ORIGIN                             INSERTION        INNERVATION    ARTERY           ACTION 

Anterior Chest and Lateral Chest

Pectoralis Major       Med clavicle ant. Surf.  Intertubercular       Lat. & Med, Pec    Axillary    Add. of Arm

                                Of sternum.  1st 6 costal    groove of hum.     C5-C7, C8-T1       Thoraco-   Med. Rotation

                                Cartilages, aponeurosis                                   C5-T1                   Acromial             Flex, Ext.

Pectoralis Minor       Ext. Surfaces of 2nd-5th   Coracoid Process  Med. Pectoral N.   Lateral            Depress the  

                               Ribs                                                                    C8-T1                  Thoracic             Shoulder Jt

Subclavian             1st Rib                                  Lower surface of   Brachial Plexus   Clavicular           Depress

                                                                           Clavicle                 C4-C5 Subclavius  Thoracoacrom   Shoulder Jt

Serratus Anterior   Ventro-lateral surf of      Costal Surface of  C5-C7 Long Thoracic   Long thoracic Abd Elevate

                               Of upper 8-9 ribs                                                                                          med. Border of Arm

                                                                                                                                                     Pull Scalp Forward

External                   Tubercle of the Rib  Costal Cartilage                 Ext. Int. Costal                       Raise Ribs

Intercostal                                                                                                                                 membrane to sternum

Int. Intercostal          Sternum back                Internal Int. Cost                                                     Depress  Membrane

                                                                                                                                                            Ribs Expiration

Innermost Int.         To back. Separate from   membrane to transverses thoracic                               Depress

                              Int by Intercostal V & N                                                                                           Ribs Expiration

Subcostal              Lower Thorax Superior   Inferior border of     Ventral Rami  Intercostal A            Elevate rib.

                              Above 1st rib                                                                                                            Inspiration

Sternocostalis      Post. Aspect of body of   Costal Cartilages       Deep to post  Deep into A&V        Pulls down

(transverses thor)  sternum + xiphoid           of 2-6 rib                   int. nerve       anastomosis            rib cartilage

                                                                                                                               inferiorly                  expiration

Intercostal nerves are ventral branches of thoracic nerves, which are typical spinal nerves. 

Vascularization are branches of Axillary vessels, Intercostal vessels and internal thoracic vessels.

Branches of Axillary Artery.

1.        Supreme thoracic Artery.

(a)   Blood to 1st and 2nd Intercostal space.

(b)   Blood to Clavicular portion of Pectoralis major and minor

2.        Thoracoacromial Artery

(a)   Pectoralis branch to 3rd Intercostal space and Pectoralis          major, minor and Clavicular.

(b)   Deltoid branch to shoulder joint

3.        Lateral Thoracic to 3rd and 4th Intercostal to Pectoralis major and minor in females.

4.        Subscapular Artery

(a)    Thoracodorsal to latissimus.

(b)    Scapular branch to Intercostal, Pectoralis major and minor.

(c)    Scapula-circumflex-extern, posterior aspect of scapula

(d)    Axillary

5.        Anterior humeral circumflex artery (neck and humerous bone).

6.        Posterior humeral-circumflex artery in the neck of the humerous itself.

(a)   Skin

(b)    Superficial fascia

(c)   EID for Pectoral fascia

(d)   Intermedia and lamina

(e)   Descending maj.

(f)     Interlamina

(g)   Ex. Inter costal

(h)   Internal costal

(i)    Intercostal A, V and nerve

(j)    Innermost

(k)   Internal invest=endothoracic fascia,  subserious.

(l)     Serious-Periotal Plura.                          

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