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BARRY THE FISHERMENSome say that the age of chivalry is past, that the spirit of romance is dead.  The age of chivalry is never past, so long as there is a wrong left unredressed on earth."  Charles Kingsley, Vol., II, Ch 28: "A good conscience is a continual Christmas"  Benjamin Franklin

In this edition of "Monday Funny to Get You Trough The Week", Barry now retired, could not wait to buy a boat and enjoy his favorite pass time of fishing.   Join Barry in his misadventures as his writes to Dr. Phil for advice.



When I retired, I could hardly wait to spend time enjoying my favorite pastime -- bass fishing.

I bought my own little fishing boat and tried to get my wife to join me, but she just never liked fishing.

Finally, one day down at the Bait & Tackle Shop, I got to talking to Sam the shop owner who it turned out loves bass fishing as much as I do. We quickly became fishing buddies.

As I said, the wife doesn't care about fishing. She not only refuses to join us, but she always complains that I spend too much time out on the lake.

A few weeks ago Sam and I had the best fishing trip ever. Not only did I catch the most beautiful bass you've ever seen, only a few minutes later Sam must have caught its twin brother!

So I took a picture of Sam holding up the two nice bass that we caught and showed the picture to my wife, hoping that maybe she'd get interested.

Instead she says she doesn't want me to go fishing at all anymore!

And she wants me to sell the boat!

I think she just doesn't like to see me enjoying myself.

What would you do?  Tell the wife to forget it and continue my hobby,
or quit fishing and sell the boat as she insists?


P.S. Enclosed is a picture of Sam with the two bass we caught.














 Dear Barry, Get rid of that narrow-minded wife.  That's a nice pair of bass!
Sincerely Dr. Phil

Editor's note:  I hope you enjoyed Barry the fishermen's misadventure and please check back to the InfoJustice Journal where for no charge, I will always try to bring you entertainment the old fashioned American Way.  God Bless.little guy 

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