fingerprint cards.  The unreliability of three thought to be tried and true means of criminal identification: Bertillon measurements, facial similarity, and names were all thus disproved as accurate beyond disapprobation, and the value of fingerprinting was established as the foremost method of verification of Identification for adjudication, Judicial Review and the Criminally incarcerated. Thus, Will West had told the truth.  

by Dr. Scott D. Neff  Chiropractic Orthopedist CFE DABFE FFAAJTS ISPS.

The Honorable J. Edgar Hoover autographs picture for two of the Founders of the InfoJustice Journal and the American Academy For Justice Through Science. (03/09/56).

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"Health Care is a Team Effort and must not remain divided!"  Dr. Scott D. Neff, Chiropractic Orthopedist, DE, IDE, CFE, DABFE, FFABS, FFAAJTS (2010 Graduate University of Health Sciences School of Medicine)

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