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President Clinton Demonstrates How Muscles Develop through Cardiovascular Conditioning When Lungs are not damaged by Children's Tobacco.

President Clinton said he was encouraged by previous supportive comments from Congress (April 22, 1998) today.  However, this president is turning into a another Honorable Hubert H Humphrey Patriot (often a guest speaker for my History Class at he University of Minnesota; World Development based on a Health-Secure America and Political Science development which made America unique from all nations). You can bet dollars to doughnuts that if the President said he was encouraged, that equates to heaven is coming to earth and it wont be long until all states join the USFDA's fight against children's Tobacco (See InfoJustice Call to Arms for All States in the Union against Children's Tobacco).

Lets review some facts.  It has been estimated that 43% of all teens use tobacco and rising.  This examiner must opine as a past winner of the 41-and- over International Karate Championships held at the Long Beach Arena, that if my lungs were not in good condition, I would have never been able to recondition myself for the long, arduous and numerous bouts over and over again during a several hour period to win the 1994 31'st International Tournament in the light heavy weight division. 

Damaged lungs or smoking thickens arteries, leads to pulmonary disease, is a co-carcinogen (leads to cancer) kidney disease, and heart disease, lowers cardiovascular conditioning and simply makes all folks who abuse it develop poor physical conditioning, loss of breath during any strenuous activities, and  simply out of shape.

Even the Supreme Court cleared the way for the tobacco industry to release 39,000 secret documents in the action championed by Minnesota's Attorney General Hubert Humphrey IIIs' lawsuit.  Please realize this is not a bipartisan issue.  It is an American issue relative to our youth.  The great statesmen and Honorable Hubert Humphrey taught us that strong youth make strong adult women and children. 

Even Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota are seeking $1.77 billion from the tobacco industry, plus punitive damages, to cover what they know to be scientific and forensic retroactive care for Tobacco related medical costs, illnesses, and deaths.

The President is leading the fight for proactive preventative medicine.  Someone should give him an honors Ph.D. in Chiropractic Medicine. 

For more information contact the National Institutes of Health, the US Food and Drug Administration, Offices of the Inspector General or the Public Health Departments.

"This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny" Franklin D. Roosevelt

-- Scott Neff MSOM DC DABCO DE IME CFC FABFE FAABT FFABS  FFAAJTS Int'l Society of Police Surgeons Badge #473

& TM 1998 American Academy for Justice Through Science. All rights reserved.

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