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"Homeopaths and naturopaths practicing Homeopathy had an average of 1.0 malpractice reports made against each of them in the US 1990-2003 (2003 Annual Report, National Practitioner Data Bank, US DHHS)"... Odd but consumers must make educated choices....

THE SCIENTIFIC THEORY OF MD HOMEOPATHY WHICH HAS ELUDED SCIENTISTS FOR CENTURIES; THE THEORY OF MATTER REMNANTS and Homeopathy Design© ® by Scott D. Neff, MPS MSOM DC DABCO CFE 2010 Graduate Antigua School of Medicine, DABFE FFABS FFAAJTS, Written while in my third year at Naturopathic School


Homeopathy was invented by a Medical Physician during a time when science as we know it today was non-existent.  The theory that we could turn one element into another or Alchemy was just beginning to separate the truths from the mystical aspects and thus becoming chemistry.  There was no pain control outside of the middle east or china.  The medical physicians at that time were attacking Paracelsus as he was the first to add Tincture of opinion to the medical pharmacopoeia. It is clear that when he came to town, no matter if he had to perform surgery or set a fracture, his ability to control the pain of people, much like today's anesthesiologist, and subsequent successful surgery, made him world famous.  Of course human nature caused some physicians of his time to persecute Paracelsus for suggesting change which today, we know as modern scientific progress and part of today's medicine protocol's.  Although Hahnemann MD never admitted his study of Paracelsus, only a few years after Paracelsus added Tincture of Opium to the pharmacopoeia, albeit a small list in those days, Hahnemann practiced using Tincture of Opium and added it to his Materia Medica. 

It is my opinion only, that when Hahnemann performed surgery, set fractures or dealt with disease, he would treat the disease like Paracelsus, control the pain akin to a modern professional anesthesiologist, and became world famous.  I believe these two never told the world that they discovered the obvious side effect of the addiction mechanism nor their obvious secrets to relaxation and patient pain control during difficult medical procedures.  Since these two medical pioneers were the first to use these treatments, (e.g., 1700 early urinalysis above)  they were the first to discover that by reducing a drug down to it's minimum, and this is especially true today for any of the opiate agonists prior to tolerance developing, the initial doses can be small. Thus, they postulated that some opiate like agent in the human body controlled pain and thus so does the opiate agonists.  Like cures like! 

Sir Edmund Jenner MD observed during the early 1700's that Milkmaids who milked cows with Cowpox, developed protection against deadly Smallpox infections.  Dr. Jenner then went on to immunize the first child, and subsequently observe the child's new immunity. This true hero of human existence than created the name for his procedure. The Latin name for Cowpox is Vaccine, and thus the process of rubbing scabs from Cowpox lesions on the skin of healthy people was the first Vaccination which gave Immunity against Smallpox Variola.  The second known use of the Law of Similars; albeit on the curing of death, preventing future human suffering for all ages especially the children of our world and saving mankind rather than Hahnemann's psycho- immunology; Homeopathy.  In this case the Law of Similars  produced immunity and created the science of Vaccine.  Our very reality today stands on the shoulders of the honorable genius, Sir Edmund Jenner MD, a practicing family physician.

Other examples are Ritalin to treat hyperactivity, Digitalis which causes palpitations in a healthy person but is used by cardiologists to treat cardiac disease.  If one has a fever, and then one sweats, often the fever abates.  If one is bitten by a snake, one better have a venom or sample of that venom to make an "antidote"!  Interesting isn't it, that there are real case examples in today's orthodox medicine where it is considered proper to use the Law of Similars albeit, disguised and most probably unnoticed

Thus, there are scientific examples of Like cures Like.  And according to my theory, there would be many more examples if the doses had not been reduced to eliminate any molecules to offer what I have named as matter, tissue and biochemical REMNANT'S of matter.  Please note that most Homeopathic practitioners never use the most diluted Tinctures which they call the most powerful.  And thus, when results are most often obtained, it is by far less diluted measures, and I opine that today's Medical Physician, investigating these normal medicinal values, may find great reward both in patient success and absence of harmful side affects.  Why?  Because most of the medicine is derived from Botanical/Herbal natural plant extract.   And today we know herbal medicine has never treated disease, but may help only for various infections misunderstood and misused by a few natural care hucksters.  Thus if we use the Botanical/herbs in small quantities, then these foods could help on a nutritional level.  This is indeed excellent "circumstantial evidence" for the Botanicals and herbs if they were actually present in the Homeopathic remedies.


Aconitum napellus - Monkshood is a potentially toxic botanical remedy used in small minute, dosages only.  Aconite is most indicated in the early acute stages of fever and inflammation and is contraindicated in the later stages of disease and inflammatory processes.  Aconite is indicated for the person whose pulse is sharp and rapid, and is easily chilled. Aconite is considered to be a heart and nerve sedative.  Aconite is recommended for the early stages of pleuritis, enteritis, nephritis, and cystitis. 

Bryonia alba (Bry.) - Bryony root is a potentially  toxic  botanical that is used in drop or fractional dosages.  Bryonia is indicated for inflammation of serous and synovial membranes that are worse with the least jarring or motion.  Bryonia is especially indicated for acute inflammatory conditions of thoracic organs and membranes, such as pleuritis.   

Cimicifuga racemosa (Cimi.)- Black Cohosh has an antispasmodic effect on the general body, particularly the musculature and the uterus.  In addition, Black Cohosh also has powerful anti-inflammatory actionFinally, Cimicifuga racemos has a relaxing effect on the nervous system.

Matricaria chamomilla  - (Cham.)    Chamomile flowers are antispasmodic particularly for the stomach and intestines.  Works best in the tea form for this purpose  Can also help quiet musculature spasm due to stress, and anxiety.  German chamomile has complex chemistry containing hundreds of different constituents.  Chamazulene, flavinoids,  and Bisabolol have all been credited with anti-inflammatory or antispasmodic effects.  

Viburnum opulus - Crampbark is well known for its’ antispasmodic effect on the uterus, and may also be used for muscular pain and cramps due to trauma or weakness as well as pain due to inflammation.  Just as the name implies,  Viburnum is claimed effective for pain that is "crampy" in character

It is now crystal clear, that scientifically, there are anti-inflammatory medications (e.g., As well as anti-spasmodic extract medications and much much more...) with known pharmacological actions and wonderful clinical cure records "within"  Hahnemann's Materia Medica of Homeopathic Medicines.  And thus please acknowledge, that this theory is only the beginning, and that the methodology must commence once other minds agree.  Thus, help the theory through double blind studies on proper doses, but more importantly, medicine and mankind.

Hippocrates stated, “Disease is born of like things, and by the attack of like things people are healed.”  By the time of Hippocrates, these concepts were under investigation and were at least being written down, so future students could confirm or refute.  And thus, this type of care had been tried universally, perhaps for thousands of years, prior to Hippocrates.  And by his day with their limited range of proven scientific knowledge to guide them, had passed this “experience of ancient medicine” down to posterity.    Yet the fact is then, that this has been tried for perhaps thousands of years, and failed the test of time visa vie the continuing need for medical/scientific progress and, yet available to be offered as a universal cure system for medical illness who’s mechanism still eludes mankind. 


Clearly the Law of Similars as applied to the human biochemistry of Vaccines and scientific plant extract pharmacology as addressed above is scientific fact.  These were direct evidence examples of the Law of Similars applied to science and are of scientific design.  Yet there is still an area of cutting edge science which must be examined.  In order to examine such difficult convoluted complex subjects, I must preface that discussion with the following criteria.

And thus my view or re-clarification of the Law of Similars first of all, would be that; any matters in our universe which causes symptoms when given to a previously healthy person, would heal patients who exhibit similar symptoms.  Thus simillimum utility is achieved by best matching symptoms that are caused in healthy people by matter consistent with an ill patient’s symptoms outline.  Once done, then that matter has the best chance of producing a curative response in the patient. 

My view relative to how this matter helps sick folks, is directly proportional to the fact that all matter in the universe has certain laws which we have thus far discovered as elements, electrons, neutrons, protons, and subagents as well as energies and “charges’ associated with each of the subatomic matter.  It could be reasonable to assume that, if we were to build more complex substances with these building blocks as nature has, than those universal laws would still hold. 

We know that Kirlian photography captures something which looks like an energy field around living tissues.  This can be explained away by testing in a vacuum (e.g., Kirlian photography fails to find an aura when a vacuum is added to the process.).  Remember a light element used in a vacuum increased the energy enough to make Thomas Edison kind of a famous fellow.   Thus the error most homeopaths and acupuncture therapists make is to continue down a now condemned road.  Is it not professional suicide (e.g., All students and staff in an alternative Medical College find vast support for their ideas yet in the established world find little in the way of support or even a kind comment!) to say “no I am right” absent a logical thesis?  Yet, quite easily, if we look within rather than looking without the body for “auras” and so forth perhaps there still is an “undiscovered medicine” which people world wide have heralded.   

To continue and reiterate in summary, all bodies impact a force on another body.  This is a scientific fact as of course you know.  And all atoms maintain these principals and thus can be reduced or expanded on.  Could it be that various matter reduced or combined maintains some electric, electromagnetic, electro spectral fields, or manner of energy we have yet to discover and thus we simply fail to detect because of an absence of technology? 

Antithetically, we as a body of scientific investigators have already established charges in the tissues which eluded medical comprehension save on the technician level (e.g., X-ray tech, MRI tech, Blood Lab tech etc.).  Let’s examine an MRI unit.  It can capture a picture by realigning” biochemical and tissue autographs” as  they have been “named” relative to this essay and science has recognized them as via eddy currents directed through a super magnet.  Of course this makes magnet therapy obsolete visa vie the magnitude needed to make change through a magnet, based on my presented theory, but also indicates change can be made visa vie “eddy currents”!  Could there be some remnant energy or lattice for matter” which can be harmonized or realigned in the manner of the eddy currents, by an introduction of the same matter?  Lab experiments could rule this in or out, in the large dollar costs of such an experiment have never been deemed worthy.

Thus, if matter can cause symptoms in a subject, then perhaps some lattice introduced visas vie said matter and eddy current variations relative to various matters within the human physiology are needed by the subject to realign un-polarize or perhaps harmonize these as yet undetectable said “radical eddy currents or aberrant physiological super microscopic and as yet unrecognizable technical “interrelated matter remnants””

Perhaps there is some lost wellness that can be achieved by a balancing of the remnant" "matter and biochemical autographs” rather than an elimination of visible causes...  Perchance we could then develop technology which could balance these tissue, genetic, and biochemical "remnants" (autographs). And once detected through homeopathic symptom diagnosis or a new technology, and thus absent the need to introduce possibly harmful pharmaceuticals and surgery, we could eliminate human perception of suffering or various psychological confusions with resultant actual clinical psychological diagnosis.  I was able to personally observe in a clinic didactic setting that, all patients seen had known and simple clinical psychological diagnoses where traditional care was tried leaving the patient in need to seek out help?  The positive gain observed was directly proportional to the "degree of the patient's own awareness" of the very personal sometimes hidden  psychological road block (e.g., as proved by Freud's results called "abreaction and free association") now out in the discussion arena through this article ©.  This situation (Of actually using Freud's methods applied to Homeopathic interview's causes the resolution of symptoms unknown to the practicing Homeopath!) then allows the manifestations to slowly abate insidiously as the patient goes through a self actualization period.  If they continue to review through thinking and the change that comes with the sudden epiphany of their mental errors in judgment which manifested into real psychological diagnosis and physical manifestations, then absent any effort, it is as if the mental road block was never there!"  

Thus, with the nonsense taken out of the process, and having been practicing, I believe I have taken that interview process and medicine to far new heights which any realistic rational and responsible physician could reproduce.  The process has a powerful psychiatry-like effect absent pharmaceuticals!  And if my theory of the Homeopathic remnant holds power, then the Hahnemann dream of utility has come true, and many parts of his medical genius such as his examination process stood the test of time.  He gains on the placebo front as it was not understood in his time and adds the 25% probability of success to the system.  And finally my theory of "Matter Remnants" is simply the correct way scientifically, to articulate, what Dr. Hahnemann was able to durschauen ("Durshschauen" defined in the Organon of 1845 was "to view something deeply and attentively receiving an impression of that thing.  Beholding suggests the capacity to see into the core of something.  It involves imagination which bridges the gap between having information about something and having deep personal knowledge of it, between wissen- (knowing information based on facts and kennen-information based on circumstantial experience) or beheld, and passed down to posterity...   Thus the combination of my theory of Homeopathic and Disease Remnants, combined with the "realized" placebo effect and the benefits of the "realized" homeopathic interview process, yield positive reasons for further study.   Is not our calling to relieve human suffering?

How does one draw the line when confronted with ideas and concepts which are illogical but complex enough to obviate the clear view and leave one with the impression that all is sound?  Especially when comprehending the power of being a respected physician and giving a harmless material to a patient.  Often they get well.  And after all, is not the end result the greatest comfort to the ego?  Well to solve this issue, we must completely through out the view that a reduction too low to eliminate any molecules would stop my theory from working.  And thus, we must eliminate any outdated antiquated unscientific, illogical and frankly foolish ideas relative to today's scientific knowledge and feel the power of true medicine.  The lowest dose possible is the most ethical goal we could achieve.  But to the lowest possible dose.  This would completely eliminate the notion that the more infinitesimal the dose down to infinity, the greater the potency!  This would then eliminate the stumbling blocks for those who lack the intelligence to understand the medicine, but might practice the medicine.  Further, it opens the door to finding the correct lowest dose, and would return MD Homeopathy into the arms of today's MD's.  Lets face it following Hahnemann's logic, if less of a medication is more then any absence of the medication would be an overdose!  Thus finding the correct lowest dose is one of the most important jobs of the pharmaceutical manufacturer and all the researchers.

What is even more facinating is the fact that anecdotal reports (Claims) of success are world wide.  Let’s say the Law of Similars was proven true and we could improve upon not only the medicine but its effectiveness.   Think of all the malpractice that could be avoided.  Think of all of the iatrogenic incidences associated with the toxic side effects from the wrong medication for the wrong patient or a drug which either had to be recalled, reclassified or re-clarified.  This is not to mention the side effects relative to the so called “safe” medications.  To be able to completely eliminate the need for any pharmaceutical or any medicine with free radical inorganic bonds, chemicals and charges, would be monumental in the history of not only medicine but mankind.  But, it appears a few wrinkles in time must pass us by before medicine reaches such a pinnacle. 

Further, if the law were true, perhaps we could find a way to further refine the medications to increase potency, specificity and reproducibility for more immediate responses rather than treating for the most part the chronic cases other physicians simply do not want.  Combine medicine of biochemical, tissue, genetic and matter autographs with modern biochemistry, and the power of medicine will sooner rather than later eliminate all of the ails of mankind.


It is now clear, that through scientific forensic analysis, it was discovered that Homeopathy Materia Medica mediations discussed in this article have valid scientific specific clinical values when molecules remain in the medicine.  Further, that homeopathic intervention and "any success on top of both it's powerful placebo effect and massive personal catharsis experienced by people going through "Freud's abreaction and free association" employed and hidden within the Homeopathic interview (e.g., Many Folks achieve their own wellness for the most part through the self evaluation catharsis concomitantly occurring with abreaction hidden within the Homeopathic interview process...), is understood to be due to the homeopathic remnant having effect, and subsequently change the disease and it's remnants, consistent with Similia similibus curentur".  The step beyond is, could their be a remnant structure thus affecting human biochemistry?  And would not a complete molecule of the substance be better then simply a faint remnant?

There is no longer any doubt about the relativity to the Law of Similars and vaccination science and plant extract pharmacology.  Further, it is clear that there is a medicine and science for health care, which has been named the science of "genetic, tissue, and biochemical "matter/energy or lattice remnants" which have eluded scientist profiling, identification, and discussion until this article, and that following the principals and protocols including the limitations and additions to Homeopathy prove, once and for all and beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is superlative medicine to be gained by mutual cooperation between science, and one of its exceptionally minor misused and for all intent and purposes of reality, psychological tools, "modern Homeopathic Medicine".


Isn't it sad that today, organized homeopathy is often lead by a sordid element, bent on anarchy and the destruction of organized medicine.  Yes, this movement has nothing to do with the truth or getting folks well, it has to do with tricking folks, and getting even with Organized Medicine for conclusions of deranged individuals.  And at the very least in the early well meaning practitioners, they themselves fall into the trap of becoming un-blinded observers or practitioners lost in the hallways of a failed education in psychometrics, basic psychiatry, lack a fundamental understanding of the basic sciences with correlate and subsequent basic medical sciences with all the failings.  Not to mention a failure in understanding real medicine.

From this evil "Dark Medicine Rasputinesque” leadership, propagates down remedies which have nothing in them that we can find with today's latest technologies, and a type of psychological assessment and in cases "gain" gone unrecognized by today's practitioners.  It is an approach invented by Freud where he attempted to remove symptoms through a process of recovering and verbalizing suppressed feelings with which the symptoms were associated.  This method known as abreaction and free association, are the very method used by Rasputinesque practitioners I observed guised's and projected as a cure from a remedy; inconsistent but true.   Many folks remain very ill for years because of these charlatans who get rich off the ill.  Remember it is not the homeopathic medicine which is harmful, it is the absence of emergency and proper care when indicated.  Some many years back now, this Journal had to published the case of the lady who contacted us for help, who for eight years was on bizarre Homeopathy and unsubstantiated so called Natural Quackery so called medicines, which resulted in memory loss to the extent she could not remember key moments in her past such as grandchildren's graduations and the like.  But she was 48!  When at that point this examiner intervened, sent her to the correct specialist, her Endocrine system had to be re-balanced from the damage done from the absence of proper medical care for eight years, and she now must remain on Thyroid medicine for the rest of her life.  However all of her problems went away and her memory returned.  God Bless and restore the ill...

Until the time, that we can filter out the quacks, frauds, hucksters, and evil wrongdoers who take a position of a "doctor" but use medicine as a weapon to injure already medically ill folks and try to eliminate modern science and medicine, Homeopathy must remain, on the list of quack devices designed for fraud.  Pity.

“If you shut up truth and bury it under the ground, it will but grow, and gather to itself such explosive power that the day it burst through, it will blow up everything in its way.”  Emile Zola


   Read our consumer advocate's news column called the "little guy" fights back for you by Dr. Scott Neff, BA BS MSOM MPS-BT DC DABCO DE IDE CFE ABDA FFABS FAABT DABFE FABFE FFAAJTS-IAPS-2010 graduate of the University of Health Sciences Antigua School of Medicine, West Indies

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