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Liberty You will find in this section hot NEW articles which we feel are of national importance to all folks.  These in-depth scientific forensic works are brought to you as a free service from AAJTS.  If you wish to become a member of the Academy and receive weekly Articles, join now!


     Manual medicine is perhaps the oldest form of medicine known.  Yet we must firmly establish motion examination findings assessing the osteokinematic and arthrokinematic status of joints.  The proper assessment will be discussed in the next volume of this set.  Obviously a prudent history limited physical examination, orthopedic, neurological and motion examination findings and the ruling out of pathology by X-ray and special tests account for indications of Manual Medicine.  However, unless we understand the differential diagnosis associated with the diseases of locomotion, which simulate a manipulative lesion, manual manipulative medicine may inappropriately be provided due to a finding of restriction (+ = Positive Evidence for SMT).   Thus these Diseases have been divided into the Key Symptom Classification, which follows: 

HEADACHE:                    CHEST PAIN:                                ABDOMINAL PAIN:   

A.  Encephalitis                          A.  Herpes Zoster  (+ )                    A.  Peptic Ulcer 

B.  Meningitis                             B.  Pleurisy                                      B.  Cholecystitis

C.  Cerebral Concussion              C.  Pericarditis, MI, Angina.             C.  Pancreatitis

D.  Migraine                                D.  Pleurodyna                                 D.  Appendicitis

E.  Brain Tumor                           E.  Intercostal Neuritis  (+)                E. Colitis           

F.  Sinusitis                                  F.  Rib fracture\Sternal                    F.  Abdominal Strain                             

G.  Temporal Arteritis; etc.         G.  Intercostal/Regional Sprain (+)   G. Pelvic Infla Dis 



A. Fracture of vertebra         A.  Osteoarthritis/arthrosis                    A.  Essential Hypertension

B. Spondylolisthesis (+)         B.  Rheumatoid Arthritis                        B.  Malignant Htn 

C.  T.B. of the Spine.              C.  Gouty Arthritis                                C.  Coarctation of                                                                                                                  Aorta.

D.  Multiple Myeloma                 D.  G.C. Arthritis                            D.  Pheochromocytoma. 

E.  Ankylosing Spondylitis         E.  Infectious Arthritis                         E.  Cushing’s Disease. 

F.  Herniated IV Disc (+)           F.  Traumatic Arthritis                         F.  Primary                                                                                                                  Aldosterionism. 

G.  Osteomyelitis of Spine         G.  Autoimmune Disease                G. Glomerulonephritis.

H. Osteoarthritis of Spine (+)     H.  Strain/sprain (+)                         H.Glomerulosclerosis.  

I Osteoporosis (Kyphosis +) and  Osteochondritis.        


COUGH:                             DYSPNEA:              ANOREXIA, NAUSEA & VOMITING 

A.  Bronchitis                            A.  Cor-pulmonale                              A.  Psychic & Neurological Factors. 

B.  Pneumonia                           B.  Congestive Heart Failure              B.  Drugs & Toxic Agents..  Bronchial

C.  Asthma                                C.  Pheumothorax                              C.  Intra Abdominal Disease. 

D.  Pertususis                            D.  Laryngeal/Tracheal Obstruction.    D.  Endocrine Disorders.

E.  Tuberculosis                        E.  Acute Laryngotracheo-bronchitis    E.  Cardiac Disease. 

F.  Bronchogenic CA                 F.  Pulmonary Embolism                     F.  Miner’s Disease.  Emphysema            

G. Atria Fibrillation                     G.  Motion Sickness.                           G.   Pulmonary Edema                            

H. Malnutrition.                   

I.  Coccoidioidomycosis.



A.  Intestinal Obstruction         F. Crohn’s Disease                 K.  Diverticulosis

B.   Hirschsprung’s Disease    G.  Malabsoption Syndrome   L.  Diverticulitis

C.  Diverticular Disease           H.  Thyrotoxicosis                   M. Spastic Colon

D.       Codeine, Morphine & Anticholenergics  I.  Drugs-Antibiotics-Laxitives

E.        Gastroenteritis                                       J.  Ulcerative Colitis


JAUNDICE:                                       LYMPHADENOPATHY:         

A.  Hemolytic Anemia                              A.  Lymphatic Leukemia

B.  Hepatitis                                             B.  Hodgkin’s Disease

C.  Carcinoma Pancreas                         C.  Infectious Mononucleosis

D.  Cirrhosis of Liver                               D.  Secondary Syphilis

E.  Choledocholithiasis                            E.  Lymphosarcoma.              

F.  Drugs(Carbon tetrachloride               F.  Malignant Metastasis.        

Contraceptive Oral, Thorazine).              G.  Infection- Disease                                            


SYNCOPE:                                   VERTIGO:                                EDEMA:   

A.  Vasodepressor Syncope           A.  Meniere’s Disease   (+)     A.  Congestive Heart Failure.  Carotid

B.  Carotid Sinus Depressor Reflex   B.  Cerebellar Disease          B.  Cirrhosis. 

C.  Postural Hypotension                   C.  Hypertension                    C.  Glomerular Nephritis. 

D. Adams-Stokes Syndrome              D.  Hypotension                     D.  Myxedema.  Cerebral Vascular

E.  Cerebral Vascular Accident          E.  Anemia                              E.  Lymphedema. 

F.  Transient Ischemic Attack             F.  Multiple Sclerosis               F.  Trauma to Brain. 

G.  Hypoglycemia                              G.  Vestibular Neuritis           G.  Frolichs Syndrome                   


OBESITY:                            WEIGHT LOSS:                COMA:

A.  Exogenous Obesity                   A.  Malignant Disease            A.  Cerebral Vascular Accident. 

B.  Hypothyroidism                           B.  Tuberculosis                     B.  Subdural Hematoma. 

C.  Cushing’s Syndrome                   C.  Diabetes Mellitus                C.  Stokes-Adams Syndrome. 

D.  Frohlich’s Syndrome                   D.  Addison’s Disease              D.  Uremia (Gout).

E.   Hypothalamic Disorders             E.  Hyperthyroidism                  E.  Alcohol, Narcotics, Barbiturates. 

F.  Developmental                           F.  Anorexia Nervosa                 F. Encephalomyelitis 



A.  Head Injury-Open-Closed   A.  Musculardystrophy               A.  Tuberculosis. 

B.  Epilepsy                              B.  Myasthenia Gravis                 B.  Cerebral Pneumonia

C. Stokes-Adams Syndrome    C.  Peripheral Neuropathy            C.  Bronchogenic Carcinoma

D. Disseminated Sclerosis        D. Upper Motor Neuron Syndrome      D.  Pulmonary Embolism

E.  Intracranial Injury, Cerebral    E.  Lower Motor Neuron Syndrome  E. Abscess

 F.  Parkinson’s Disease



A.  Bleeding Peptic Ulcer                      A.   Infections.  Carcinoma of Stomach                                 

B.  Carsinoma of the Stomach               B.   Diseases of C.N.S.

C.  Bleeding Esophageal Varices           C.   Neoplasms.

D.  Hiatal Hernia                                       D.   Lymphoma. 

E.  Gastritis & Esophagitis                        E.   Leukemic Hemolytic Anemia, Thrombocytopenic

                                                                        Purura, Aplastic Anemia, Agranulocytosis                            

                                                                  F.  Thrombosis & Embolism

                                                 G.  Dehydration

                                                                  H. Hyperthyroidism                         

                                                                  I.   Liver Abscess                                        

J.  Drug Fever 

     A Biomechanical Expert would not mistake the basics of differential Diagnosis and treat a pathomechanical condition whose etiology was disease and not biomechanical altered joint dynamics. 

     Any ethical MD, DC, or DO to whom the treatment of Spinal Manipulative Manual Medicine is within their training and license within the United States should use the above Key Symptom Disease Classification.  True physicians can determine chronic joint trauma superimposed over acquired disease, combinations or pre-existent disease and disability with subsequent acute trauma.  In parts two and three of this series the discussion will center on how to medically determine necessity for manipulative medicine and the manipulative lesion.  However this first article is extremely important, as later there will be a series of three cases of death associated with manual medicine where this examiner worked on the actual malpractice cases.  Finally, there will be an article on the history of vascular accidents and compromise relative to iatrogenic manual medicine.  Understanding these first three will avoid the pitfall associated with iatrogenic manual medicine. 

“In nothing do men more nearly approach the gods than in giving health to men” Cicero


© & TM 1998 American Academy for Justice Through Science. All rights reserved.

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